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On the 7th day of Christmas..

19 Dec
On the 7th day of Christmas K.E.P.T. You Fit gave to me..
7 Plie Squats and Biceps Curls
6 sets of 15 seconds of Jumping Jacks
5 Walking Lunges w/ Shoulder Press (both legs=1 rep!)
3 sets of 10 Bent Over Rows
2 sets of Push-ups, 30 seconds each
1 set of 60 seconds of Squats.

Weights/Cardio Intervals

15 Dec

Heading to the gym at 5:50am means you must be prepared! If I have a busy day and know I’ll be tired when I finish my to-do list, I get my workout in first thing in the morning. Some benefits of exercising in the a.m. include increased energy and a positive attitude, a higher metabolism throughout the day and more cravings of healthier foods, and most importabtly..IT’S DONE!  One less thing you have to think about. And..call me crazy but I SWEAR workouts in the morning go by 10X faster than later in the day. Anyone else agree?

I like going in the morning because I don’t have a parking pass on campus and they start ticketing at 7am which means I have 1 hour to get through my workout. This pushes me to decrease rest breaks, increase the intensity in a short amount of time and prevents lollygagging!

This interval workout utilizes weight training and cardio to really kick yo’ butt! As always, proper form and safety cues!

  1. 2(15x) Squats
  2. 1 min. Jumping Jacks
  3. 2(15x) Chest Press
  4. 2(30 second) High Knees
  5. 2(15x) Dead Lift and Upright Row
  6. 20 Burpees (extremely challenging! Do as many as you can with good form; I did the no push-up version)
  7. 2(15x) Triceps Kickbacks (1 at a time, or both)
  8. 2(30 second) Lateral Bench Hop-overs (these are so fun! Start with jumping over an imaginary bench, progress into a low bench, then progress into a higher bench)
  9. 2(15x) Biceps Curls (balance on 1 leg)
  10. 20 Burpees (as many as you safely can)
  11. 3(12x) Lunge Jumps
  12. 2(15x) Seated Overhead Press
  13. 2(15x) Stability Ball Hamstring Curls
  14. 1(1 minute) Stability Ball Planks (I moved my arms slightly forward and back to challenge my stabilizers in my spine more)

And you’re done with exercise for the day! You should feel euphoric when leaving the gym. A mantra I like to repeat during morning workouts is..

“You’ll never regret this workout”