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(Finally) Day 44!

20 Jul


9 hour days, 5 days a week, 40 hour weeks,  10 weeks, totaling 400 hours worth of corporate fitness is complete! I finished up all my hours yesterday afternoon but had to come in today to organize some things for when I turn in my internship portfolio later this morning.

It’s bitter-sweet; no more 40 traffic when the threat of a mistingrain arises (sweet), staff and training meetings are a thing of the past (bitter), seeing the people I formed relationships with (very bitter), long days of shadowing office hours and fitness classes (sweet),  being on a schedule (bitter), impacting participants lives in a positive way through instructing and training (extremely bitter), and most importantly, leaving Raleigh (need I say how bitter?).

I’ve called Raleigh my second home for the last 4 years and it’s hard to grasp leaving and not returning in a couple of days or weeks. BUT. When one door closes, another one will open and I’m ecstatic to go home and be able to relax with my family for a little before I head up to Oakland Michigan to start another chapter in my life book!

I met some lovely ladies for sushi last night  and to say good-byesee you later. (It was BOGO so when in Rome right?) We went to town and were shocked when the waitress brought a sushi boat to our table for 3 women (4 when our 4th showed up). A SUSHI BOAT. Granted, it was the size of a pontoon boat and not the Titanic, but still.. *A side note-we ate ALL of the above, and more..4 more rolls. 😉

My parents left Pittsburgh at 4am this morning so their ETA is ~11:30am and they brought a guest with them. This little guy is making his first appearance in Raleigh! The plan is to pack up all my junk, head to Jasmin’s for lunch, then make the 1-way trip back to Pittsburgh.


Day 36

10 Jul

Today is the day..

My last final hoo-rah of my internship-the special project.

It’s been a long time coming, and I can’t believe it’s all over! I presented on Exercise and Stress: How exercise can help alleviate stress in the workplace. I’ve linked the presentation to this post; if you view it, I ask that if for some oddreason you present on the same topic and use this material, you link back to my original presentation!


At the time I was beginning the internship, I had just graduated from college, I was still unsure about graduate school, I started a new experience with people I didn’t know one day after graduation; I couldn’t “work”, I was adjusting to a new schedule, and worst of all- friends were beginning to leave. Stressed? You bet. But I’m not the only person going through stressful times and it won’t be the last time either. The employees at my internship are stressed in a different way, daily, and use exercise as a means of de-stressing.

Everyone is stressed. But it’s those who take their stress and learn how to de-stress that come out on top. If it’s through group fitness classes, personal training sessions, rec. leagues, shooting pool, swimming laps, playing cards-whatever the activity may be, it’s an hour where they don’t have to think.

I don’t know, yet,  if I’ve learned how to deal with my stress, but I’m working on it!

Teaching Body Sculpt & Balance tonight-review tomorrow!

Day 21

12 Jun

Thank you Pinterest for your words of wisdom :). An early morning workout was the first to-do on my agenda today; I trained at 8am, so I wanted to push myself and get the weights workout done in an hour-check!

Quick overnight oats with cookie butter for breakfast before I trained; it’s the most portable breakfast I know!  I stole borrowed these tin cans from my parents that, I believe, are used for camping; they come in 5 different sizes with lids which make transporting breakfast, lunch, or dinner so easy. There’s really no excuse to not make your own meals!

I can’t believe it’s already half-way through my internship! My supervisor from NC State had his on-site visit this morning; where does the time go? I gave him a tour of the facility (kinda cool I was able to and knowledgeable enough to lead the tour!) then sat down and discussed everything from I’ve been doing and where I’m going next. I felt extremely blessed and grateful to have this internship and being able to have the freedom to pop into a workout class or shadow a trainer or work at my desk all day long. After hearing some of the other students’ internship experiences, I really have it good; I don’t get assigned biatch busy work (thank you!), I have a schedule but not a schedule at the same time, and I’m getting my toes wet in all areas of fitness; it’s so laid-back yet organized and professional and I enjoy working in this type of environment!

We talked about being a rounded individual and how students these days are so focused on one area that they’re actually limiting their chances of ever working in that specific area because they’re not getting other experiences in a variety of fields. It made me re-realize that, yes I love group fitness and personal training, but I both need and want to get a taste of wellness profiles, rehabilitation and injury, facilities, sports clubs, and on-site services that will make me a more qualified individual.

I swear I ate the last of the mayo-less chicken salad! Peanut butter-filled pretzels with a banana to go with. Strength training for runners and a staff meeting capped off the afternoon. I was supposed to meet with one of the Step instructors to go over Stepping for Dummies (kidding) but couldn’t find her; I guess I’ll have to resort to the high-quality Blu-Ray VHS video to teach me how to instruct Step aerobics!

 Black cherry Greek yogurt with slivered, toasted almonds as an afternoon snack :-P.

Can’t wait for this view tomorrow afternoon..

Day 6

21 May

The week starts off much better when the sun decides to shine-not in today’s case! Oh well, nothing like a hot cup of coffee to take its job ;). This morning began much earlier than usual; I had a doctor’s appointment at 8:20am to have my thyroid levels checked and am anxiously awaiting the results. Little did I know blood had to be drawn for the test (how else would they test Katie!), but I didn’t mind. I’m one of those freaks that likes to watch the needle be inserted; I can handle pain when I see something happening-just another one of my weird quirks!

Before the appointment, I ate 2 scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa, a buttered bagel thin, and an apple. Eating at 7:30am compared to 8:30am was a lot different; I almost wasn’t hungry! And when 10am rolled around, I felt like I hadn’t  eaten in hours. Do you ever notice when you eat at a different time than normal it almost throws your whole day off? I try to stick to a somewhat regular schedule so my body knows when food is coming but don’t over-obsess about it.

