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Updog Yoga, Rochester

5 Nov

This is my first Sunday-scratch that-first WEEKEND day off of ANY work! I’ve either been:

I love being busy and am happy I’m involving myself in so many things but it’s nice to have a “me” day #greedy

So what does a girl do on her “me” day?


One of the MANY perks about being an educator at lululemon is getting out into the community and taking all different forms of fitness classes; yoga, CrossFit-you name it, I’m eventually going to take it! Even living in a smaller-ish city (Rochester), there are actually a lot of studios to practice yoga, either in the heart of the city or surrounding communities. All it takes is a little look-seeing while you’re driving through from place to place (pref not done at the same time). That’s how I found Updog Yoga!

Right off of University Dr., it’s tucked behind the old library building on the second floor (if you blink, you’ll probably pass it!). When you walk in, you’re greeted with a lovely breakfast spread, fully stocked with fresh fruits, dip, and coffee. FREE COFFEE.

After I signed in, the woman at the desk informed me that the first week was FREE! Yoga classes-mind/body classes in general-are very pricey; I’ll definitely be taking advantage of 7 classes at no cost!

The class was a 90-minute Vinyasa yoga practice taught by Natalie (who knows some of the yogi’s who teach at Oakland!). We started with a series that was pretty challenging; doing one-legged push-ups in a warm-up is a sign that this class has one) regulars, two) an advanced instructor, and three) they both mean business. We did a total of 3 sequences, all about the same level of difficulty in their respective ways. The pose of today’s class was half-moon (photo to come) and it was featured in every sequence.

One thing that really stuck out to me was, once the instructor took us through the sequence on both sides, she turned up the music and let us go. I appreciated it because it let me and the other yogi’s flow at our own place and practice the poses that we wanted to master (I’m working on kicking up to a head stand while another was perfecting her full-moon pose). But it got me thinking, what if you had a terrible memory? Would you say something to the instructor or just act like you know what you’re doing by following someone else? This isn’t the first practice I’ve been to that it was set-up like this, so it must be common..just got those wheels turning upstairs :).

One more thing that really stuck out to me was while we were going through our flow, the instructor came around and massaged lotion onto our necks. I wasn’t expecting it but I actually liked it after-the-fact! I can’t put a name to the smell but it had the effects of “Vicks” and opened up all the passages in my chest, neck, and face-so rejuvenating!

The rest of the day was spent doing tons of homework, laundry, making brownies, watching the Steelers vs. Giants game, and waiting for a certain someone to get off work..

so he can help with these

Pilates Pittsburgh & A Giveaway!

17 Sep

Here We Go Steelers Here We Go!!

Flashback picture from my bang days!

The season is FINALLY here and I cannot wait to watch the entire season :). As for the NHL..

Before I left for Michigan in early August, I attended an event that I just had to go to with a couple of lovely Burgh bloggers! Claire, Nikki, Melissa, Angela, Gabby, Alex, and I had to opportunity to take a free Pilates class at Verve 360 Pilates Pittsburgh.

The studio is one-part full-service salon and one-part Pilates studio; the Pilates class took place on the third floor with a lovely and informational instructor to teach us correct form and lead us through an hour-long beginners Pilates class!

Having taken various levels of Pilates classes before and even teach it, it’s always informative to take a class and review the exercises to ensure that I’m one, doing it correctly myself, and two, taking notes from another instructor on how she cues the exercises, formats the class, etc. I’m always trying to learn more! All of us thoroughly enjoyed the workout and want to go back to Verve 360 for another class (Burgh’ Blogger Bash #2 ladies??)

Have I made you jealous yet?

If so, it’s your day! Verve 360 is graciously offering one reader a Pilates equipment pack valued at $40! To win, simply leave a comment on this post; the winner will be announced Monday, September 24..good luck!