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Halloween Core and Cycle Class

30 Oct

First things first, everyone please be safe!


It’s Halloween week!

This is like a fitness instructors’ dream come true..do you realize how many exercises can be morphed into a Halloween-name?! Amaze.

I taught Core & More and named all of the exercises after Halloween; descriptions of the actual exercises are below: 

  1. Supine Frankenstein leg drops
  2. Eerie Plank (up, up, down, down)
  3. Creeping Spider (plank w/ knees to the side)
  4. Scared Cat (Down down to plank)
  5. About to Pounce (Down dog to plank)
  6. Dead Cat (Spine Bridge lifts)
  7. Witches Brew (butt on knees, lift and torso twist right and left)
  8. Hexes (star crunch)

Right after was Cycle! Of course I had to include songs like Thriller, Ghostbusters, and Werewolves of London-only appropriate ;-).

Are you going Trick or Treating tomorrow night? If so, here are the healthiest candies to nosh on:

  • 3 musketeers mini-24 calories
  • fun-sized lemonheads- 50 calories for 10 pieces
  • full-sized york peppermint pattie (fave!)- 140 calories
  • peeps pumpkins- <100 calories for 6 peeps
  • Tootsie caramel apple pop- 60 calories

Notice how the first 3 candies are bold? It’s all about portion size! Obviously the mini versions of our favorite candies are going to have fewer calories than the full-sized versions, but we tend to overlook those intricate details and only read “3 musketeers” and “24 calories”. Pay attention to portions and I have no doubt that you can celebrate Halloween like it’s supposed to be celebrated:

with family/friends, tons of spooky fun, and candy!

Day 43

19 Jul


I did it!

Cycle & Stretch=complete! If you follow me on Instagram (keptyoufit), you’ve known that I’ve been planning this class forever with the numerous pictures of my playlists and what not..well this morning was show time! Up-and-adam at 5:15am to prepare breakfast and make a measly cup of coffee to perk me up- I was on the road by 5:45am.

Once I got into work, I made sure my NEW playlist worked; I got home last night to transfer all of my songs onto my iPod and realized the CD that I burned them to decided not to copy all of the songs. Great. I re-created a playlist with what I had in my library, tweaked a couple of songs, and felt even better about this playlist!

I had 5 people, which my supervisors told me was a normal amount for 6:30am (I tend to take low participation personal-a flaw). Here’s the workout: don’t hate. I’m not using the right cycling “lingo” but it makes sense to me and that’s all that matters 😉

  1. warm-up. good time (owl city & carly rae jepsen).
  2. rolling hill. somebody that I used to know (Avici remix). 3 turns up, 3 turns down, 3 turns up, 3 turns down.
  3. ups & downs. call me maybe (carly rae jepsen). up for 8 counts, down for 8 counts.
  4. standing climb. wild ones (florida feat. sia). increased every tempo change.
  5. sprints. lunar (david guetta feat. afrojack). increased speed every ~30 seconds. best song to sprint to, it builds energy into your legs and they just want to explode when it’s time to go!
  6. sprints (2 songs). part of me (katy perry) and marry the night (lady gaga).
  7. standing & hovers. good girl (carrie underwood). incorporated isolations in this track (only your lower body moves, very slowly).
  8. out of the seat climb. turn me on (nicki minaj)
  9. cool down. don’t hold your breath (nicole scherzinger).

This ~45 minutes of cycling was followed by 15 minutes of stretching. I felt SO confident about teaching this class because it was all me. My songs, my way, my pace. Call me greedy, selfish, egotistic, but I like teaching cycling way more than taking cycling simply for that reason- it’s MINE. Muhahahaaaa

Post-cycle & a marvelous stretch-sesh I may add, I got the urge to row? Yes, I just felt like I wanted to row, so I plopped myself down on the rower and completed 20 minutes. I switched my hands from a supinated to pronated grip every 5 minutes to work my upper body differently. It was cool.

Time to refuel!

OIAC with a less-than-ripe peach and cookie butter. The peach was actually perfect; not too soft that as I bit into the pieces I had juice running down my chin but hard enough to be edible..did I confuse anyone?

I had a coffee date with Liz!  I haven’t seen her in over a year so it was such a nice surprise that she happened to be driving through and called to catch-up. Miss ya!!

Two of the women I work with that were involved in the internship process took me out to lunch on campus today! It was very sweet of them and I’ll miss them very much :-/.

Equipment cleaning, slide board training, drinks, and sushi are what’s next! It’s my last night in Raleigh so I have lots of people to say bye see ya later to :-P.