It’s a busy couple of days for the professionals at my internship; a majority of them are in training until Wednesday so I won’t be seeing them often. That means I get to work on my special project AND take classes! Hopefully I can make it to a variety of classes; my goal is to try one of the aqua formats by the end of the week. If you know me, I’m not too keen on getting my hair wet, especially in chlorine! I’m a natural blonde and my hair decides to turn blueish/green; Smirf-like? Yes. Attractive? No. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll give in and purchase a sexy swim cap ;).

Here’s a list of classes I plan on attending; a final version and review of each class will be posted on Friday:

  • Monday- Cycle
  • Tuesday- Interval Training
  • Wednesday- Back to Core & Stretch, Step I.T.
  • Thursday- Pilates
  • Friday- Body Sculpt

Have a great start to the week!

Day 2

16 May

Seeing the sunrise on a Tuesday morning is a great way to start the day! So is taking Body Sculpt and Stretch at 6:30am :). Today is going to be a busy day so I thought a morning workout would give me the energy I needed to get through.

Beginning with a functional warm-up, the workout started with walking lunges, lat. pulls downs using a flat resistance band, and 2 sets of 10 push-ups. Big muscle groups + littler muscles assisting=big calorie burn and fatigue! I’ve never used flat resistance bands before and I actually liked them a lot better than the round ones with the handles; they didn’t rub against my body and were much easier to increase or decrease the tension to make the exercises harder. I find that the tubing with handles can get uncomfortable when you hold the rubber part if you wanted to increase the tension on the band without switching bands entirely. Squats, lateral raises, and an overhead press/lateral raise combo were next. This exercise was different; while one arm pressed the weight overhead, the opposite arm pressed the weight to the side. It not only worked your muscles physically, but cognitively made you think about what each arm was doing- a “two-fer“! We then tied the flat resistance band around our ankles and completed side steps to work our abductors..ouchie! Plie squats, biceps curls, triceps kickbacks using the band, triceps push-ups, planks, low back, and obliques rounded out the workout.

I felt accomplished leaving! Nothing too fancy but a nice change from my usual strength workouts; the key to continue seeing results is to change-up your routine. Even if it’s the same exercises, changing the tempo, order, weight, and/or time between sets leads to muscle confusion and eventually seeing results! I believe that’s why a lot of people stop exercising and/or get bored with their workouts; they don’t change-up their routine enough and plateau. Change is good!

The rest of the day was spent meeting with more employees, observing a wellness profile, staff meeting, and setting up for a big event that’s taking place Wednesday- Employee Health and Fitness Day! Lots of activities including a 5k race around campus, a putt-putt challenge, fitness classes with twists, and prizes for all!

Remember my saying “I thought a morning workout would give me the energy I needed to get through”? Wrong-o. My energy was lagging. Whether it was from a hectic day 1 or getting up at 5:30am, it was non-existent and I struggled to enjoy the activities of today. I haven’t posted yet, but I met with a nutritionist last week to go over my diet; I plan to write an entire post about what I’ve been going through and how I’m revamping my lifestyle.

See you tomorrow!

Day 1

16 May

Hello! I hope everyone had as wonderful of a weekend as I did!

I started my internship the Monday after graduation; it’s 10 weeks long, so the quicker I can finish it, the sooner I’ll be able to go home for a little! Not that I’m rushing through the experience and will enjoy it thoroughly, just tough to go straight from a full semester to 8 hour days and 40 hour weeks.

I got ready for work (which is what I’ll be calling it from here on out :-P), ate breakfast, packed my new Lululemon gym bag  and was on my way! I felt so grown-up driving to work during rush-hour in the morning with my coffee in hand dork. When I arrived, I was given another tour of the facility and keys to my office; I have my own desk with a computer AND telephone- SO professional! The day went by extremely fast as I believe anybody’s first day on the job would; lots of running around, meeting all of the employees and getting to know “who’s-who”. I chatted with my supervisor, going over policies and special projects that I’ll be completing during my 10 weeks; I even received a photo I.D.!

I didn’t pack lunch like I normally would simply because I didn’t have a chance to go to the grocery store and I knew there would be places nearby I could quickly grab a bite to eat. The campus has (I believe) 3 cafe’s located in walking distance from the gym! All have at least 1 entrée, a full salad bar, made-to-order sandwiches, paninis, and wraps stations, daily soups, and a dessert/frozen yogurt bar. The best part isn’t even the variety of foods to choose from, it’s how cheap it is! I bought a sandwich, apple, and Greek yogurt for ~$3! I’ll still be packing my lunch most days, but it’s nice to know that I can buy a cheap but healthy meal too.

I decided to observe/participate in the lunchtime Cardio Kickboxing class in place of eating my gourmet, cheap meal. I love taking kickboxing classes; depending on my mood, I can kick my butt or keep it low impact without sacrificing a good workout. Combos featuring both punches and kicks were incorporated throughout the class, and the instructor gave variations to make it more or less challenging-like the different options! The class was 45 minutes, which was perfect for a mid-day sweat-sesh. Part of my responsibilities as an intern is to observe and participate in the classes to get a feel for how different instructors teach their respective formats. Coming from a college background, I’ve been spoiled by the participants I used to teach; they could jump, squat, and throw with the best of them without getting fatigued. I want to teach a different population in a new environment while still giving them a great, functional workout. The more experience I can get with a variety of clients, the more I can become an adaptable instructor/trainer!

Before I knew it, 6:30pm was here and I was on my way home! The evening finished off at the Carolina Ale House for dinner and to watch the Eastern Conference semi-finals between the NY Rangers and NJ Devils.

Can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for me!