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Extremely Ripped DVD Review

20 Dec

“Can we do 1 more? Yeah, let’s do 1 more” says Jari Love.

“Oh no..” moans Mom as she’s sprawled out on the yoga mat during our workout session (moms say the darndest things 🙂 ).

If you’ve read the “About Me” section of my blog, you already know that I began exercising doing various DVDs downstairs in my family’s home gym. My mother and I would carve out 1 hour each day to devote to a favorite(?) DVD and sweat it out together! I owe a lot of my in-the-beginning-successes to Jari Love, a renowned Canadian fitness professional and creator of the Get Ripped series. These DVDs are no joke! They challenge your body in many ways than just physically; physiologically by a more efficient way of using oxygen and increasing energy, mentally pushing you through each set and emotionally encouraging you to finish strong.

This series of reviews will breakdown not only your muscle fibers but also each Get Ripped DVD. To start, Extremely Ripped:

As my mom and I like to call it..a “two-fer”; a two-for-one DVD offering two-30 minute total body workouts and a six-minute abs segment that challenges your cardiovascular fitness as well as muscular endurance. Each “chapter” has a 30-seconds remaining timer to encourage you the end is near-me likey. Starting with a brief five-minute warm-up, Jari encourages using light weight to prep your muscles before the actual workout. Squats, reverse lunges and hammer curls, biceps curls, lateral raises, overhead presses and upright rows. Yes all these exercises target the muscles we’ll use in the DVD, but I feel your lower body is neglected a bit; my opinion, but my lower body is always more stiff when I start to exercise so I like to do more compound movements!

The first 30-minute workout starts with reverse lunges on a step (optional) with rows-great exercise to target large muscle groups and get your heart rate up right off the bat! In between sides, you’ll do dead lifts atop the step. Second, pulse squats and biceps curls-use lighter weight here; if you have knee issues, regular squats are a variation. Third, plie pulses and around-the-world shoulder raises (front-side-front)-use lighter weight, especially if your lower back is weaker; overhead presses with a step-knee in between sets. Fourth (least fave because it’s hard!), triceps kickbacks and glute extensions-this exercise seriously gets your heart rate sky-high and thighs a-burnin’! In between sides, you complete side squats with a front raise. Fifth, knee pulses (balance) and reverse lunges atop the step; side squats and lateral raises in between sides-no additional weight is necessary here, especially if your balance is off; work up to using light dumbbells.

The second 30-minute workout starts with clean and presses with traveling lunges and biceps curls in between sets-heavier weights for the clean and presses, but have a lighter set nearby for the lunges and curls. Second, traveling side squats on the step (optional) and an overhead press/knee lift exercise-medium weights works just enough to get your delts trembling! Third, bent-over row combos; you’ll play with your hand position to really target your back muscles with lots of repetitions; narrow squats in between sets. Fourth, reverse flies and a leg abduction-tons of repetitions here so use light weight; if your lower back starts to ache, it’s from the bent-over position with the abductions so either stand up and rest or omit the abductions! Fifth, push-ups and planks need I say more?.

The six-minute abs segment consists of crunches, triceps push-ups, planks, bicycles, single-leg bridges and crossed-leg oblique twists. I’ve done better abs exercises in her other videos, but this is short enough to top-off a tough total body workout!

The verdict? A+! This DVD caters to all; advanced exercisers looking for an hour long-total body session, newbie’s trying out an interval-type workout for the first time or someone looking for a quick but intense workout in between a busy schedule. Extremely Ripped has five other exercisers in the background doing different variations of the exercises, which is why it caters to SO many different levels. Jari’s encouraging words and upbeat music are extra incentives to complete the workout. This DVD is one of those I-hate-to-LOVE workouts! It will push you to challenge yourself and you may hate it while doing it, but after, you’ll feel GREAT and have tons of energy!