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A Workout Fit for a Dorm Room

11 Jan

I’m usually disciplined when it comes to early morning workouts; there’s rarely a time when I skip because I’m being lazy. Other than listening to my body or taking a rest day, morning workouts are a routine-thing. There’s only one circumstance when I make all the excuses in the world not to go to the gym..rain.

The sound of rain hitting the pavement, the sloshing-around from cars’ tires, and the mere thought of walking in it gives me the chills. Over dramatic? Probably. Hey, that’s me. But instead of foregoing my workout all together, I turned my frown upside-down and decided to do my planned workout right in my room!

I live on campus at Oakland, in one of the apartments, so I have my own room and a pretty legit space.

Small space gym

While pinning last night, I came across a workout from You+Me=Fit that combined my two fave things, strength and cardio! I adapted it to fit the space I was working with and here’s what it looked like:

PicMonkey CollageIf you live in an actual dorm room, switch the stair running for sprints down the hallway (you’re prob. the only crazy up!) or high knees if your building doesn’t have stairs. Good thing my roommate wasn’t home, I think I live in the squeakiest apartment known-to-man.

CI did a presentation yesterday for an Honors Society group about the Benefits of Exercising and Eating Healthy on Campus; if you’re interested, check it out!

Have a great weekend!

Day 14

3 Jun


 Beach Music at North Hills was a success! Thursday night is girls night, where a couple of close friends get together, eat dinner, and share a few drinks while chatting away about our lives-good times! It’s funny, now that we’ve all graduated and have our own things going on we need to plan in advance to see each other whereas before, we’d run into one another at work. Times are a changin’!

Twas an early morning though! Leaving early from work means arriving early to work so I can get those 8 hours in. Why is it when I have to get up, I sleep throughout the night and it’s the best? No job too big that 2 cups of coffee with a little skim milk and hazelnut syrup can keep me asleep! My go-to breakfast to take on the road: overnight oats!

I demoed this morning for a total body sculpt class that I’ll hopefully start teaching this month; because this type of format is my specialty, the demo didn’t need to be very long and/or strenuous. It was more for my supervisor’s sake of seeing my style of teaching, hearing me cue, and having confidence that I know how to put a functional workout together.   When I demo for step and cycling at the end of this month, those will require a longer and more detailed demonstration because I’ve never taught those formats before. I want constructive criticism and feedback on what they liked, what needed changed, and general tips.

ATTN: Group fitness instructors, particularly Steppers and Cyclers! Any tips on how you prepare, plan, and instruct your respective class?

I attended a 45-minute Body Sculpt class followed by the renowned 45-minute Step class! Both classes were a great way to start the weekend off on a healthy note!

Post workout, lunch was scarfed down while working away on the seminar-nothing special!

Have a happy weekend 🙂