Day 42

18 Jul

It’s sad when it gets to this point:

  • wake up at 6:15am
  • pack-up my kitchen
  • eat breakfast and pack my lunch/snacks for the day
  • out the door by 7:30am

And why you may ask? It’s nothing more than I.Don’t.Have.Cable.Or.Internet. I wouldn’t say I’m dependent on technology, but I’m a routine kinda girl; a typical day for me goes:

  • in the morning, wake up, shower, turn the morning news/GMA on while I beautify myself
  • watch the news/GMA as I prepare lunch and snacks, turn my laptop on to check emails and blogs
  • make breakfast, continue blog reading and facebooking
  • in the evening, I always watch E News because I simply need to know what important and life-changing things are going on in the world 😉
  • watch various shows; Monday’s-Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives (new episodes!) and the Bachelorette (guilty pleasure); Tuesday’s-Teen Mom (if I can stay up); Wednesday’s, Thursday’s, Friday’s are whatever catches my attention (Sex & The City never disappoints); Saturday’s and Sunday’s are random too with the exception of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition.

So you see, not having cable or internet really puts a damper on my sched. I will be okay though, I know you’re so concerned :-P.

Body Sculpt & Balance went very well last night! I had 6 regulars so I tried to keep the workout challenging yet doable, focusing on balance and core stability as much as I could.

**Fitness instructors– do you ever feel when the class you’re teaching has a certain name (i.e. body sculpt and balance, back to core, guts and butts), you don’t want to teach to that format? I always struggle with this! I think I put too much pressure on making the exercises coincide with the name of the class that it becomes a daunting task rather than something I enjoy. I love to create new workouts and never do the same workout twice (may be similar but something’s changed) but when I need tailor the exercises to incorporate a component (i.e. balance, a BOSU, resistance bands), it becomes a duty. Classes like Total Body Sculpt, Group Strength, Boot Camp, etc. are always fun to teach because you’re not limited in what you can/cannot use. Maybe it’s just this particular environment I’m in with the internship, there are so many rules pertaining to each class that it almost takes the enjoyment out of it.

Back to BS&B, I did 2 exercises, back to back, three times through for the entire 60-minutes. Time flew!

  • reverse lunges into a front kick/ alternating biceps curls
  • stationary lunges into a rotating lateral raise/ triceps kickbacks
  • squats with knee lifts/ shoulder presses
  • dead lifts (single-leg)/ bent-over rows
  • inchworm push-ups/ plie squats with calf raises
  • chest flies/ glute bridge
  • side leg lifts/ inner thigh lifts
  • back extensions/ crunches

Yoga Challenge is my WOD! Off to plan my cycling class!

Yes I’m aware I spelled Linkin Park wrong.

Day 33

5 Jul

Hoping everyone had a relaxing and safe 4th of July holiday! I took a Body Pump class in the morning to kick-start the day on a healthy note; it was probably one of the most challenging workout mixes I’ve taken by an instructor! The instructor took tracks from all over the place, ensuring that it would leave the participants breathless..she succeeded. I can’t remember all of the tracks she used, but one that stuck out in particular, Fireworks (how appropriate!), has always been a challenging lunge tracks for me!

Breakfast, trained, work, meeting, took Cycling, taught Interval Training, work, client, home for dinner with Kathie and to see Magic Mike!! I’ve heard mixed reviews on the movie..if you’ve seen it, what are your thoughts?

Interval Training was a lot of fun! I originally planned to do a mixture of cardio and strength stations

but was reminded that the participants are used to 5 cardio-based stations with strength exercises in between intervals. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. A little creative thinking on my part and the class looked like this:

The participants brought their A-game! I guess after a holiday binge with lots of cookouts and such gets people itching to work it off. The fave exercise? Medicine ball slams!

Working on my cycling playlist! Any songs you prefer to sprint, climb a hill, up & downs, or steady state-let me know!

See ya 🙂

Day 29

28 Jun

Traffic can make a good day go bad-especially when the accident isn’t even on YOUR side of the road! Damnrn rubberneckers! Good thing I had this  and saw this  on my Pinterest board when I logged on this morning :).

