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Under 30 Minute Circuit

12 Sep

Happy Workout Wednesday!

Starting this week, I’m partnering up with another Oakland U’s Campus Recreation blogger to bring you something fitness/health/wellness related! It may be a workout, a fit-tip, a recipe, or a new trend in fitness that could potentially benefit you.

Today’s post comes in circuit workout fashion; I just love circuits. They’re so quick and you’re never doing an exercise for a long period of time- GREAT if you have a little ADD and/or are short on time.

A circuit workout usually combines both strength training and cardiovascular exercise, back to back, with little or no rest in between. When beginning a circuit-style workout, you may find that your rest breaks need to be longer than your working intervals; it takes your body (every body is different!) time to acclimatize to an up-down-up-down level of intensity compared to steady state. As you continue to practice circuit training, you’ll find that you can slash your rest breaks in half (or even have none!) and increase your working intervals…how’s that sound?

Here are some more benefits of circuit-style workouts:

  • efficient. you can get a total body workout in minutes compared to what you’d get if you did steady state cardio
  • burn more fat. even after the workout is over, you’re still burning thanks to the intensity of the workout
  • healthier heart. most people don’t work in their anaerobic zone (think: breathless, rosy-cheeks, real attractive) long enough to reap the benefits. you’ll find the more you do circuit/HIIT workouts, the easier other workouts will feel
  • no equipment needed!

Under 30 Minute Circuit

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds. Either jump right into the next exercise or rest for 30-90 seconds. Repeat each block 3X through:

  • jumping jacks
  • squat jumps
  • mountain climbers
  • butt kicks
  • high knees
  • plank jacks
  • speed skaters
  • push-ups
  • burpees
  • football run
  • walking lunges
  • wall sits

And..guess what? All of these exercises CAN be done in a dorm room! No excuse! Speaking of a dorm room workout, next post will be on the 8 bodyweight exercises suitable for a small-ish dorm room/living space with a sample workout..stay tuned :).

The RA “Workout of Death”

22 Aug

So this morning, I taught a total body high intensity class to the RA’s that moved on campus this past weekend. And, fellow group ex instructors can agree with me on this, when you don’t teach for a while, you have this bottled-up energy inside of you that just needs to be released..no?

Let’s just say that I got my fix!

As one of the RA’s put it, “this isn’t the workout of the day..it’s the workout of my death.” Well thank you so much for the compliment!

->60 seconds, 45 seconds, 30 seconds, 15 seconds.

  • jumping jacks
  • squats
  • frankenstein walks
  • plie squats
  • star jumps
  • walking lunges
  • push-ups
  • crunches
  • bicycles

I was expecting tons of participants; looking at the registration sheet, there were over 125 RA’s already on campus! But, only 4 showed up (womp womp). With the smaller crowd, however, I was really able to focus on their form and make sure everything was executed correctly. With larger groups, that can definitely become an issue as there is only 1 of you and 50+ of them.

A trick I used to perfect their squat form: I grabbed a chair that was in the corner of the studio and, while they were performing squats, went behind each participant and made them “sit” in the chair. Working within the participants’ range of motion (some couldn’t go down to 90 degrees), the chair provided a reference point to reminded them to put weight in their heals, sit their hips back before they squat, and push through their heels to stand, keep their chest up and shoulders back, and core engagement.

It turned out to be a great, fun, and functional class! If this is any indication of how the group fitness participants are Oakland U, it’s going to be a FANTASTIC 2 years! 😀