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Day 8

23 May

I. Am. So. Sore.

DOMS decided to pay my body a visit overnight! I woke up around 2am and as I stood up, I had some choice words every step I took. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger :). Mhm..

Breakfast was the usual; scrambled cheesy eggs, salsa, mini pitatoasted bagel, and a banana. Sometime I find I get in a routine with breakfast foods and eat them everyday; I need to explore more! My staples include:

My goal for next week: try one new breakfast recipe that doesn’t focus on oats and eggs as the main ingredient!

I had to stop at registration and records before coming to work to send my final transcript to Oakland University!

On today’s agenda:

  • work on special project-it actually isn’t a project, rather a seminar on exercise and stress. If you have any tips, please share!
  • attend Back to Core & Stretch and Step I.T. (reviews below)
  • eat lunch. Today’s the start of really increasing my food intake! Sandwich, cottage cheese, and a mixed cup of cantaloupe/melon (may not sound like a lot, but my sandwiches look like they’re on steroids) 
  • work on seminar

My supervisor has been in training for something along the lines of how to maximize your energy in a personal and corporate setting. Intrigued, I’ve asked if I could see the materials and resources the training has provided her with. I’m interested to read what experts have to say about this topic! I’ll be sure to share :).

Back to Core & Stretch:

  • 30 minutes of “core” work. 15 minutes of stretching.
  • we used the BOSU for alternating knee crunches (1 leg stays on the ground, 1 leg pulls into your chest while you crunch)
  • super(wo)mans, bird/dogs, and planks to target the entire core, especially lower back. I liked that the instructor made sure to explain why it’s so important to strengthen the muscles in your lower back. We’re in a corporate setting, so mostly everyone sits at a desk all day (posture), hunched over a keyboard (tight hip flexors, weak lower back, shoulders rounded forward), and looking at a computer screen (head protrudes forward).
  • All in all, nothing very new, just a different format. I thoroughly enjoyed the stretch part!

Step I.T.:

  • interval training between step aerobics and weights. I didn’t put the name together so I had no idea what I.T. meant (blonde moment 😉 ) I’ve taken Step and Sculpt before where the first half of the class is step and the second is weights, but never thought of 3-5 minutes on the step and 3-5 minutes of weights! Lots of fun but the fatigue sneaks up on you!
  • with step, it always seems like we do so much more with our right foot than our left foot. I know that, as an instructor, sometimes we lose track of how many we’re doing and that’s okay (I’m being the over-achieving participant). I’m probably more OCD, okay the most OCD person, than most people when it comes to balancing the right and left sides (front/back, upper/lower) of the body, so I naturally alternate feet when stepping..yep, I’m that girl.
  • we did aerobicstrength exercises (definitely not a phrase but I just made it one! Have I mentioned my exercisebrary?). I.E. grapevines and biceps curls, step touches and upright rows, forward knees with an overhead press. I liked that we were still moving aerobically (low intensity) while completing strength exercises.

I enjoyed both class and applaud the instructor for teaching back to back! All of the other instructors we in training and she was the remaining one. High-five!

I’m hoping everyone is appreciating the posts on my internship experience as well as personal experiences here and there. I’m really loving the positive feedback, support, and suggestions you’re bringing to the blog! Thank you all and please continue reading! 😛