Although I wasn’t planning on riding a stationary bicycle, I did plan a cycling class that I’m teaching on July 19, Cycle & Stretch (I’ve said the exact date because it’s a GOAL of mine; always a work in progress and motivation to perfect it-keep me accountable!). 45-minutes of cycling and 15-minutes of stretching is the ideal cycling class for me because I’m not (actually never) excited about taking a cycling class (I feel violated when I come off the saddle) and it’s completely out of my comfort zone. I hope you’ve noticed-I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone a lot lately; step I.T., cycling, yoga, Pilates, and aquatics are all formats that I’m conversant of and participate in regularly, but teaching them is a whole new ball game. In this internship experience, it’s okay for me to mess up; using the wrong terminology in step class, sprinting to a song that’s more fitted for a climb, wearing a two-piece to a pool plyometrics class..all are “oopsies” that I’ll take and learn from so that they don’t happen again. I want no regrets, no “I wish I tried that”, no if only’s in regards to this internship; I’m learning, growing, and evolving and I challenge you to do the same with your respective careers! Will you try? 

I wanted to do a homemade strength workout before a training session; as much as I like taking the classes here, the sculpting classes tend to do the same thing (not complaining though!) and I’m not feeling challenged as much. There’s nothing that a little digging through my exercisebrary can’t fix! The workout went a little like this:

  • side squats and reverse lunges (combo of the two)
  • up, up, down, down push-ups and push-ups with a knee tuck on the stability ball
  • BOSU bent-over rows
  • dead lifts and biceps curls
  • step downs with a knee lift and anterior raises
  • BOSU step ups with overhead presses
  • triceps kickbacks and glute extensions
  • single-leg bridges

In and out in an hour!

Girls night is back and the plan is sushi and a concert series! Have a great night!

Day 16

5 Jun

A top-secret event is happening on campus today; you better believe I’m going to visit the building I have no business being in just to try to make a cameo :-P.

Back to more important things. Early morning at State’s gym to train then straight to work. Overnight oats with cookie butter and frozen strawberries to fuel me! I need to go to the grocery store ASAP..

Cycling was great! Ever heard of Florence + The Machine? The instructor played a lot of their songs and I felt it was the perfect match; hills were paired with intense songs that built-up as we added resistance. Sprints were high-tempo, fast-paced songs that made my legs explode with speed! Definitely more my style of cycling than the first 60-minute class I took. One of the songs we climbed a steep hill too 

Say hello to your newest fitness instructor here at the RFC! My demo went well yesterday and they’ll put me on the schedule for June-exciting! I also demoed my very, very basic step routine; step is a format that’s completely new to me to teach so there’s no doubt I need more time practicing! Good thing I’m in the right place :).

My supervisor took me out to lunch at one of the more upscale cafe’s on campus. Fresh sushi bar with a choice of 6 rolls, a fresh salad bar with all of the fixings, a grill station, a brick-oven station, and a vegetarian station..oh and a dessert station that had one-too-many of my fave’s! Seriously SO much to choose from! I opted for a rainbow roll (spicy tuna inside, tuna and avocado on the outside), a side salad, and an apple (no I didn’t eat the core since I was trying to have good manners); the sushi was unbelievably fresh, the salad was crisp and refreshing, and even the apple tasted better (just kidding!). It’s probably a good thing I don’t get paid; employees simply scan their I.D. and it takes it out of their paycheck. It’d be easy to overspend since you don’t actually hand-over the cash!

Strength Training for Runners started today and I’m able to help out with the workouts and making sure the participants have proper form. The class is 4 weeks long and progresses each week; next week we’ll introduce the step as a way to strength train!

Attending Body Sculpt & Balance tonight! Review will be posted tomorrow.

See ya!


Day 15

4 Jun

I’m hoping everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend as I did! I traveled, by train, to Charlotte to be a +1 for a friends’ wedding  It was a blast! Both his family and all of his friends were extremely friendly and welcoming, I couldn’t ask for a more-fun wedding to be a part of! Thanks Steven :).

all good things must come to and end though..

Since I’ve been away for the past couple of weekends, I had some veggies that looked like they were on the verge of dying; a veggie scramble it was for breakfast! I love sautéed mushrooms, especially in a port wine sauce but since it was 8:30am, I figured I’d hold out on the wine at least until noon 😉. I sautéed mushrooms and spinach before adding in 2 whisked eggs. I let it sit and coagulate before adding a string cheese right in the center so it oozed all throughout the scramble..yummo :-). I wrote my first freelance blog post last night about owning your confidence, whether it’s in an intimate setting or out on the street fully clothed. Confidence starts with YOU and the only way to make others believe your confident is for you to believe it first! (I’ll link-up the post once it’s published).

Back on the grind! Our offices had a mini face-lift; new carpeting was laid on Friday so it felt and smelled like a brand new office this morning. I’m telling you, the ambience is much more calming and motivating to put me and keep me to work! My chair was M.I.A. so I replaced it with something more fitting..ergo-ball/chair!

