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BHAG’s in Detroit

17 May

TGIF! ūüôā

Today started with a brisk, 5.75 mile run around Oakland U’s campus! I absolutely LOVE using the MapMyRun website; it’s a useful tool for the direction-challenged runners. I change my settings to satellite so I have a clear picture of my running route. If you use the app, friend me!

I did something extremely bold and audacious yesterday..
Detroit marathon
Who am I!? I remember the Pittsburgh Marathon in 2010; it poured, my iPod broke, and there was a bomb threat at mile 26. What in the world is making me want to do it again?!


Why not? I don’t know where I’m going to be come April 2014 and I may never get the chance to run a race in Detroit again. Here goes nothing :). Any Michiganders want to train??

Have a great weekend!

Tips for Running in the Cold

23 Jan


I’m not sure what temperature it is where you are, but in Michigan, apparently this is the norm. It’s.So.Cold. Blistering. Face-numbing. Hurts-to-inhale. Just plain cold. I guess that’s what I get for going to school in the south for 4 years-I forget what a REAL winter feels like!

I give those of you who are die-hard runners and are out there all year round; the mere thought of wearing that many layers makes me hit the infamous treadmill! I’m all for running in the cold and snow, but in negative temperatures? I’ll sit this one out.

Complaining over.

As in many facets of life, there are always ways to “cheat the system”. Here are tips to dress for success out in this mess (of temperatures?).

  1. Warmth in-Slush out. Socks that are made with Merino Wool allows for superior temperature regulation and moisture management while insulating your feet. Shoes that have the least amount of mesh will keep the slushy snow out.
  2. Dress for success. Gear-up like it’s 20 degrees warmer; layers of technical, wicking fabrics, with zippers at the neck and underarm area to vent air as you heat up. You should be slightly cool when you start. Keep this chart as a rule of thumb (source)

30 degrees: 2 tops (long-sleeve base layer and a vest keep your core warm) and 1 bottom (tights or fleece-lined athletic pants) Brooksie way outfit
10 to 20 degrees: 2 tops (add a jacket) and 2 bottoms (add wind-resistant pants0 to 10 degrees: 3 tops (swap a fleece shirt and another jacket) and 2 bottoms (whatever works at this point!)
Minus 10 to 0 degrees: 3 tops, 2 bottoms, extra pair of mittens (base pair and a thicker, fleecy pair) and a neck warmer/scarf/face mask/arm sleevesStanding arm warmers pre race
Minus 20 degrees: your entire closet of workout gear 61854194853942928_SkN7fz85_b

  1. Stand out. Reflective, flourescent gear will ensure safety running in the mornings or early evenings. Even a headlamp or carrying a small flashlight will prevent snow trucks mistaking you for snow!
  2. Warm-up in the Warmth. Doing easy calisthenics (think-jumping jacks, high knees, running the stairs)¬†inside will help you transition to the temperature outside; the cold doesn’t feel AS cold when your body is warm.
  3. Release your Inner Model and Change Quickly. Your core body temperature drops as soon as you stop running; change your clothes as soon as you can. *Women-take off that sports bra and wrap your hair in a towel. Everyone chug drink something hot!

Stay warm ūüôā

The Newest Nugget

29 Sep

Tomorrow’s the big day! My legs are eager to let loose at the Brooksie Way half marathon.

But before I pound the pavement, I have some exciting news to share! I posted yesterday that I was meeting with a social media guru for the company I work for (in addition to being a GA)..

I’m ecstatic to announce that I’m the newest member of lululemon¬†athletica¬†Somersets’ social media team! I couldn’t be happier and am thrilled to get the ball rolling on this project! I’ll be blogging about:

  • products (the newest to the not-so-newest),
  • what to where during “this” workout,
  • how this product felt during “this” workout,
  • workouts (in general),
  • ambassador classes, local yoga studios/gyms, running club reviews
  • recipes, and
  • fitness, healthy living, and fashion nuggets here and there ūüôā

I’ll also be venturing out into the community and hopefully, in some way-shape-form, incorporating Oakland University into the mix! Expect a post weekly with deets of all things lululemon-this is exciting!

