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Nike LunarGlide+ 3

26 Dec

I recently purchased a new pair of running shoes and finally broke them in this morning! As a runner, I know that in order to prevent injuries, I should have new shoes every ~300 miles or so. Overtime, running shoes lose shock absorption, cushioning and stability as well as their look (important!)  I’m a big supporter in Nike shoes; I like the way they fit my feet, are light-weight and allow my feet to breathe.

I’ve run in Vomeros, Air Max+, Air Max Tailwind and now LunarGlide+ 3.

Compared to other running shoes, this shoe is solely for roads, not trails. Once I slipped my feet into them, I immediately felt how snug my feet felt and the support my ankles had thanks to the floating-heel support clip (keeping the back of my foot from pronating in/outward). I jumped up and down a few times and noticed the extra cushioning these had compared to my other shoes; great for runners like me who benefit from a little extra cushion for the pushin’ ;). The flexibility these shoes have is helpful when I “tip-toe” over rain puddles, my stride returns to normal without any awkwardness. My feet didn’t feel sweatyhot post-run due to the mesh “bootie” inside the shoe. Actually, my feet felt very airy throughout the entire run!

Usually when I’m breaking in a new pair of shoes I’ll do a mini run, but I felt so good in the Lunarglide+ 3’s that I ran 11 miles! No shin splints and no runner’s knee pain makes Katie a happy runner :D. If only these shoes came equipped with a software to watch where I’m stepping; when I got into my newly cleaned, waxed, vacuumed and freshly scented car, an odor quickly perfumed the entire inside. Praying my dad wasn’t playing a sick joke on me, I looked down and low-and-behold I stepped in dog poo. Wonderful.

Minus the new stench of one of my shoes (they are airing out as we speak!), the LunarGlide+ 3’s are a great running shoe with support, breathability and cushioning every leisure and/or competitive runner is looking for..A+!