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Day 41

18 Jul

What a day!

But first, a recap of last night:

  • ran Lake Johnson 2 times! It ended up being about 7 miles (give or take) and boy was it brutal; I felt like a wool clothe was covering my mouth and nose the entire time.
  • picked up a package from Kathie who so thoughtfully left it as a “going away” present. A mug , card, and a picture of us!
  • sat in complete silence and ate dinner. I guess that’s what happens when you shut your cable and internet off before you move out! Good thing I have Hulu+ on my phone and a good book to read. If a neighb is reading this, would you be so kind to take the password off your wifi ūüôā

Now to Tuesday..

This morning started bright and early; a morning run around the lake. It can’t get better than seeing the sunrise while doing an activity you love :), it sets the tone for my ENTIRE day! The only not-so-good part of the morning was putting off breakfast until I got to my internship; one of the coordinators took me to breakfast on campus which was very delicious and sweet of her! I forgot how good omelets are when someone else makes them; an egg-white omelet with veggies, turkey sausageeege (Scott Disick-style), and feta cheese with a side of fresh fruit!

I’ve been spending the last week sorting through CD’s and organizing them by BPM and, of course, I had to do it wrong, so I spent a majority of this morning reorganizing them.

I taught a Step demo to the employees as another final hoo-rah! It was a short 20-minute, 3-combo routine that I wanted to perform to see if I’ve improved since Step I.T.¬†I think it’s safe to say that I’ve become one with the Step ;).

Lunch was something other than a sandwich! I’ve been on a huge salad kick lately because I’m trying to clean-out my refrigerator before the big move up North!

In the mix:

  • spinach
  • cannellini beans
  • cucumbers
  • tomatoes
  • red onion
  • cherries! I LOVE fruit in salads! A lot of people don’t and I’m not too certain why?
  • mozzarella cheese
  • balsamic vinegar
  • wheat thins. These were last-minute; after the step demo, I realized I didn’t have a whole grain so I through those into the mix.

I have the neatest salad container ever; it’s an ordinary oval bowl but the lid holds a fork AND a little cup for dressing! It fits about 2 tablespoons, which is the serving side for most dressings.

The rest of the afternoon will be spent resting up around the office before I teach Body Sculpt & Balance tonight at 5:30pm!

Day 30

29 Jun

Anybody else look like this when Friday comes around?

Last night was a fabulous girls night; sushi and drinks than out for some more!¬†¬†We’ve been going out in Raleigh for 2 years now and have yet to ride on a Rickshaw¬†bike (I mean, who wouldn’t want to ride in a carriage while someone pulls you across town?) Intrigued, we flagged one down and cruised the streets of Raleigh¬†¬†behind Chris Daughtry! No not the singer..It was actually a lot of fun and safe and I HIGHLY recommend you try it!

I rolled over this morning and immediately felt my abs..oh, DOMS..wouldn’t change that feeling though! Sometimes after an ab workout (or any workout rather), I think I’m going to be much more sore than I end up being and get slightly disappointed, which leads me to think: Is muscle soreness always a sign of a good workout?

The idea behind weight training is it’s making microscopic tears in the muscles, causing them to break down, rebuild, and recover in a stronger, more dense way. Feeling sore a couple of days after is normal when you start a new workout routine or supplement a new exercise in, etc. The common misconception here is that if you’re not sore after every workout, it wasn’t a quality workout, which can lead you to think a lack of soreness means less muscle growth, strength, and improvement-right? In actuality, soreness isn’t a good sign of muscle hypertrophy; the causes of DOMS are:

  1. damage to the connective tissues that surround the muscles and
  2. damage to the actual muscle

As if these weren’t achy enough, inflammation accompanies these damages and that’s the stiffness you feel the 24-48 hours after exercise. While it’s true you’re strengthening the connective tissues and ligaments around the muscles so that they can handle more weight, volume, and intensity going forward, you’re not “getting bigger”. Muscle growth occurs when the rate of muscle protein synthesis is greater than the rate of muscle protein breakdown which takes several weeks or months.

