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Killer Treadmill Interval Sesh for Newbies!

14 Dec

Just because you might be new to HIIT or exercising in general doesn’t mean you have to be limited to any activity! There are ways to progress (make harder) and regress (make easier) all exercises and workouts. This regression of the Killer Treadmill Interval Sesh is just for you! Most importantly, always get clearance from a physician before starting ANY exercise program. I am not YOUR personal trainer, but I am an ACE certified personal trainer.

I’ve cut the workout in half, but by all means, if you can complete all 40 minutes-go for it!

Time Speed Incline
1-5 minutes Warm-up 0%
5-6 minute Medium pace power walk 1%
6-7 minutes Slower pace power walk 2%
7-8 minutes Medium pace power walk 3%
8-9 minutes Slower pace power walk 4%
9-10 minutes Medium pace power walk 5%
10-11 minutes Slower pace power walk 5%
11-12 minutes Medium pace power walk 5%
12-13 minutes Slower pace power walk 5%
13-16 minutes Medium pace power walk 0%
16-17 minutes Steep hill power walk 6-8%
17-18 minutes *Right-angled walk 6-8%
18-19 minutes *Left-angels walk 6-8%
19-20 minutes Steep hill power walk 0%

Cool down at an easy-pace walk with 0% incline.


Angled walks means position your upper body to the right so you have to bring your left leg over your right leg. Position your upper body to the left so you have to bring your right leg over your left leg. This movement works your inner (ADductors) and outer (ABductors) thighs a little more than walking straight. When you can completely turn to the side and “shuffle” (side-step), this move will really target those areas!

How do you make exercise progressions/regressions to your workouts?

The Not-a-Good-Workout-when-it’s-the-1st-Day-of-Class Treadmill Sesh

18 Aug

Gotta love the gym when it’s the first day of the semester. Every piece of cardio equipment is taken by girls, the weights section is swarmed by guys, and everyone’s really there to work up a good sweat. WRONG-O! Maybe I’m wrong, but I think 85% of the people at the gym should read my “How Hard Are You Working” post-just sayin’..

Anywho- today’s workout was a doozy! Although the weather was almost perfect in the A.M., it was too hot to run outside, so I opted for a treadmill workout instead. I love/hate the treadmill for 2 reasons:

  1.  love it because I can do any type of interval: the time, speed, and incline are all right in front of me at the touch of a button.
  2. hate it because it’s quite boring (except for the pink treadmills-they’re a lot more fun to run on :P)
Here’s how it went:
  • warm-up
  • 5 minutes @ 1.5% incline
  • 7 minutes @ 4% incline
  • walking lunges & lateral raises, anterior raises, overhead presses (3X)
  • 8 minutes @  2% incline
  • 4 minutes @ 8% incline
  • floating lat. pull downs (12/arm)
  • 6 minutes @ 2% incline
  • 4 minutes @ 6% incline
  • 3 minutes @ 10% incline
…and DUNZO! This was tough (I think I say that every post) and I finished this in roughly 45 minutes.