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BHAG’s in Detroit

17 May

TGIF! ūüôā

Today started with a brisk, 5.75 mile run around Oakland U’s campus! I absolutely LOVE using the MapMyRun website; it’s a useful tool for the direction-challenged runners. I change my settings to satellite so I have a clear picture of my running route. If you use the app, friend me!

I did something extremely bold and audacious yesterday..
Detroit marathon
Who am I!? I remember the Pittsburgh Marathon in 2010; it poured, my iPod broke, and there was a bomb threat at mile 26. What in the world is making me want to do it again?!


Why not? I don’t know where I’m going to be come April 2014 and I may never get the chance to run a race in Detroit again. Here goes nothing :). Any Michiganders want to train??

Have a great weekend!

The Talk Test

4 Oct

In a previous post, I explained the importance of measuring your heart rate and knowing your numbers to see how hard you’re working while exercising. As you should still calculate and find your numbers, there’s another simpler test that will monitor your intensity-the talk test! Group fitness instructors and personal trainers use this trick all the time. It’s beneficial to us to see how hard you’re working, without you really knowing why we want you to talk when your exerting yourself :).

A study by the University of New Hampshire validated to effectiveness of the talk test with a group of adults who recited the Pledge of Allegiance while exercising at various intensities. As the participants could no longer comfortably talk, they were reaching their lactate threshold. This test can benefit both beginners who are just starting out and experienced athletes who want to take their fitness to the next level.

Personally, I use this test ALL the time, especially with my group fitness classes. It’s an easy way to gauge how hardand ifthe participants are exerting themselves in relation to the class format in a big setting. With one-on-one clients, I always keep a conversation flowing to see how they’re feeling.


If you don’t have a heart rate monitor, use the talk test to gauge how hard you’re working. If you find it silly to talk to yourself while exercising-grab a partner! Partner workouts can make you push yourself harder, thus increasing your lactate threshold=WINNING!

Portion Distortion Quiz!

28 Sep

Quiz time! Today’s post will require you to use your noggin. Portion control is a HUGE issue, especially if you’ve hit a plateau and are trying to find what’s the culprit.

This quiz is solely on serving sizes. Keep a tally of your answers and see how well you did at the end! Good Luck!

  1. What object shows the best serving of a bagel? A) golf ball B) hockey puck C) stack of CDs
  2. What object  shows the best serving of baby carrots? A) golf ball B) half of a tennis ball C) tennis ball
  3. What object shows the best serving of rice/pasta? A) 4 dice B) half of a tennis ball C) tennis ball
  4. What object shows the best serving of DRIED fruit? A) golf ball B) half of a tennis ball C) tennis ball
  5. What object shows the best serving of orange juice (use your imagination) A) golf ball B) half of a tennis ball C) tennis ball
  6. What object shows the best serving of a nut butter? A) shot glass B) half of a tennis ball C) tennis ball (please be correct!)
  7. What object shows the best serving of mixed nuts? A) shot glass B) half of a tennis ball C) tennis ball
  8. What object shows the best serving of cheese? A) 4 dice B) half of a tennis ball C) tennis ball
  9. What object shows the best serving of oil? A) thumb tip B) 4 dice C) shot glass
Stay tuned for the answers!

Helping Train the Future

27 Sep

NC State University Recreation offers trainee classes for students, faculty, and staff to become either a group fitness instructor or personal trainer. Although the process for each class is different, the end goal is to educate and provide the knowledge, tools and equipment needed in order to succeed.

I assist in teaching the ACE Personal Training class with the goal of helping students, just like me, hopefullypass the exam and learn how to train functionally. A former student, co-worker and friend, Kayla Smitherman,  recently emailed me saying this:

“I hope ur¬†semester is going well! I just wanted to message¬†u to let u know that I passed the ACE exam and I also took the AFAA exam and passed it too. Thanks for all of ur¬†help and ur work with the training class, it was very helpful!”