Yoga Flow and Step were the WOD! LOVED the yoga flow class. It was exactly what I expect; flowing from pose to pose and using our breath to transition. Step was awesome too but should have been called “Hot Step” thanks to the insane temperature outside!

I ate-let me rephrase-my chin ate the juiciest peach today; it was so good but left my hands and face all sticky..

Have a relaxing and cool weekend ūüôā

Day 26

25 Jun

Happy Monday all! This past weekend was tons of fun! It was the first weekend in Raleigh for quite some time so lots of catching up with friends and hitting downtown :).

For those of you who were concerned (!), I finally found the perfect way to make a cup of coffee! I used to use sugar-free syrup and milk but really wanted to ween myself off of artificial sweeteners. It seems I could never get the right ratio of sweetener:milk:coffee, I even tried coffee with almond milk and wasn’t a fan. The solution? Basic french vanilla creamer. I also made my family’s bean salad¬†over the weekend; it’ll last me at least 2 weeks which I’m completely fine with :-P.

A couple of runs happened but not long ones at all-it’s SO hot and humid. It’s really not safe to run in this kind of heat and personally not-enjoyable! Even the mornings and evenings are tough. To make the runs a complete workout, I popped in Tony Horton’s Ab Ripper¬†DVD¬†after-ouchie…

Early morning client at State’s gym then to the office!

Lunch: turkey, humus, cuckes, and spicy mustard on fresh whole wheat bread with sweet potato chips and string cheese. This bread from Kroger is amazing! My friend Sarah introduced me to it and I think I love her that much more because of it! 

This week in workouts:

  • Monday: Step and 15-minutes of Plyometrics
  • Tuesday: teaching Body Sculpt & Stretch, Pilates or On the Ball
  • Wednesday: teaching Back 2 Core & Stretch
  • Thursday: Homemade workout!
  • Friday: Step

Today is solely dedicated to blood pressure testing. I’ve taken blood pressures before, but it was automatic and did the hard part for me; at the tap of the enter button, it squeezed, listened, and recorded the clients’ blood pressure without me having to concentrate too hard. I loved it! But at my internship, it’s all manual and I need to learn how to listen for both the systolic (top number) and diastolic (bottom number) beats in order to participate in the wellness program. That being said- stethoscope in hand (a pink one!) and I’m off!

Gigi’s cupcakes have been on my mind for too long and tonight I’ll be indulging in one ūüôā

Day 21

12 Jun

Thank you Pinterest for your words of wisdom :). An early morning workout was the first to-do on my agenda today; I trained at 8am, so I wanted to push myself and get the weights workout done in an hour-check!

Quick overnight oats with cookie butter for breakfast before I trained; it’s the most portable breakfast I know! ¬†I stole borrowed these tin cans from my parents that, I believe, are used for camping; they come in 5 different sizes with lids which make transporting breakfast, lunch, or dinner so easy. There’s really no excuse to not make your own meals!

I can’t believe it’s already half-way through my internship! My supervisor from NC State had his on-site visit this morning; where does the time go? I gave him a tour of the facility (kinda cool I was able to and knowledgeable enough to lead the tour!) then sat down and discussed everything from I’ve been doing and where I’m going next. I felt extremely blessed and grateful to have this internship and being able to have the freedom to pop into a workout class or shadow a trainer or work at my desk all day long. After hearing some of the other students’ internship experiences, I really have it good; I don’t get assigned biatch¬†busy work (thank you!), I have a schedule but not a schedule at the same time, and I’m getting my toes wet in all areas of fitness; it’s so laid-back yet organized and professional and I enjoy working in this type of environment!

We talked about being a rounded individual and how students these days are so focused on one area that they’re actually limiting their chances of ever working in that specific area because they’re not getting other experiences in a variety of fields. It made me re-realize that, yes I love group fitness and personal training, but I both need and want to get a taste of wellness profiles, rehabilitation and injury, facilities, sports clubs, and on-site services that will make me a more qualified individual.

