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NIRSA 2013 Las Vegas

13 Mar

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Not really when you’re a part of NIRSA, an organization that prides itself on networking, connection making, and taking what you’ve learned at national conferences back to your institution in some way, shape, or form.

This past week, myself and 8 other OU campus recreation professionals traveled to Las Vegas, NV for the 2013 NIRSA National Conference! The conference didn’t start until Monday afternoon, so we had all day Sunday to tour the city.

photo 1 1photo 3 3

Chef Gordon Ramsey’s shrine

photo 3

The Belagio

photo 4


photo 2 2

Heaven! Or it would have been if their sales tax wasn’t 8.1%

Vegas really is larger than life; so beautifully designed and spaced out. I truly took in all the scenery when I went running on Monday morning; (little did I know that I’d have to fork over $10/day to use one of the hotels dinky gyms) jogging the streets is the best and cheapest way to sight see! And me and a handful of other runners may have been the only one’s out to take in the scenery at 7:00am..partay animals.

The conference began with the opening session; a renowned MSNBC television host, political science professor, author, academic, and keynote speaker, Melissa Harris-Perry tied in the theme of the conference, Inspiring Communities of Wellbeing, and set the stage for the rest of the week. Afterwards, it was the Katie show!

photo 5

I had the opportunity (again!) to teach a variation to the Total Body High Intensity Intervals class I led in Tampa, only this time it was Round 2 duh-duh-duh. The deets:

  • EMOM= 7 burpees, 5 push-ups
  • alternating lunges, speed skaters, dive bomber push-ups, plank (3X)
  • plie squats, mountain climbers, side planks, ins & outs (3X)
  • plank jacks, triceps dips, shoulder presses, knee tucks

Nervous/anxious at first, considering the “gym” the class was held in was a ballroom with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, on carpet flooring, with tables and chairs behind us filled with spectators to watch, not participate..Luckily, I had ~50 people come and sweat with me! It turned out awesome and I was super pumped afterwards! It was a great way to start the conference off on the a healthyright foot :). Thanks to everyone who came!

Most of the sessions I went to focused on fitness, student/professional leadership, student development, health and wellness, assessment, learning outcomes, and implementing programs. I learned something in each session that I can take back to Oakland and implement it in a way that works for us. I also had the opportunity to participate in Take a Student to Lunch, where I met a professional from a different university wanting pick my brain about how I started this blog.

The conference came to an ending at the Honors Award Banquet, where I finally got to see and be with my Oakland family! girls 1BeckySteph and Sarah

All-in-all, the conference was a success! I can’t wait to put what I learned at NIRSA into reality at Oakland U! I’m already excited for the 2014 NIRSA National Conference in Nashville, TN next year!

Day 11

29 May

Happy post-Memorial Day! I had a wonderful time at the beach this past weekend. My friend Kathie was nice enough to invite me to spend Memorial Day weekend with her and her family at Ocean Isle beach!


Kathie has magic hands! I love the braided-hair look on the beach and when I found out she learned through Pinterest how to do a fishtail braid, I put her to work! More on the beach trip to come :).

Back to reality, I had an early morning client at State’s gym then came straight to work, but not before a scrumptious bowl of overnight oats (how I’ve missed my breakfasts!). It was slim pickins at the beach so I opted for peanut butter toast and fruit every morning. When I’m a guest, I try not to be the high-maintenance picky eater that I tend to be when it comes to meals; I make the most of what’s available, keeping portions appropriate and choosing healthy alternatives.