I’m heading into the store today to pick up an outfit for the half marathon tomorrow. If you know me, I’m not one to wear tight pants; loose, relaxed capri’s and pants, yes; leggings and spandex, absolutely not! It’s not¬†a body image thing, rather, a claustrophobic thing. Something about skin-hugging pants and barely-breathable tops is just not comfortable for me to wear daily, let alone exercise and run 13.1 miles in. BUT..it’s time to get over this. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and will try: photos courtesy of the Lululemon website.

  • Wunder Under pant/crop
  • Run: Inspire crop II
  • Star Runner tight
  • Runnin’ with my Homies pant

A couple of things I’ll think about as I’m trying these on:

  1. do I feel like “Katie” in them?
  2. is my stride restricted?
  3. when I start to sweatglisten, will it change the feel of the pant?
  4. most importantly (ladies will agree), are they flattering, cute, and fashionable?!

There’s a 30% chance of rain in the morning and the temperature will be between 60-65 degrees. I’m one to dress warmer rather than dress for how I’ll feel actually running (you can always take off, not put on!); I’m leaning towards a pant, a short-sleeved shirt with arm warmers, and a vest. How does that sound?

A sneak peek:

Come back tomorrow evening to see what I chose to run the race in!

**Hey if you participate in ANY endurance race, keep track of them all with Athlinks!

“Athlinks is both the largest and most complete results database for endurance races on the planet, and a fully-featured social network built specifically for competitive endurance athletes.” (source)

On the Pumpkin Bandwagon

28 Sep

Well good morning loves and happy Friday! It’s been a crazy week; lots of office work, teaching group fitness, classes, and preparing for Sunday’s Brooksie Way Half Marathon! I’ve heard wonderful things about the course so¬†I’m super excited that it’s my first half marathon in Michigan!

lucky bib # 579

Rachelle and I will be starting the race together but I’ve been informed- “DO NOT run with me!” Don’t you feel the love?!

I’m meeting one of the social media guru’s with the company I recently¬†started working with; fingers crossed that I’ll have some AMAZE BALLS news for you come tomorrow! It may involve wearing an outfit and writing a review about it right here..who knows!?

Last night I taught Abs, Glutes, and Thighs at the Rec center! The workout will be posted on Workout Wednesday-stay¬†tuned ūüôā I appreciate the social media department advertising my classes!

ESPECIALLY when one of the attendees (a fave one I may add) still thinks about me after the class with a shout out tweet  :).

love what I do!

Things I’ve been loving lately:

  • pumpkin.¬†first purchase was¬†Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice coffee. I like it but need a better way of drinking it..any suggestions? I like sweetness but don’t want to start on artificial sweeteners.
  • sparkling ice.¬†a naturally flavored mountain spring water that has zero calories. if you like pop¬†but want to wean yourself off of it, I highly recommend trying this! It’s fizzy and tingly going down but you won’t feel guilty about drinking one ortwoorthreeorfour a day. (Sparkling Ice did not ask me to review this product; I’m just obsessed; these are my own thoughts ūüôā ).
  • almond, peanut, & cashew butter. scrumptious. my friend, Sarah, introduced me to this last year and I just now decided to keep it as a staple..sometimes I question myself..OIAJ= 1/3c. oats, heaping spoonfuls of Greek yogurt, splashes of almond milk, chia seeds, banana all mixed into the almost-empty jar.

Is anyone else running in the Brooksie Way 5k or half marathon?

How do you drink your pumpkin spice coffee?

I am a Healthy Living Blogger.

8 Aug

Yep, that’s right..I am a healthy living blogger! I blog about all things fitness, health, wellness, and food related interspersed with my own quirky thoughts on everything from fashion, reality TV, sports, books, crossword puzzles, and normal life probz of a maturing 22-year old woman.

Where is this coming from? An afternoon yoga class with my mother and an instructor whose message had a direct path to my heart. Her words before we started our practice:

breathe. take a moment to listen to your body. set the tone for your practice. what do you wish to accomplish today? can you erase the negativity, the cannot’s, the I wish’s and focus on the positives, the I’ll tries and I can’s, and the gratefulness. it’s just you, the mat, and your strong, beautiful, and capable body. let’s go.