I swear I ate the last of the mayo-less chicken salad! Peanut butter-filled pretzels with a banana to go with. Strength training for runners and a staff meeting capped off the afternoon. I was supposed to meet with one of the Step instructors to go over Stepping for Dummies (kidding) but couldn’t find her; I guess I’ll have to resort to the high-quality Blu-Ray¬†VHS video to teach me how to instruct Step aerobics!

 Black cherry Greek yogurt with slivered, toasted almonds as an afternoon snack :-P.

Can’t wait for this view tomorrow afternoon..

Day 18

7 Jun

G-double O-D M-O-R-N-I-N-G!

3.5 mile run around Lake Johnson-check! OIAJContainer-check! Early morning client-check! 2 cups of coffee-check! I’m feeling like today is going to be very accomplishing!

When the yogurt container is near empty, I pour my oats right into it instead of dirtying a bowl..hence OIAC.¬†¬†A dollop of cookie butter right smack in the center that’s waiting to be devoured. I wait until there’s no more oats left then eat the entire spoonful of cookie butter; a mouthful of cookie butter is a-okay by me :).

Once I put my things down in my office, I was on the go until lunchtime. I observed an equipment orientation-like session and a full PT session. The trainer I shadowed spotted exercises in a way I never thought of spotting before. For example, during a chest press, instead of hovering around the clients’ wrists to spot the weight going down, she stood to one side of the bench and positioned her arms like 2 bumpers, one in front and one behind the weight. I like this technique because a lot of clients’ I’ve trained seem to bring the weight higher above their chest (shoulders) when it’s supposed to be nipple line mid-chest; having those “bumpers” guide the clients’ arm down helps develop kinesthetic awareness during the exercise. Also, it’s not has uncomfortable for the client to have the trainer standing above him/her. Add that to my to-do list as a trainer!

Lunch was again eaten too fast-I just can’t seem to put food down when it’s so good! Mayo-less chicken salad sandwich with cuckes, peanut butter-filled pretzels, and a banana.

This¬†was sitting on my desk after lunch. A VH-what? How in the world am I going to watch this? I think it’s awesome, don’t get me wrong, and I want to watch Introduction to the Step Training but I don’t know who has a tape player these days! Maybs I’ll ask my gramma ūüôā

Have a fabulous Thursday!

Day 12

30 May

Excuse me while I rant. Attention: Rain=water. I don’t know what it is about rain that makes people go in panic-mode, but I swear, once the first sprinkle hits the windshield or even the thought of rain, people stall. It is okay to drive in; accelerate with caution :).

On a happier note: It’s hump day- even though it’s only a 4-day week, we’re half-way through! I awoke ravenous and all I could think about was breakfast; dippy eggs, saut√©ed spinach, humus bagel, and an apple!

I recently finished Fifty Shades of Grey over the weekend and was itching to read the second book in the series, Fifty Shades Darker. This series is definitely not for virgin minds but the story is captivating and leaves me wanting to know more! I took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Target and purchased the book; the woman who checked me out questioned why the book was so popular and for the first time, I was speechless. How do you describe this book!?

I always feel rainy days zap my energy; all I want to do is lay in bed and watch movies! But now that I’m doing this big-girl thing, to work I go. The commute was ridiculously long ranting again resulting in me being almost late. I got right to work on my seminar and answering emails. I planned on attending Aqua Kickboxing tonight but in order to do that, one must be wearing a bathing suit (who woulda thunk?); needless to say I forgot my bikini suit and I’ll be taking Back 2 Core & Stretch and Step II again! A second go-around, this time the class was taught by different instructors; another chance for me to learn how they teach the formats!

Lunch is similar to yesterday’s, except for a huge pear and string cheese. ¬†String cheese makes me feel like a kid again :).

Back 2 Core & Stretch: I liked this particular class much better than last weeks. We performed more functional exercises and completed a lot more in the 30 minutes dedicated to “core” work; the last 15 minute are dedicated to stretching, which I thoroughly enjoy :-P. I don’t know if I’ve felt that strong of a burning sensation in my quads, butt, and hamstrings than I did during one particular exercise:

  • place a weighted ball in between your thighs and lift your hips off of the ground into a bridge position. keep them in the air!
  • as if this weren’t awful enough extend your right leg in the air ¬†hold. bring it back to the mat and extend your left leg in the air ¬†hold. continue alternating.

