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Day 17

6 Jun

Is Wednesday the day of rain? Such a gloomy drive to work, especially when there’s not an accident in sight yet blinking red lights are everywhere from people slamming on their breaks..okay, I’m done.

I finally went to Trader Joe’s after work yesterday! There’s some things I prefer to buy there then at a regular grocery store; fruit and veggies are cheaper without sacrificing quality, nuts are inexpensive, and the cheese selection is huge! I love the Shredded Mexican blend in my scrambled eggs and have missed its gooeyness so much that I believe that’s the reason I couldn’t sleep last night..I was anticipating breakfast this morning :). Other things I purchased:

  • multigrain bread. really hardy and stands up to chicken salad without becoming soggy
  • grilled chicken breast for chicken salad
  • celery
  • raw, toasted almonds
  • sweet potato crinkle chips. a.m.a.z.e.b.a.l.l.s.
  • peanut butter-filled pretzels
  • (2) pizza al pollo asado. a mexican-style pizza with a corn masa crust, grilled chicken, refried beans, jack cheese, and tomatillo salsa. the flavors complement each-other, a little spicy, and so tender you can cut it with a fork- for $1.99!

$34? A synonym of a bargain shopper.

Body Sculpt & Balance review: we used a stability ball, heavy and medium dumbbells, a thera-band, and a mat. Basic strength training exercises but with a balance challenge at some point during the move; for example: squats with a knee lift, upper body work on the stability ball, single-leg curls, and closing your eye (very challenging-I recommend closing one at a time first!) I really love basic body sculpting classes. Maybe it’s because that’s my speciality but the exercises you can do in a toning class are limitless and it’s a chance as an instructor to educate your participants.

Step I.T. was great as usual! Loved the combinations the instructor put together; they were self-reversing, so both right and left sides were balanced out. The strength moves were the usuals.

Yoga Challenge was a challenge for my delts! Holy moly. I guess it didn’t help that both the instructor and I took Step I.T. beforehand because down-dog was super tough to hold for a breathlong periods of time. This wasn’t necessarily my favorite yoga class since it didn’t flow from one pose to another rather, it was how hard can we make a series. It’s good to change it up though so I’ll be attending this sporadically, but stick to yoga flow or stretch.

Lunch!  Mayo-less chicken salad with an apple and sweet potato crinkles. I was upset that I ate it so fast :(.

I received my group fitness class schedule for June; 1 Interval Training class, 2 Body Sculpt classes, and 1 Step I.T.; super pumped about all of them. I need to practice step..help me!

The rest of the day I’ll be observing Cycle & Sculpt and Aqua Kickboxing. Have a great hump day!

P.S. 1st freelance post was published!

Day 12

30 May

Excuse me while I rant. Attention: Rain=water. I don’t know what it is about rain that makes people go in panic-mode, but I swear, once the first sprinkle hits the windshield or even the thought of rain, people stall. It is okay to drive in; accelerate with caution :).

On a happier note: It’s hump day- even though it’s only a 4-day week, we’re half-way through! I awoke ravenous and all I could think about was breakfast; dippy eggs, sautéed spinach, humus bagel, and an apple!

I recently finished Fifty Shades of Grey over the weekend and was itching to read the second book in the series, Fifty Shades Darker. This series is definitely not for virgin minds but the story is captivating and leaves me wanting to know more! I took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Target and purchased the book; the woman who checked me out questioned why the book was so popular and for the first time, I was speechless. How do you describe this book!?

I always feel rainy days zap my energy; all I want to do is lay in bed and watch movies! But now that I’m doing this big-girl thing, to work I go. The commute was ridiculously long ranting again resulting in me being almost late. I got right to work on my seminar and answering emails. I planned on attending Aqua Kickboxing tonight but in order to do that, one must be wearing a bathing suit (who woulda thunk?); needless to say I forgot my bikini suit and I’ll be taking Back 2 Core & Stretch and Step II again! A second go-around, this time the class was taught by different instructors; another chance for me to learn how they teach the formats!

Lunch is similar to yesterday’s, except for a huge pear and string cheese.  String cheese makes me feel like a kid again :).

Back 2 Core & Stretch: I liked this particular class much better than last weeks. We performed more functional exercises and completed a lot more in the 30 minutes dedicated to “core” work; the last 15 minute are dedicated to stretching, which I thoroughly enjoy :-P. I don’t know if I’ve felt that strong of a burning sensation in my quads, butt, and hamstrings than I did during one particular exercise:

  • place a weighted ball in between your thighs and lift your hips off of the ground into a bridge position. keep them in the air!
  • as if this weren’t awful enough extend your right leg in the air  hold. bring it back to the mat and extend your left leg in the air  hold. continue alternating.

Not only are you in a single leg position, but your inner thighs are on f.i.r.e. because they’re working so the ball doesn’t drop. Your core is contracted the entire time to keep you stabilized..woo-wee!

Step II: LOVE. Both this class and last Friday’s step class were unbelievable! The combos were more advanced and required not only physical ability, but made you think about which foot to step with, when to step, etc. I’m in the process of learning to teach step so I’m attending as many class as I can! Each instructor offers a new teaching strategy that I can learn from and take notes.

The rest of the day will be spent shadowing personal training consults, observing Step and Sculpt and participating in Aqua Kickboxing!


Day 4

17 May

Good morning! If you read my latest post, you may be wondering why it was published at an omgearly hour. Insomnia is something I’ve been experiencing too; either I’m tossing and turning all night or I completely cannot sleep- one extreme to the next :/.

But this isn’t about that! Thursday morning started with a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and feta cheese, humus pita, and a banana.   I should really buy prettier plates if I want to continue taking pictures 🙂 poor college student!

I’ve made it through half of week 1! It’s funny, I always made fun of my parents for being so tired after work to do anything. And now, look who’s going to bed before 9:30pm every nightthis girl. 8-hour days and 40-hour weeks of UNPAID work does a girl in! All I want to do when I go home is EATa ton, put my feet up and fall asleep. I guess you really don’t know how it feels until you’ve walked in your parents shoes; being a big-girl is tough-shtuff ;).

Today is a little more laid back; meeting with the personal training coordinator to discuss how the training protocol works in a corporate setting, meeting with my supervisor to discuss and finalize special projects I’ll be working on throughout the 10 weeks, and observing Body Sculpt at 4:30pm!

My plan for participating in Step and Sculpt was unfortunately interrupted; I became very light-headed and had to leave class early. That’s never happened before; I was shaky, my vision was blurry, and I felt slightly nauseous. I had a snack beforehand so I wasn’t running on an empty stomach-another unknown reason! Thankfully I made an appointment to get to the doctor. I contemplated taking a rest day because Tuesday mornings Body Sculpt and Stretch class had my muscles sore but, me being stubborn, I ignored the signals and look what happened. Listening to my body is something I’m working on!

If you’re in the Raleigh area, North Hills puts on a Beach Music concert series every Thursday night. Bands perform, drinks are flowin’, and good times are a-rollin’!

Have a great day 😀