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Day 13

31 May

Good morning! The day is already going to be great since the sun is shining, compared to yesterday’s downpour!

I trained early again so a quick egg breakfast was on the menu. I was reading an article as I was eating about eggs and the health benefits they provide. I think the majority of the population is skeptical about eating the yolks still, but this article debunked that myth by giving four reasons to eat the whole egg:

  • eggs contain choline, a nutrient that regulates the brain, nervous and cardiovascular systems, and can help prevent cancer. 1 whole egg contains ~30% of the RDA; this nutrient is mostly found in the yolk.
  • lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants in the egg yolks and leafy green veggies reduce the risk of macular degeneration.
  • eggs contain 6 grams of protein and all 9 essential amino acids. these AA help the body break down food, repair body tissue, and allow us to grow.
  • eggs help keep hair shining, nails strong, and skin vibrant thanks to their high sulfur content (a reason why eggs tend to smell so bad!)

Cholesterol in the egg yolk has been another reason to want to shy away from consumption; in essence, your body needs to achieve a balance when it comes to cholesterol. It’s better to consume cholesterol via healthy fats (MUFA, PUFA) than from hydrogenated oils, saturated, and trans fats; that’s really how are cholesterol levels rise. It took some time for me to eat the egg yolk, and now I eat 2! I honestly feel energized, more-whole, and my hair has never looked better! Kidding on that last point, but I’ve definitely noticed the difference in my energy levels overall health.

I attended a 45-minute Cycling class that was long enough to feel like a tough workout but short enough that my attention didn’t wonder. The last cycling class I took was 60- minutes long and 35 minutes in, I was daydreaming. 45 minutes was appropriate! The music was motivating and the instructor paired the sprints with upbeat music and hills with slower, more intense songs. She also described a hover as going through a low tunnel, which I thought helped the participants get into form better than saying hover; I find if you can put an exercise into a real-life situation, the participants understand it more. I’ll be using that term in my cycling class soon!

Post cycling, I felt tighter than usual especially in my hip flexors and IT band, so stretching was unavoidable. Good thing Yoga Stretch was afterwards; 50-minutes dedicated to holding static stretches while listening to soothing music was just what the doctor ordered.

Lunch!  3 slices of tomato snuck in there and I’m not mad one bit :). 2% cottage cheese right out of the container..keepin’ it classy.

The rest of the day will be spent working on my seminar, showering, and observing Body Sculpt. The night will end with girls night and sushi! Ta-ta!

Angelled Eggs

26 Nov

Have I mentioned my loathing for any food and/or condiment that’s white and creamy? I don’t know what it is but it really makes me nauseous and I can’t bare to even look at it, let alone eat it! But some recipes that are made with these foul ingredients look tasty, so I try and come up with another way to enjoy them with everyone else.

Instead of devilled eggs (commonly) made with the yolk, mayo, Dijon mustard and tabasco sauce, my family likes are eggs the “angelled” way! (I’m bummed because I thought I was sooo creative with the recipe name..come to find I’m not the creator 😦 )

Evans/Heron Family Angelled Eggs


  • hard-boiled eggs (bring a large pot of water to a boil. add eggs and turn off the water. let them sit for 10 minutes)
  • hummus (we use Trader Joe’s white bean hummus-slightly garlicky, creamy and herby!)
  • teeny-tiny diced celery pieces
  • paprika


  • cut the eggs in half, remove the yolk (you can keep the yolks for another recipe or toss them)
  • mix the hummus and celery
  • scoop a heaping spoonful of the hummus mixture into each egg half
  • sprinkle generously with paprika

 This recipe is a staple at my family get-together’s and I hope you try it too!