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Kettlebell Workout

26 Aug

Lunge Curl

Swing & Shot(circle your head)

Renegade Row

Overhead Touchdown w/Triceps Xtension

See-Saw (sorry-no picture! for lady-like reasons)})

1. lunge curl- left leg forward, right leg behind, kettlebell in right hand by side. perform a lunge, press through front heel to stand and curl kettlebell 90 degrees. continue for reps/switch sides to complete set.

2. swing & shot- perform a kettlebell swing for the 1st rep, on the 2nd rep, swing kettlebell in a circular pattern overhead (watch lower back-keep core tight, knees bent).  continue the swing, then the shot, switching directions each rep.

3. renegade rows– plank position (feet a little wider for more support) kettlebell under right hand. perform a row (bring bell beside right ribcage, shoulders stay even), lower. perform another row, this time rotating right shoulder towards ceiling, lower. continue row and rotation for reps/ switch sides to complete set.

4. overhead touchdown w/ triceps extensions– kettlebell in left hand above head, palm forward. keep bell overhead, kick left hip out to the side while bending knees slightly, touching right hand to the floor between legs. press through heels, hams, and glutes to return to start-perform a triceps extension (lower bell behind, keeping elbow pointing front). continue touching down and extensions for reps/ switch sides to complete set.

5. see-saw– hold kettlebell, upside down, in front of chest-elbows tucked in. sit on glutes, keep heels on ground or lift feet in the air (as shown). with control, roll back, lifting hips and legs into the air-pause-roll up to sitting (don’t let feet rest!). continue for reps.

*Remember proper form and safety cues!

The Not-a-Good-Workout-when-it’s-the-1st-Day-of-Class Treadmill Sesh

18 Aug

Gotta love the gym when it’s the first day of the semester. Every piece of cardio equipment is taken by girls, the weights section is swarmed by guys, and everyone’s really there to work up a good sweat. WRONG-O! Maybe I’m wrong, but I think 85% of the people at the gym should read my “How Hard Are You Working” post-just sayin’..

Anywho- today’s workout was a doozy! Although the weather was almost perfect in the A.M., it was too hot to run outside, so I opted for a treadmill workout instead. I love/hate the treadmill for 2 reasons:

  1.  love it because I can do any type of interval: the time, speed, and incline are all right in front of me at the touch of a button.
  2. hate it because it’s quite boring (except for the pink treadmills-they’re a lot more fun to run on :P)
Here’s how it went:
  • warm-up
  • 5 minutes @ 1.5% incline
  • 7 minutes @ 4% incline
  • walking lunges & lateral raises, anterior raises, overhead presses (3X)
  • 8 minutes @  2% incline
  • 4 minutes @ 8% incline
  • floating lat. pull downs (12/arm)
  • 6 minutes @ 2% incline
  • 4 minutes @ 6% incline
  • 3 minutes @ 10% incline
…and DUNZO! This was tough (I think I say that every post) and I finished this in roughly 45 minutes.