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Portion Distortion Quiz Answers

30 Sep

How do you think you did on the portion distortion quiz? Here are the maybeSHOCKING answers and reasons to the questions:

  1. B) hockey puck. Many bagels, muffins, pastries etc. are actually 2 or 3 servings. If this is the case, split it in half and save the rest for later.
  2. C) tennis ball. All veggies should equal the size and volume of a tennis ball. Aim for 3+ servings daily!
  3. B) half of a tennis ball. Picture a halved-tennis ball (domed side up) when eating whole grains like rice or pasta.
  4. A) golf ball. this one shocked me! you’d think since it’s still fruit, you could eat more-wrong! Dried fruits tend to be higher in sugar, so visualize the size of a golf ball when eating them.
  5. C) tennis ball. The same goes with whole fruits, they should equal the size and volume of a tennis ball. When faced between whole fruit and juice, pick the whole fruit. Juice lacks  fiber, vitamins, minerals and you’ll hungry soon after because your body doesn’t recognize fluids like it does solids.
  6. A) shot glass. yes, shot glasses can be used for more than one thing :p. Before spreading, imagine filling a shot glass (no packing!) and that’s the correct portion for all nut butters. Reduced fat or full? Your preference, but the reduced fat kinds have added sugar to make up for the missing fat. Fat=our friend!
  7. A) shot glass. It’s a small serving, but it’s easy to overeat nuts so portion out about a shot glass full and save the rest of the bag for later. The fat in nuts can help suppress your appetite and signal your brain that you’re full=a great snack!
  8. A) 4 dice. Choosing part-skim or 2% cheeses provides the same amount of calcium and protein in full fat versions!
  9. A) a thumb tip. Monounsaturated fats are a staple in a healthy diet.


Using common objects as visual aids for your meals is a foolproof way to ensure you’re eating the appropriate portions. Control your portion sizes-don’t let them control you!

Thank you Prevention for this eye-opening quiz!

Portion Distortion Quiz!

28 Sep

Quiz time! Today’s post will require you to use your noggin. Portion control is a HUGE issue, especially if you’ve hit a plateau and are trying to find what’s the culprit.

This quiz is solely on serving sizes. Keep a tally of your answers and see how well you did at the end! Good Luck!

  1. What object shows the best serving of a bagel? A) golf ball B) hockey puck C) stack of CDs
  2. What object  shows the best serving of baby carrots? A) golf ball B) half of a tennis ball C) tennis ball
  3. What object shows the best serving of rice/pasta? A) 4 dice B) half of a tennis ball C) tennis ball
  4. What object shows the best serving of DRIED fruit? A) golf ball B) half of a tennis ball C) tennis ball
  5. What object shows the best serving of orange juice (use your imagination) A) golf ball B) half of a tennis ball C) tennis ball
  6. What object shows the best serving of a nut butter? A) shot glass B) half of a tennis ball C) tennis ball (please be correct!)
  7. What object shows the best serving of mixed nuts? A) shot glass B) half of a tennis ball C) tennis ball
  8. What object shows the best serving of cheese? A) 4 dice B) half of a tennis ball C) tennis ball
  9. What object shows the best serving of oil? A) thumb tip B) 4 dice C) shot glass
Stay tuned for the answers!

The Start of FitBits

25 Sep

If you’ve visited and pleaseliked my facebook page, you’re already in the know about my new approach to my blog. I’ve been asked by the NCSU recreation marketing department to include my blog in their newsletter! This is extremely exciting for me as I hope my blog will grow throughout the community :).

My new approach to blogging will consist of everything I blog about now (exercises/workouts, tips/trends, recipes, etc.) but in a condensed format and much more often! So instead of posting 1 long post sporadically, I’ll post more short and to-the-point “fitbits” (as they will be called) throughout the week. I’m excited about the opportunity!

My *first* fitbit:

Make Sunday your “get things done” day. Sunday’s are supposed to be relaxing, football-filled, and spent with family. Try to have a routine-here’s an example of my Sunday’s:

  • wake-up
  • gym/run or walk/rest day
  • starbucks for my latte & homework
  • grocery store
  • prep my meals for the week
  • lunch & football ALL afternoon/night & homework
  • dinner & more football & desperate housewives (new and final season!)
  • go to bed early!

It’s a great way to start your week off with a clean and stress-free slate. Plus, if you’re a planner-preparing your weeknight meals ahead of time saves you your sanity when life gets in the way throughout the week. Sunday is the perfect way to ensure you have healthy and clean meals to fall back on.

How do you enjoy your Sunday’s?

Cheat Days Done Right

13 Aug

We all deserve a treat every once in a while-everything in moderation, right? But we have to do it correctly; we don’t want these indulgences to reverse all of our hard work and sweatglisten we put in the gym! A lot of “health nuts” give themselves a cheat meal and/or day throughout the week or on the weekends, but there’s a fine line when that cheat meal becomes an all out binge sesh. Here are a couple of tips to cheating the right way while still sticking to an overall healthy yet decadent lifestyle:

  • think of a cheat meal/day as a “special” treat-they only happen once in a while, so savior each and every bite and realize that another cheater will be right around the corner(almost).
  • if you cheated earlier in the day, skip that extra serving or piece at the later meals and vice versa. always have a plan!
  • don’t forget your workouts! even if you take weekends off, going for a walk or even taking a yoga class is active recovery and may help with feelings of guilt.
  • keep in mind that coming back to your diet following your cheat meal/day will be tough. cheeseburgers, mashed potatoes, and pie are a lot more palatable than grilled chicken, brown rice, and steamed broccoli.
  • while “cheating” keep scraps, skins, bones, etc. in plain sight. seeing how much you’ve eaten will tell you when enough is enough (if your stomach hasn’t told you yet 🙂 ).
  • if liquor and socializing are involved,watch portions. we often get ahead of ourselves when conversation is flowing and drinks are pouring!
As long as you plan you’re cheat meal/day in advanced, you’ll be prepared  to do it right. After, you might even be more inclined to get back on track to your regular healthy diet. Some experts believe that eating a cheat meal will keep your metabolism stimulated by eating something you don’t normally eat. Whatever the case may be, allowing these indulgences is perfectly aye-okay by me (as I’m doing it right now with a Gigi’s cupcake in hand) :).
Happy Cheating!