A couple of doctor’s appointments, a prescription, and a new workout routine seemed to help some symptoms I’ve been experiencing. There’s nothing wrong with me! Good news-not that I wanted there to be something wrong but at least I would know why I’ve been feeling so blah, time and time again-always looking for the easy way out I tell ya. My doctor did another blood test on me and everything is A-OK. We talked about everything I’ve been experiencing and she thinks it’s just stress. I agree 110%; stressing about my next move-¬†new friends, old friends, working, exercising, eating, sleeping- can cause a body to stop producing what seems like¬†EVERYTHING and over-tax all systems. I’m getting back on BC to regulate estrogen and progesterone¬†levels, taking Caltrate (a calcium supplement) to increase the calcium and vitamin D in my bones as well as drinking milk and eating calcium-rich foods, and starting my day with a hefty dose of Miralax. Simple enough and semi-all natural.

Revamping my exercise routine to listen to my body more. I’ve taken a break from lifting weights (Get Ripped DVDs and Body Pump since I’ve been home) and instead, adding¬†more body weight¬†exercises and classes¬†to keep me toned, strong, and my perception of the “ideal look” that suites me. Yoga, Pilates, cycling, running, and resting are my main gig’s currently. I’ve taken a break from weight training because, in my opinion AND for my liking, I was too muscular, especially in my upper body. PLEASE DO NOT GET ME WRONG! I think a toned, sleek, and sculpted body on a woman is sexy and attractive but for MY¬†body (my height, genes, type of body and shape), it was a little too much for me. Everyone has their own definition of fitness and this is mine. I’ll never erase weight training from my routines, but am taking a minor break from it; add in the fact that I’ve been doing Body Pump and Get Ripped for going on 6 years now. This also will give me new goal (to gain back the strength¬†I may lose)¬†to work towards when I decide to add it back in. Plus, my mom likes to do classes with me and she can’t handle¬†the impact of a weight training class, especially when it’s pre-choreographed and the instructor can’t or doesn’t know any better show you variations.

So back to that (one of many) life-changing¬†experiences;¬†it was like an “aha” moment for me. Key words: BREATHE,¬†LISTEN,¬†YOUR BODY, STRESS, NEGATIVITY, POSITIVE, TONE, GRATEFULNESS. All of these words are antonyms of PRESSURE. I’m putting too much pressure on my body. On top of the mere pressure of¬†existing, I’m adding EXTRA to

  1. exercise
  2. blog
  3. start graduate school
  4. maintain a social life
  5. meet new people
  6. fit everything in
  7. make everyone happy

But why? Why can’t I just take the classes to enjoy them anymore? Where, when, why, and how did this mind-set come from; I went from looking at fitness, health, nutrition as something I enjoy, is a passion of mine, and was,is,and will be my career to my becoming own personal drill-sergeant.¬† I use to pride (and thought I still prided) myself on my attitude towards exercise and balance. To be honest, I think the “healthy living blog” world is a major culprit. I read these blogs and so many bloggers¬†have ED’s, restrictive eating or the like (*NOTE-I am NOT judging, assuming, and/or prescribing ED’s; these are serious and life-threatening diseases and not a joke. My heart goes out to anyone who suffers and I pray for a recovery). I think it took a toll on my own views and opinions and how I need to act in order to be considered a “healthy living blogger”¬† and gain readership.

Blogs are a personal place where the author has the freedom to write and share about anything they choose to, and I get that and respect their opinions and views. But I want this blog to focus on the positives of fitness, health, wellness, and nutrition and be a place where readers can visit and take the information away with them without feeling like their doing something wrong, not doing enough, or getting caught in that awful comparison trap.

So that’s it. I am a Healthy Living Fitness Blogger who just wants to share my passion and knowledge of fitness, help as many people as I can reach their goals, be their “go-to” guru, and¬†just keep doing what I’m doing!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned! ūüôā

Endurance Run

21 Feb

Good Morning!

Today’s going to be a GREAT day! Packed schedule; workout, training, teaching, training, assessment, class, teaching, teaching, and finally home for a Thai-inspired dinner! When I know I’ll be running around likeachickenwithitsheadcutoff all day, I really like to begin the craziness with a sweat session; it puts me in a better mood, gives me more energy, and I’ve taken care of myself which is extremely important. I think people neglect to put themselves first when they have a busy schedule; I don’t feel it’s being selfish, rather, it’s self-investing in a healthier and happier state of mind :).

