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Laptops Galore

6 Mar

There’s seriously something about Starbucks that gets my blood flowin’! This morning, though, was different..

My daddy accompanied me! We sat with our respective drinks (latte for me, skinny mocha for him) and worked the morning away. On my list of to-do’s: research new laptops that are the best and most efficient for video editing, website design, memory and speed/multitasking abilities. The top contenders? The Sony Vaio S Series and the Samsung Series 7 laptops-any suggestions?! Both are pretty pricey but worth it for all of the applications, software, memory, and size they offer.

I never buy anything the first go-around; I always give myself 24 hours to think about it. If I’m still dreamingthinking about the product 24 hours later, I usually purchase it! It’s a helpful habit to get into, especially if you’re an impulse buyer like myself; weighing the pros and cons of the situation puts me at ease with my decision.

What laptop do you recommend?


To-do = To-done

26 Sep

I have some free time between clients so it’s the perfect time for a fitbit!

I’m beginning to write a personal training/fitness newsletter for the trainers and instructors and University Recreation. The newsletter will (hopefully) highlight a trainer each month where they can “brag” about their clients goals that they’ve reached, personal goals they set for themselves, and they’re favorite exercise/workout. I hope things go as planned! Stay tuned for more info on the newsletter!

How do you or someone you know celebrate when you’ve reached a goal? Do you like to be highlighted or would you rather keep it to yourself?


When thinking about how much you have to do today/the week, take a deep breath and focus on 1 task at a time.  Make a to-do list(high to low priority) and check off each completed task as you finish them. Looking at a full list of to-do’s and seeing that YOU CAN complete them will bring your sanity back. (I’m doing this as I type.. :D)