I attended a seminar on Strength Training for Runners and thought it was very educational, especially as a runner myself. She highlighted several studies on the benefits of runners adding a strength training routine into their regime:

  • reduces the risk for injury
  • increases power and speed
  • improves running economy
A lot of questions were asked but the most important one, I thought, was “when should you do your strength training?” It all depends on your goal; if your goal is long-distance (10k’s, half-marathons, marathons), you’ll want to focus on lighter weights and higher repetitions so your muscles adapt to the repeated contractions. If your goal is shorter distances (100-400 meters, 5-8k’s), you’ll want to focus on power; plyometrics are a great way to increase your short distance PRs (form and experience allowing!).
During the seminar-LUNCH!  I left an avocado in the refrigerator (oops) over the weekend and went to slice it into my sandwich only to find slicing wasn’t an option. An impromptu avocado spread it was! Mixed with a little garlic humus and lemon juice-this blunder turned out palatable :).
This week in workouts:
  • Tuesday- Body Sculpt & Stretch
  • Wednesday- Aqua Kickboxing
  • Thursday- Interval Training & Low Impact
  • Friday- Body Sculpt & Step

Body Sculpt & Stretch: A typical today body fitness class that utilizes various pieces of equipment; a piece in particular I was intrigued to use are the booties! These booties that cover your shoe allow you to slide across either a sliding board or wood flooring. Great for abductor (outer thigh) and adductor (inner thigh) work, as well as lateral movements, agility, and endurace. Some of the exercises we did are shown in this video:

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Day 8

23 May

I. Am. So. Sore.

DOMS decided to pay my body a visit overnight! I woke up around 2am and as I stood up, I had some choice words every step I took. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger :). Mhm..

Breakfast was the usual; scrambled cheesy eggs, salsa, mini pitatoasted bagel, and a banana. Sometime I find I get in a routine with breakfast foods and eat them everyday; I need to explore more! My staples include:

My goal for next week: try one new breakfast recipe that doesn’t focus on oats and eggs as the main ingredient!

I had to stop at registration and records before coming to work to send my final transcript to Oakland University!

On today’s agenda:

  • work on special project-it actually isn’t a project, rather a seminar on exercise and stress. If you have any tips, please share!
  • attend Back to Core & Stretch and Step I.T. (reviews below)
  • eat lunch. Today’s the start of really increasing my food intake! Sandwich, cottage cheese, and a mixed cup of cantaloupe/melon (may not sound like a lot, but my sandwiches look like they’re on steroids) 
  • work on seminar

My supervisor has been in training for something along the lines of how to maximize your energy in a personal and corporate setting. Intrigued, I’ve asked if I could see the materials and resources the training has provided her with. I’m interested to read what experts have to say about this topic! I’ll be sure to share :).

Back to Core & Stretch:

  • 30 minutes of “core” work. 15 minutes of stretching.
  • we used the BOSU for alternating knee crunches (1 leg stays on the ground, 1 leg pulls into your chest while you crunch)
  • super(wo)mans, bird/dogs, and planks to target the entire core, especially lower back. I liked that the instructor made sure to explain why it’s so important to strengthen the muscles in your lower back. We’re in a corporate setting, so mostly everyone sits at a desk all day (posture), hunched over a keyboard (tight hip flexors, weak lower back, shoulders rounded forward), and looking at a computer screen (head protrudes forward).
  • All in all, nothing very new, just a different format. I thoroughly enjoyed the stretch part!

Step I.T.:

  • interval training between step aerobics and weights. I didn’t put the name together so I had no idea what I.T. meant (blonde moment 😉 ) I’ve taken Step and Sculpt before where the first half of the class is step and the second is weights, but never thought of 3-5 minutes on the step and 3-5 minutes of weights! Lots of fun but the fatigue sneaks up on you!
  • with step, it always seems like we do so much more with our right foot than our left foot. I know that, as an instructor, sometimes we lose track of how many we’re doing and that’s okay (I’m being the over-achieving participant). I’m probably more OCD, okay the most OCD person, than most people when it comes to balancing the right and left sides (front/back, upper/lower) of the body, so I naturally alternate feet when stepping..yep, I’m that girl.
  • we did aerobicstrength exercises (definitely not a phrase but I just made it one! Have I mentioned my exercisebrary?). I.E. grapevines and biceps curls, step touches and upright rows, forward knees with an overhead press. I liked that we were still moving aerobically (low intensity) while completing strength exercises.

I enjoyed both class and applaud the instructor for teaching back to back! All of the other instructors we in training and she was the remaining one. High-five!