Another treadmill workout for the books! As much as I’d rather run outside, running on the treadmill is a great way to incorporate speed training into my routines, especially for some upcoming races! When¬†running outside, the¬†scenery, listening to music,¬†nature, and maintaining a consistent pace are precedent over speed and intensity; on the treadmill,¬†a steady¬†pace is way too boring so opting for intervals where the speed and/or incline¬†are¬†constantly¬†changing¬†makes the session fly by.

  • 0-5 mins. warm-up (6.0-6.5 mph)
  • 5-8 mins. 7.0 mph
  • 8-9 mins. 8.0 mph
  • 9-12 mins. 7.5 mph
  • 12-13 mins.¬† 8.5 mph
  • 13-16 mins. 7.2 mph
  • 16-17 mins. 8.8 mph
  • 17-20 mins. 7.6 mph
  • 20-23 mins. 7.8 mph
  • 23-24 mins. 8.8 mph
  • 24-27 mins. 7.5 mph
  • 27-30 mins. 7.2 mph
  • 30-31 mins. 8.0 mph
  • 31-34 mins. 7.6 mph
  • 34-35 mins. 8.2 mph
  • 35-40 mins. 7.0 mph

Only a couple more days left in February-where does time go?!


Starbucks has Magic

12 Feb

I don’t know what Starbucks does to me¬†but when I need to get work done, I simply drive myself to Starbucks, order a skinny caramel grande extra-extraextra hot, no foam and filled to the top latte, plug my computer in and get to workin’! 2 weeks left until Team FITNasty ventures to Virginia Tech for the 2012 Fitness Expo! I’ve put the finishing touches on my presentation¬†and I owe it all to Starbucks (I’m sure the extraextra shot of espresso had nothing to do with my success ;))

I slept in till 9am which is unheard for me; usually my internal alarm clock has me up and moving at my prime-time7:30am on the weekends (so nice of her :))! I enjoyed the extra sleep after the past 2 nights of out with friends 

  (buh-bye bangs)

and a Sweetheart Ball with Bobby!

A long-ish run was on the menu today; it’s chilly but the sun made up for it! Do you use to Nike Plus app? I’ve used it for at least 4 years and now matter how many times I recalibrate it, it’s never accurate! I’ve known this¬†but still continue to use it; it’s a great tool to keep track of my runs.

Thank goodness for my Garmin! 9.4405 miles in 1:17..not too shabby ;). Have a fabulous Sunday night watching the Grammy Awards!

City of Oaks Half Marathon

6 Nov

Hello all! Doesn’t it feel like it’s 3 o’clock rather than 1:30? I must say that extra hour of sleep last night helped me be¬†extra alert¬†to run the City of Oaks Half Marathon this morning! It took me 1:52:53 to run the 13.1 miles and I felt unstoppable! I’ve run this race every year since I was a freshman and have stayed in the same finishing time-frame. Why? I don’t run to compete, I run simply because I enjoy it :). It’s kind of my tradition to finish the race season with the Raleigh half marathon and the Richmond half marathon next weekend with my best friend Sarah! 2 half marathons in 6 days sounds like a pretty legit¬†way to go out with a bang!

Back ¬†to why I’ve completed the race in the same time frame for 4 years..because I only run when I want to run. I don’t follow a running plan, I don’t wear a water belt, I don’t carbo-load¬†and I don’t try to reach PR’s. Running for me is therapeutic; it’s a stress reliever, a form of cardio exercise, a way to see new scenery, a social gathering and a good excuse to persuade my parents to buy me new shoesies¬†:-P. I always approach races in the same way; find someone who’s I thinkfaster than¬†me and watch them (not in a creeper-sorta-way). If I pass them, I find someone else; it’s more of a game to me than a competition. That’s how I keep my pace consistent¬†throughout the miles.

I also play If I were President, I’d (fill in the blank here). My newest “law” would be to (sorry guys!) mandate men to wear longer shorts during races;¬†some of these shorts were teeny-tiny and not leave much to the imaginationrevealed too much. Short shorts are FINE as long as there are compression shorts underneathplease.

Another perk to running races is the community involvement and support. The half marathon took us around downtown Raleigh, through some residential areas, to the RBC Center/Carter-Finley Stadium and back. While running through the residential areas, lots of people who lived back there came out with signs and yelled at anyone who passed! It’s so awesome and motivating¬†to hear your name, followed by “You Can Do It!” from a very nice stranger :). It also helps to have Natalie,¬†one of the BEST BOSSES¬†in the world, ride her bike and find you amidst hundreds of people with the infamous “thumbs up” sign! After playing many games of Where’s WaldoNatalie, the race was already over.

