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Day 30

29 Jun

Anybody else look like this when Friday comes around?

Last night was a fabulous girls night; sushi and drinks than out for some more!  We’ve been going out in Raleigh for 2 years now and have yet to ride on a Rickshaw bike (I mean, who wouldn’t want to ride in a carriage while someone pulls you across town?) Intrigued, we flagged one down and cruised the streets of Raleigh  behind Chris Daughtry! No not the singer..It was actually a lot of fun and safe and I HIGHLY recommend you try it!

I rolled over this morning and immediately felt my abs..oh, DOMS..wouldn’t change that feeling though! Sometimes after an ab workout (or any workout rather), I think I’m going to be much more sore than I end up being and get slightly disappointed, which leads me to think: Is muscle soreness always a sign of a good workout?

The idea behind weight training is it’s making microscopic tears in the muscles, causing them to break down, rebuild, and recover in a stronger, more dense way. Feeling sore a couple of days after is normal when you start a new workout routine or supplement a new exercise in, etc. The common misconception here is that if you’re not sore after every workout, it wasn’t a quality workout, which can lead you to think a lack of soreness means less muscle growth, strength, and improvement-right? In actuality, soreness isn’t a good sign of muscle hypertrophy; the causes of DOMS are:

  1. damage to the connective tissues that surround the muscles and
  2. damage to the actual muscle

As if these weren’t achy enough, inflammation accompanies these damages and that’s the stiffness you feel the 24-48 hours after exercise. While it’s true you’re strengthening the connective tissues and ligaments around the muscles so that they can handle more weight, volume, and intensity going forward, you’re not “getting bigger”. Muscle growth occurs when the rate of muscle protein synthesis is greater than the rate of muscle protein breakdown which takes several weeks or months.

Yoga Flow and Step were the WOD! LOVED the yoga flow class. It was exactly what I expect; flowing from pose to pose and using our breath to transition. Step was awesome too but should have been called “Hot Step” thanks to the insane temperature outside!

I ate-let me rephrase-my chin ate the juiciest peach today; it was so good but left my hands and face all sticky..

Have a relaxing and cool weekend 🙂

Yoga is a MUST!

27 Oct

Have you ever said something along the lines of “I know I should do it..but I don’t”? I say that about yoga all the time..and yesterday I finally did something about it! I know the benefits of yoga: increased flexibility, balance and coordination, improvement in posture and strength, lower blood pressure and stress levels, etc. and after yesterday’s class, I realized that I need to make time to practice yoga more often. I participated in Catherine’s yoga flow class, which combines yoga and Pilates exercises, resulting in a completely new glistening workout sesh :p.

“I always start with a simple warm up like cat rolling and then from there introduce some of the major poses we will be flowing through like down dog and up dog,” explains Catherine. “For the main flow, I always try to find a really challenging format that pushes every level in the class.”

Here’s an example of a my legs were shakingchallenging flow:

  • runner’s lunge-warrior 1-twisting warrior 2-warrior 2
  • reverse warrior-extended side angle pose (we connected our hands but that’s beyond my terminology 🙂 )

Pretty intense-eh?

Catherine finishes up her class with restorative-thank goodness-poses..

“so people forget how hard they worked and just concentrate on the relaxation. At the end there is always around 10 minutes for a series of meditative poses.”


Step out of your comfort zone and try a new class. You’ll  experience a “new” sore, work muscles that you may not have known you had before, and if nothing else, learn a new technique you can take back and use in your respective class! It’s always fun to be a participant once in a while :D.