I’m hoping everyone is appreciating the posts on my internship experience as well as personal experiences here and there. I’m really loving the positive feedback, support, and suggestions you’re bringing to the blog! Thank you all and please continue reading! 😛

Back In Action!

19 Jan

Today was  a great day!

  • work meeting
  • energy-packed muesli to power me through a morning full of to-do’s
  • strength and conditioning class
  • home to relax and make dinner (recipe to come!)
  • back to work to teach Spring Break a Sweat and Absolutions!

Spring Break a Sweat is a circuit/interval-style class. The participants tonight were full of energy and ready to sweat! There’s nothing better than having an upbeat, high energy group of participants- it really makes the class fly by! Tonight’s class featured:

15 minutes of:

  • butt kickers & high knees
  • plyo step touches and plyo hamstring curls

35 minutes of :

  • 1 minute challenge: alternating lunges and squats, push-ups and mountain climbers
  • pyramid: biceps curls and triceps kickbacks (10 down to 1)
  • 30 second challenge: plie squats and jumping jacks (2X)
  • pyramid: chest press and triceps skullcrushers (10 down to 1)
  • glute extensions and fire hydrants

Everyone was a glistening mess afterwards! Success!!


Have your participants count the repetitions of each exercise for 2 reasons:

  1. as the instructor, you’re repeating safety cues and encouraging them so you may count one too many (or not enough!), and
  2. gauging the intensity level of the class is shown if you’re participants can/not talk

Friday Intervals

13 Jan

TGIF! And what better way to start the weekend off right than a schweaty interval run?

Start with a 5 minute warm-up then complete as following: modify as needed! This workout can be done 2 ways:

  1. complete the workout as a whole with no/short breaks.
  2. complete the first interval (3’s), hop off the treadmill and complete strength exercises, complete the second interval (5’s), hop off the treadmill and complete different exercises than the first time, complete the last interval (3’s) and hop off to complete core exercises.
Interval Speed
3 minutes 6.8
3 minutes 8, 6.8, 8
3 minutes 6.8
5 minutes 7
5 minutes 9, 7, 9, 7, 9
5 minutes 6.8
3 minutes 7
3 minutes 9.2, 7, 9.3
3 minutes 7

After, I trained my client and we got to talking about why the Russian Twist (abdominal exercise where your feet are lifted (more advanced!) and you twist your upper body from side to side) is called that? Does anyone know?!

Breakfast followed, a tasty bowl of muesli with a banana and a hottt latte :). Mat cleaning, office work and a chat with Jennifer finished the workday! I’ll be back to work FREE body fat and blood pressure tests from 4:30-6:30pm!

I am CRAVING a Gigi’s cupcake tonight!

Speedy Cardio for ANY Machine

11 Jan

The exciting part about this workout? The speedy intervals make it a lunch-time staple or “I-need-to-do-something-short-but-intense” workout AND can be done on any piece of cardio equipment that’s available. The down part of this workout? Doing it when all the resolutioners are in their prime.

Gym’s are crazy busy this time of year, thanks to all the “get fit” New Years Resolutions so finding a piece of equipment can be a workout in itself. Next time you’re in a rut with a piece of equipment that you’re unsure how to use and don’t want to do stead-state cardio, try these intervals!

The first 20 minutes will be a climbing hill if you’re on a treadmill or a climbing resistance if you’re using an elliptical or bike. The last 10 minutes will be a 45 second sprint/pedal as fast as you can alternating with a minute and 15 seconds of recovery. Beginners can walk/power walk the entire workout!

Interval Time Mode Incline/Resistance
1-5 mins. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 2
5-7 mins. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 3
7-9 min. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 4-5
9-11 mins. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 6-7
11-13 mins. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 7-8
13-16 mins. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 8
16-20 mins. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 2
20-20:45 mins. Sprint/fast Stride/Pedal 1
20:45-22 mins. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 1
22-22:45 mins. Sprint/fast Stride/Pedal 1
22:45-26 mins. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 1
26-26:45 mins. Sprint/fast Stride/Pedal 1
26:45-28 mins. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 1
28-28:45 mins. Sprint/fast Stride/Pedal 1
28:45-30 mins. Cool Down 0