Another very successful race in the books!

Rookie Running Q&A

22 Oct

Anticipating our trail race, my friend Jessica had some very good questions about what to wear, eat, and basically do prior to, during, and after the race.

Here are a list of questions and answers that I feel a rookie runner will appreciate!

  1. What should I eat the night before the race?¬†You’ve probably heard of pasta parties the race organization holds the night before-right? Right Katie..”carbo loading” the night before properly will store the needed glycogen (the body’s most accessible energy source) in your muscles and liver, preventing you from “hitting the wall” during the race.
  2. ¬†Okay..then what do I eat before the race? First, never try something new on race-day..this could cause GI distress and the lines are always waaay¬†long for The John… Eat a meal that can be quickly absorbed and digested; peanut butter toast with fruit is a perfect breakfast for an early morning race!
  3. Where’s the best¬†place to put my bib number? Place your bib number on the front side and only attach it to your top layer of clothing. This is important¬†for 2 reasons;1) if your chip timer is on the bottom of your bib, the person ripping it off at the finish line can do so easily, and 2) if you get hot easilyand glisten a lot, you can take off your top layer without disturbing your bib.
  4. We’re only on mile 2-it feels like we’ve been running forever! What do you think about? Don’t think of the total miles as a whole; take each mile as an accomplishment towards your goal! For instance, instead of saying “only 7 more miles”, think “3 miles down-bring on the 4th!” Think of different ways to take your mind off of running-play I-spy, sing songs, make fun of other runnersnotice how other runners are acting-it’s amazing how time will fly :).
  5. How do I grab the water without it spilling down my arm? Based on personal experienceTry this technique: hold the arm that you’re grabbing the cup with. Grab it. Let your arm holding the cup lag behind you slightly (instead of bringing it straight to your mouth=soaked arm and water up your nostril(s)). Bend your elbow and bring it to your¬† mouth. Success! Or you could just slow down..
  6. I see the finish line! How should I stop? As your approaching the finish line, look past where you’ll actually stop and slowly come to a walk. This will prevent blood pooling. HUH? As your running, your heart is pumping oxygen and nutrient-rich blood¬†to large muscle groups (lower body). Once the oxygen and nutrients are used up, the contracting muscles return the blood back to the heart to replenish. However, when you suddenly stop running, so does the force that returns the blood to the heart. Waste products like lactic acid then stay in the muscles, causing swelling and pain. Ease your pace to a slower jog, then to a walk.
  7. How will I know what place I came in? And can I really take all this free food? Based on your chip time and when you crossed both the start and finish lines, the race organization will post the results after all runners have finished a couple of days preceding the race. And yes..you really can¬†take as much food as you want! The sponsors of the race encourage you to try all of the bars, drinks and goos¬†in hopes that you’ll like it and actually buy it. Be greedy ūüôā


All runners have their own preferences prior to, during, and preceding the race. Practice makes perfect-the more you participate in races, the more you’ll find what best works for you. Ultimately, all runners have the¬†same goal- to finish and to finish strong!

Tobacco Trail 10 Miler

22 Oct

Today was a very productive day! My friend Jessica told me a while back that she wanted to train for a half-marathon in the Spring, so I recommended she get some practice and¬†sign-up for some races now (to get the feel for how these things go). When she told me she registered for the Tobacco Trail 10 Mile race, I was nervous that a trail race might be too much for a new runner, but I promised her that I’d be right there with her!

Turns¬†out, the Tobacco trail was a flat, out and back course that was a great first race for any runner! I guess when Jessica said “trail”, I was thinking more of like an obstacle-type race.

We finished (together!) in 1:35 minutes! Jessica pushed herself through the entire 10 miles and didn’t even walk once; it was a great experience for both of us; Jess’s first race accomplishment and me being her¬†motivator and¬†running beside hertalking her ear off..


Sign up with a friend for a race instead of going at it alone! It’s less intimidating when you know someone who’s going through the same experience as you are. Partner training/racing¬†can be motivating, supporting, and a¬†much-deserved social hour at Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte following the race ūüôā