Isn’t that awesome?! Not only did she pass the ACE exam, but she also took the group fitness trainee class and passed the AFAA exam! This is one of many¬†reasons why I love doing what I do-¬†assisting people of all ages reach their goals. Whether the goal is with a personal training client relating to weight loss or a trainee learning how to do a fitness assessment correctly or a co-worker asking for a favor with their program area- I take pride¬†in being asked for assistance and knowing that I’m a person they trust¬†and can turn to for a helping hand. I feel a lot of people I work with and surround myself with are the same way-we all want the end goal to be successful.


Surround yourself with positive people, environments, and thoughts. Negative things in your life will only bring you down. It’s the people who make us laugh, an¬†environment that’s stress-free, and thoughts that are only positive that will lead us to be successful in all of our goals!

power in positivityPhoto by Pinterest

2-for-1 Weight Machine Exercises

13 Aug

Moving into a new apartment has its perks: new neighbors and surroundings, going to Target on a weekly (or daily-not judging) basis, decorating and personalizing your space, new pool, and of course-a free gym membership! But what do you do when the gym has 4 machines? How’s a girl(or guy) supposed to get a total body workout!?

Easy! It’s thinking outside the box-my new “gym” has the following machines:

  • leg extension
  • incline chest press
  • lat. pulldown
  • back extension
  • adductor (inner thigh) squeeze (not a fan)
Now-here’s a total body superset workout: rememberBIG to SMALL¬†and proper form & safety cues! (exercise at your own risk!)
  1. single leg extension–single leg standing hamstring curl¬†(position pad so it’s touching your calf, foot flexed, curl heel to butt)
  2. chest press–wide grip bent over row (straddle the bench, grip handles w/ over/underhand grip)
  3. lat. pulldown–push-ups
  4. back extension–*treadmill plank (set the treadmill at a very slow speed, feet on the ground, hands on the belt & “walk” with your hands
*if you’re a newbie, work up to the treadmill plank-start with a stationary plank on the ground.
A total body workout with limited equipment is possible if you just put some thought into your workouts. Plan ahead, think outside the box, and get creative!

Choppy 1 Mile w/ Intervals

1 Aug

If running on the treadmill makes you fall asleep just thinking about it, then try this choppy workout:

  • run 4-quarter miles interspersed with strength training exercises.

This is another type of circuit interval training since your still alternating between high and low¬†intensities, but at the low intensity stage, you’ll be weight training instead of slowing down to a jog and/or walk.

1. run .25 miles at a challenging yet manageable speed

  • kettlebell swings: 3 sets-20 reps

2. run .25 miles (.5=half way there!)

  • push-ups w/ rows
3. run .25 miles (.75=so close!)
  • walking lunges w/ shoulder press
4. run .25 (1 mile!)
  • abs

Yay’s and Nay’s for Smoother, Smarter Runs

28 Jul

Some people have that running “gene” in their blood-not me. I started to run on my own-YES it was very challenging and tested my mental strength to the max-and there were many times I wanted to quit, but I felt so good after I completed my running goals that I kept going and haven’t stopped! There are plenty of running programs out there; my tip to you? Choose what BEST works for you! In saying that, here are my yay’s and nay’s to smoother and smarter runs.

Nay to striking the pavement with your heel first-especially if you have lower back and knee pain.

Yay to landing on the mid-sole of your foot-allowing a more neutral landing will keep your muscles in balance.

Nay to using long strides on every run-energy draining to start and continue a run, but beneficial towards the home stretch/end of your run.

Yay to shorter, more controlled strides-stand tall and lean forward, when you feel as if you’re going to fall, step forward with a foot to catch yourself..Tada! That’s your natural stride length.

Nay to sprinting as fast as you can..daily-interval training is popular and very beneficial, but your body has to become acclimated to the up and down cycles. Start slow, then work your way up.

Yay to running farther, more efficiently & hopefully faster-thanks to interval training, the up and down cycles stress both aerobic (O2) and anaerobic (non-O2) systems, delaying fatigue.

How did you start to run?