Not only are you in a single leg position, but your inner thighs are on f.i.r.e.¬†because they’re working so the ball doesn’t drop. Your core is contracted the entire time to keep you stabilized..woo-wee!

Step II: LOVE. Both this class and last Friday’s step class were unbelievable! The combos were more advanced and required not only physical ability, but made you think about which foot to step with, when to step, etc. I’m in the process of learning to teach step so I’m attending as many class as I can! Each instructor offers a new teaching strategy that I can learn from and take notes.

The rest of the day will be spent shadowing personal training consults, observing Step and Sculpt and participating in Aqua Kickboxing!


Day 8

23 May

I. Am. So. Sore.

DOMS decided to pay my body a visit overnight! I woke up around 2am and as I stood up, I had some choice words every step I took. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger :). Mhm..

Breakfast was the usual; scrambled cheesy eggs, salsa, mini pitatoasted bagel, and a banana. Sometime I find I get in a routine with breakfast foods and eat them everyday; I need to explore more! My staples include:

My goal for next week: try one new breakfast recipe that doesn’t focus on oats and eggs as the main ingredient!

I had to stop at registration and records before coming to work to send my final transcript to Oakland University!

On today’s agenda:

  • work on special project-it actually isn’t a project, rather a seminar on exercise and stress. If you have any tips, please share!
  • attend Back to Core & Stretch and Step I.T. (reviews below)
  • eat lunch. Today’s the start of really increasing my food intake! Sandwich, cottage cheese, and a mixed cup of cantaloupe/melon (may not sound like a lot, but my sandwiches look like they’re on steroids)¬†
  • work on seminar

My supervisor has been in training for something along the lines of¬†how to maximize your energy in a personal and corporate setting. Intrigued, I’ve asked if I could see the materials and resources the training has provided her with. I’m interested to read what experts have to say about this topic! I’ll be sure to share :).

Back to Core & Stretch:

  • 30 minutes of “core” work. 15 minutes of stretching.
  • we used the BOSU for alternating knee crunches (1 leg stays on the ground, 1 leg pulls into your chest while you crunch)
  • super(wo)mans, bird/dogs, and planks to target the entire core, especially lower back. I liked that the instructor made sure to explain¬†why it’s so important to strengthen the muscles in your lower back. We’re in a corporate setting, so mostly everyone sits at a desk all day (posture), hunched over a keyboard (tight hip flexors, weak lower back, shoulders rounded forward), and looking at a computer screen (head protrudes forward).
  • All in all, nothing very new, just a different format. I thoroughly enjoyed the stretch part!

Step I.T.:

  • interval training between step aerobics and weights. I didn’t put the name together so I had no idea what I.T. meant (blonde moment ūüėČ ) I’ve taken Step and Sculpt before where the first half of the class is step and the second is weights, but never thought of 3-5 minutes on the step and 3-5 minutes of weights! Lots of fun but the fatigue sneaks up on you!
  • with step, it always seems like we do so much more with our right foot than our left foot. I know that, as an instructor, sometimes we lose track of how many we’re doing and that’s okay (I’m being the over-achieving participant). I’m probably more OCD, okay the most OCD person, than most people when it comes to balancing the right and left sides (front/back, upper/lower) of the body, so I naturally alternate feet when stepping..yep, I’m that girl.
  • we did aerobicstrength exercises (definitely not a phrase but I just made it one! Have I mentioned my exercisebrary?). I.E. grapevines and biceps curls, step touches and upright rows, forward knees with an overhead press. I liked that we were still moving aerobically (low intensity) while completing strength exercises.

I enjoyed both class and applaud the instructor for teaching back to back! All of the other instructors we in training and she was the remaining one. High-five!

I’m hoping everyone is appreciating the posts on my internship experience as well as personal experiences here and there. I’m really loving the positive feedback, support, and suggestions you’re bringing to the blog! Thank you all and please continue reading! ūüėõ