On today’s agenda:

  • personal training consult
  • demo-ing total body sculpt/HIIT/boot camp style class. maybe I’ll be put on the schedule after?
  • attending cycling with a newnew instructor.

This week in workouts:

  • Monday-60 minutes of Cycling*
  • Tuesday- Interval Training and/or Yoga Flow/Water Aerobics
  • Wednesday- Step I.T. and Yoga Challenge
  • Thursday- Pilates? Interval Training? Body Sculpt? YOU PICK!
  • Friday- Yoga Flow and Step

*Class review will be posted tomorrow!

Lunch today is a peanut butter pita, yogurt, and fruit. I usually only buy Whole Foods Honey Roasted PB that I grind myself but didn’t want to make a special trip this weekend; the next best? Naturally More Peanut Butter My friend Sarah got me hooked on this brand! It’s creamy and rich in flavor with flaxseeds throughout it that may or may not get stuck in your teeth.  Other benefits of a 2-tablespoon serving include:

  • zero cholesterol
  • zero grams of trans fat
  • fortified with flaxseed and flax oil, providing essential fats needed in the body for balance
  • contains omega 3’s and 6’s
  • 4 grams of dietary fiber
  • 4 net carbs*
  • 10 grams of protein

Net carbs are a result of the “low-carb” diet fad. Normally, a food’s total carb count (in grams) is calculated by subtracting the grams of protein, fat, moisture, and ash from the food’s total weight. What’s left is the total carbs. The FDA also requires that the total carb count includes grams of sugar alcohol and fiber, though these carbs have a lower impact on blood glucose levels than regular carbs because they are only partially converted (if at all) to glucose by your body. In laymen’s terms: fiber is a carbohydrate, but doesn’t affect blood sugar levels as much as other carbs do. By subtracting sugar alcohols and fiber out of the total carb count encouraged consumers to eat more fiber in a low-carb diet. That’s what the term “net carbs” means, total carb count minus the carbs that don’t affect blood sugar.

I’ve been working on my demo for Step; first class down! A little more practice and I’ll be ready to perform for my supervisors..wish me luck!

Day 13

31 May

Good morning! The day is already going to be great since the sun is shining, compared to yesterday’s downpour!

I trained early again so a quick egg breakfast was on the menu. I was reading an article as I was eating about eggs and the health benefits they provide. I think the majority of the population is skeptical about eating the yolks still, but this article debunked that myth by giving four reasons to eat the whole egg:

  • eggs contain choline, a nutrient that regulates the brain, nervous and cardiovascular systems, and can help prevent cancer. 1 whole egg contains ~30% of the RDA; this nutrient is mostly found in the yolk.
  • lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants in the egg yolks and leafy green veggies reduce the risk of macular degeneration.
  • eggs contain 6 grams of protein and all 9 essential amino acids. these AA help the body break down food, repair body tissue, and allow us to grow.
  • eggs help keep hair shining, nails strong, and skin vibrant thanks to their high sulfur content (a reason why eggs tend to smell so bad!)

Cholesterol in the egg yolk has been another reason to want to shy away from consumption; in essence, your body needs to achieve a balance when it comes to cholesterol. It’s better to consume cholesterol via healthy fats (MUFA, PUFA) than from hydrogenated oils, saturated, and trans fats; that’s really how are cholesterol levels rise. It took some time for me to eat the egg yolk, and now I eat 2! I honestly feel energized, more-whole, and my hair has never looked better! Kidding on that last point, but I’ve definitely noticed the difference in my energy levels overall health.

I attended a 45-minute Cycling class that was long enough to feel like a tough workout but short enough that my attention didn’t wonder. The last cycling class I took was 60- minutes long and 35 minutes in, I was daydreaming. 45 minutes was appropriate! The music was motivating and the instructor paired the sprints with upbeat music and hills with slower, more intense songs. She also described a hover as going through a low tunnel, which I thought helped the participants get into form better than saying hover; I find if you can put an exercise into a real-life situation, the participants understand it more. I’ll be using that term in my cycling class soon!

Post cycling, I felt tighter than usual especially in my hip flexors and IT band, so stretching was unavoidable. Good thing Yoga Stretch was afterwards; 50-minutes dedicated to holding static stretches while listening to soothing music was just what the doctor ordered.

Lunch!  3 slices of tomato snuck in there and I’m not mad one bit :). 2% cottage cheese right out of the container..keepin’ it classy.

The rest of the day will be spent working on my seminar, showering, and observing Body Sculpt. The night will end with girls night and sushi! Ta-ta!