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Byebye 2012

30 Dec

Cannot believe 2012 is almost over! So many amazing things happened this year:

I know I left out lots of other experiences, but those are the ones that stand out the most. I’m so blessed to be where I am in my life right now! My family is the SO supportive of my decisions, my friends are always there to listen and talk to, my boyfriend is my rock, and I’m involving myself in so many different things-kind of crazy! I’m unsure of where I’m going, but I know that I’ll enjoy every.single.minute.of the journey to get to my happy place.

This next year has ample amounts of opportunity:

  • excelling in my GA position and incorporating programs into group fitness
  • building my blog with Oakland University
  • hosting an IFTA event
  • presenting at Student Lead-on in Chicago and TBHII2 in Las Vegas!
  • growing with lululemon into a social media/people potential/community/digital guru position
  • creating a blog for the Somerset store
  • sweating in the community and building relationships
  • traveling Michigan
  • spending time with family, friends, and owning MY life.

I cannot wait for 2013!

What are your goals for the New Year?

Brooksie Way Half Marathon Review

1 Oct

I did it! First half marathon completed in Michigan; add that to runs done in Pittsburgh, Raleigh, and Richmond! I’d really love to run a half marathon in all of the states..bucket list-style ;).

The Brooksie Way staff put on an amazing race expo at the OU Rec Center on Friday afternoon and all-day Saturday with tons of vendors. Everything from running gear to shoes to energy bites were available for purchase; some vendors were nice enough to give away freebies! I was all over them, don’t worry ;).

The race shirts were bright color which I LOVE! The 5k tees were orange while the half marathon tees were lime green. I feel like bright, vibrant tech tees are so appropriate for races-they scream “look what I’ve done!” Yes I’m an attention whore and am always looking to get noticed :-D.

Wish me luck!

So what did I wear?

Bright at Night pant. Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve shirt. Swiftly Arm Warmers. Nothin’ But Run jacket.

The pants were amazing! So tight but in a good way. As I was trying them on, I kept asking the educators how they were supposed to feel; they all said to think of the pants as a “second skin” (this helped me get past the fact that every knook and cranny my legs have could possibly show). Throughout the run, I never once felt that the pants were restraining my stride, thanks to the four-way stretch and LYCRA to keep their shape. As I got hotter, the wicking material helped keep the pants feeling dry without weighing them down. They hugged my hips so I never had to hike them up throughout (something I’m known to do) and the 2 deep side pockets came in handy; when I went to take off the jacket, I stuck my iPod in there and it never slid out! Even after the race, the pants dried quickly so I wasn’t standing there freezing. I highly recommend these pants to those who are doubtful that you could get over the tight pants phobia; they really are comfortable and flattering!

The swiftly t-shirt was lightweight but durable throughout the race. It allowed me to breathe without suffocating me. The only thing about the swiftly short sleeve t-shirt was that it kept riding up; whether it was too big or too small or it didn’t agree with my pants, it got real annoying! But that’s a minor detail; nothing about this t-shirt I would change! It’s nice to know that it’ll last throughout a half marathon, even with all of the glistening that may or may have not happened ;). This shirt I can definitely see myself wearing on a run, a basic tee, teaching group fitness classes, and even as an undershirt for a night out on the town-it’s THAT versatile!

The arm warmers. Ohhhh the arm warmers! I think this was my FAVE piece of the outfit! Skeptical at first, I though they’d just be a nuisance rather than a huge help. First things first-I’m ALWAYS cold; going outside at 7:30am when it’s 48 degrees outside usually calls for sweatpants, a long-sleeved shirt, a fleece, and a scarf.. just for reassurance. I was nervous about wearing a swiftly t-shirt and the arm warmers with a light-weight jacket on top; standing there waiting for the race to begin is the coldest part. I slid the arm warmers on and made sure they were above my biceps (something to hold on to); even if you don’t have little goose eggs as defined biceps, the silicone dots at the top of the sleeves kept them in place throughout the race, before, during, and after sweating. The mesh material provided the more-prone sweating areas a venting system and the thumb holes kept them down. Towards the end of the race, I ended up rolling the arm warmers down to my wrists and used them as my personal kleenex and sweat band! Talk about a functional piece of clothing :-P.

The nothin’ but run jacket was light weight, water-repellent, had venting systems throughout the entire jacket, reflective detailing, a long enough zipper that kept my neck warm with a “zipper garage” to keep my chin scratch-free, and stretchy wrist cuffs to keep the wind out. I also enjoyed that the jacket was long enough to cover my butt (it tends to get very cold) and form-fitting; it indented where my waist cinched in, which adds a feminine feel to it. This jacket is the perfect accessory to wear for a run, to and from the gym, or as a fashion jacket doing everyday activities. After the race, it dried quick enough that once I got cold- shocker -again, I was able to wear it sweat-free.

The best part about the race? I achieve a PERSONAL RECORD! Once I saw the 1:50 pace group, I knew I was able to beat my best time of 1:48. I kept up and sprinted to the finish, coming in at 1:47! The outfit must have helped 🙂 All in all, the Brooksie Way half marathon was a beautiful yet challenging course; there were 3 forever-long hills that just kept getting steeper and steeper. I love when races take you through all the different parts of a city; we went through Rochester park, downtown Rochester, and through various neighborhoods and back roads. It was definitely a tougher race with the continuous hills but so rewarding at the same time.

Rachelle and I before the race!

One last best part? Being surprised when you’re finished by someone special… 🙂

The Newest Nugget

29 Sep

Tomorrow’s the big day! My legs are eager to let loose at the Brooksie Way half marathon.

But before I pound the pavement, I have some exciting news to share! I posted yesterday that I was meeting with a social media guru for the company I work for (in addition to being a GA)..

I’m ecstatic to announce that I’m the newest member of lululemon athletica Somersets’ social media team! I couldn’t be happier and am thrilled to get the ball rolling on this project! I’ll be blogging about:

  • products (the newest to the not-so-newest),
  • what to where during “this” workout,
  • how this product felt during “this” workout,
  • workouts (in general),
  • ambassador classes, local yoga studios/gyms, running club reviews
  • recipes, and
  • fitness, healthy living, and fashion nuggets here and there 🙂

I’ll also be venturing out into the community and hopefully, in some way-shape-form, incorporating Oakland University into the mix! Expect a post weekly with deets of all things lululemon-this is exciting!

I’m heading into the store today to pick up an outfit for the half marathon tomorrow. If you know me, I’m not one to wear tight pants; loose, relaxed capri’s and pants, yes; leggings and spandex, absolutely not! It’s not a body image thing, rather, a claustrophobic thing. Something about skin-hugging pants and barely-breathable tops is just not comfortable for me to wear daily, let alone exercise and run 13.1 miles in. BUT..it’s time to get over this. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and will try: photos courtesy of the Lululemon website.

  • Wunder Under pant/crop
  • Run: Inspire crop II
  • Star Runner tight
  • Runnin’ with my Homies pant

A couple of things I’ll think about as I’m trying these on:

  1. do I feel like “Katie” in them?
  2. is my stride restricted?
  3. when I start to sweatglisten, will it change the feel of the pant?
  4. most importantly (ladies will agree), are they flattering, cute, and fashionable?!

There’s a 30% chance of rain in the morning and the temperature will be between 60-65 degrees. I’m one to dress warmer rather than dress for how I’ll feel actually running (you can always take off, not put on!); I’m leaning towards a pant, a short-sleeved shirt with arm warmers, and a vest. How does that sound?

A sneak peek:

Come back tomorrow evening to see what I chose to run the race in!

**Hey if you participate in ANY endurance race, keep track of them all with Athlinks!

“Athlinks is both the largest and most complete results database for endurance races on the planet, and a fully-featured social network built specifically for competitive endurance athletes.” (source)

2012 Fitness Expo Recap

8 Mar

A recap of a future fitness professionals dream weekend!

Last weekend, Team FITNasty traveled to Blacksburg, VA to attend the 2012 Southeast Collegiate Fitness Expo hosted by Virginia Tech! For those of you don’t know what a collegiate fitness expo entails, allow me to explain 🙂 :

The collegiate fitness expo provides students and professionals within fitness programs at universities an opportunity to network, gain more knowledge, and enhance what we already know and learn different techniques in order to apply them into our respective program areas. The expo also provides continuing education credits from master presenters at an extremely low-cost. Each year, the expo is hosted by a new university (NC State hosted in 2011, VT in 2012, and ODU in 2013) with a new mission, innovative sessions, and top-of-the-line master presenters.

This year, Gay Gasper was the master presenter; what an honor to be in the presence of such a renowned professional in our field! She had our hearts pounding and lactic acid flowing bright and early in her Hard-Core conditioning class first thing Saturday morning. Gay set the bar high for the rest of the weekend! Each session was an hour-long, lasting from 8:30am to 5:45pm. Post hard-core conditioning, I presented A Fitness Guide to Using Social Media and the turnout was great! I felt confident with my presentation and felt the message I wanted to convey was received (go to 2:20 for a miniclip of the presentation!)

Multiple sessions are offered each hour, so it’s impossible to attend all of them=huge bummer! If only there was a way to clone yourself for a day..Sessions that cater to personal trainers (3-dimensional checkpoints, client communication), group fitness instructors (ADD cycling, aqua power, bottoms up yoga) professional staff (assessment planning, aquatic excellence) and wellness (beautiful body beliefs) are offered.

During the lunch hour, demo teams perform. Check out FITNasty! The demo team is a way to showcase your teams talent by completing a routine that has at least 4 formats of fitness; kickboxing, yoga/Pilates, strength, cardio/dance, step are amongst the most popular.

After the sessions on Saturday, we attended the social where music, dancing, food, and friends gathered to top-off an already fun day!

Sunday was another early morning with BodyFlow as the master class; a rejuvinating way to stretch out from Saturday and prepare our bodies for another day of exercise!

After the final session, we packed up the vans and headed back to Raleigh. Things were going way to smoothly for this crowd when..

  • Pfffff (sound from the front vent)
  • Katie “What if a snake comes out of there?”
  • Ryan “That didn’t sound good.”
  • Alex “Guys, something’s wrong. I’m turning the steering wheel right but we’re going left.”
  • Ryan “Let’s just pull over”


Luckily we had Matt to the rescue!


Flat tire and all, we had a GREAT time at the fitness expo!

A Fitness Guide to Using Social Media

18 Jan

 Good Morning!

A Fitness Guide to Using Social Media