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Day 9

24 May

Last week I was searching through Craig’s List to find anyone in need of a healthy living/fitness and wellness blogger and came across a few that I sent my resume to. Not really expecting anything in return, I received an email from one of the ladies yesterday about blogging for a lingerie store! Now, I don’t know the first thing about¬†lingerie but I do know how to get and stay fit, dress for your body type, and exude confidence, regardless of what you’re wearing-or not ūüėČ. We spoke on the phone and it seems like a perfect fit! She was looking for a blogger who could post once a week about health/fitness/wellness with it all relating back to lingerie; exercises, healthy recipes, how to dress for your body type, and learning to be confident in oneself are all things that I feel qualified to blog about. I start next Monday and will post every week about a new topic regarding fitness and lingerie; check her website out!

I would really appreciate it if the sun would grace NC with its presence! Seeing the sun through my window makes waking up at 6:30am so much better. But so does knowing I’m training my one and only client! ¬†I had an early morning PT session that took place at my old stomping grounds; always nice to go back and visit, however, I had to clean out my office area which left a bitter taste in my mouth :(. So many memories with great people there!

A bowl of overnight oats with cookie butter was awaiting me back at home! Apple on the side for a little crunch with a hot cup of coffee is the recipe for a kick-start kind-of morning. I was at work by 9:30am, working away on my seminar. I’m really enjoying learning how exercise can help lessen stressful situations; it amazes me what the body is capable of and how quickly stress can become a problem.

I attended Pilates today and really reaped the benefits of core strength, body awareness, and flexibility. By really I mean- my mother and I have a tape (yes, a VHS tape) of a Pilates routine that we do at home, so I felt pretty confident that I knew the exercises coming into class. I’m not saying the tape wasn’t Pilates but being in the actual class and having the instructor explain what we should be feeling and where and staring at me so I get in the correct position made the workout much harder! I’m all for workout DVDs¬†but being in the setting with an instructor who has more time to explain the poses helps me focus more (since mind/body formats aren’t my strong suit). My favorite Pilates move is the teaser-so challenging! It’s not only a physical challenge, but a mental challenge as well to stay in that position for even a second; all of the participants in the class tried the third level and held it for 5 breaths-woo!

I also attended Pool Plyometrics after Pilates. I successfully reached my goal for the week to make it to one aqua class and even managed to keep my hair dry (SCORE!)! Pool plyometrics is meant for the more-advanced participant because it still requires jumping, bounding, lateral movements, coordination, and over-all strength, but has less of an impact on joints compared to plyometrics on land. The instructor taught on land but gave us a visual of what each exercise looked like; she broke the workout into 3 segments of 4 exercises. We did each exercise for 30 seconds with 15 seconds of complete stillness (try that in water..) Some of the exercises included tuck jumps, front kicks, split squat jumps, flutter kicks, and hamstring curls-very creative! I may convert into an yogiaqui ūüėČ

Not only was I completely out of my element in the pool, but also wearing a bikini (DON’T JUDGE!, I just picture a few of you shaking your head..). I don’t own a one-piece! I wore the most conservative two-piece I own and tried to make it work. Let me tell you-remember the jumping and bounding I mentioned earlier? Yeah, imagine doing those movements, in a pool, while the water is pulling everything south, and you’re trying to keep everything covered. It.doesn’t.work.in.your.favor. I honestly feel bad for anyone wearing goggles who accidentally peeked over under the water because they definitely got a glimpse of my bootay! You live and you learn. I guess it’s a good enough excuse to go to Dick’s and buy a bathing suit?

After both workouts, I was more than ready for lunch- a turkey, avocado, mushroom, tomato, sprouts, and mustard sandwich between 2 slices of too-burnt bread, a side of ginormous grapes, and a travel-sized pack of pistachio’s was waiting to get in my belly!¬†¬†Have you seen the travel-sized bags of pistachio’s at your grocery store? Perfectly portioned and great for grabbing them on the go; love the portability! Pistachio’s are one of the lowest fat, lowest calorie, and highest fiber nuts AND they offer more nuts in a serving compared to others-another fourtwo-fer!


Raw, Toasted Almonds

10 Mar

I hope your weekend starts off on a relaxing yet healthy note!

First off- GO PACK! NC State beat Virginia yesterday 67-64! They’ll be playing UNC today at 1pm- show your support for the Wolfpack!!

Today (Wednesday) started out with a spur-of-the-moment run around North Park. When I’m home, exercising is at the end of my to-do list. I don’t know what it is but I’d rather spend time with my family than carve out an hour to myself. Instead of pushing myself to workout when I know I won’t put 100% into it, I listen to my body and go with the flow. The flow this morning was urging me to go! The high in Pittsburgh today is going to be mid-60’s; perfect weather for a run and to see the unveiling of the Mario Lemieux Statue!

If I was going to run, I wanted to complete it earlier rather than later so it wasn’t on my mind; my dad and I have plans to bar hop this afternoon! He’s on vacation and I’m on Spring Break so it’s only fitting we both live it up!

Breakfast was a hearty bowl of overnight oats made with Trader Joe’s honey Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup of Old Fashioned oats and raw, toasted almond slivers. Have you ever had these from Trader Joe’s? They pack so much flavor! When I first saw the word “raw” on the label, I was skeptical that these almonds would be on the bland side and I’d have to toast them in the oven. Wrong. They are pre-toasted with no seasoning so the almond flavor really bursts. Fantastic for oats, salad, or mixed into yogurt!

Last night after my mother came home from work, she wanted a quick circuit to complete before dinner. Because she’s family, I didn’t charge her but she’s lucky! My mother did the following workout for 30 minutes; 45 seconds each exercise, 3-4X through.
1. Side squats w/ tubing
2. Push-ups w/ rows
3. Reverse lunges and biceps curls
4. Glute bridges and triceps skullcrushers.
5. Planks

You- Katie..there’s no shoulder work?
Me- Ahh, yes. Long story short and in lamens¬†terms; my mom has no cartilage between her vertebrae. In fact, she has no balance mechanisms throughout her spine, neck, or head. There have been times when we would be yoga-ing and she completely fell over. Funny but very serious! My mother has been to every doctor in Pittsburgh and no one seems to have a cure for this. Prior to, her exercise regime was similar to mine; we’d do DVDs together (weights and cardio), walk, practice yoga and Pilates; now, she’s limited with weights workout (nothing overhead, lateral, or bent over arm movements), no high impact plyometric exercises, and anything that will cause her to strain her neck is out of the question. She enjoys swimming because it’s low impact enough that she doesn’t feel like a semi hit her the next morning yet it increases her heart and provides toning benefits. Yoga and Pilates are comfortable for her too, she just has to watch her alignment and ease into the postures.
Like everyone, my mother has good days and not-so-good days but there’s never a day that goes by where she’s sedentary because of her minor-limitations. My role model.

Have a great Saturday! I’ll be writing up another Ripped review in case you needed a new DVD to add to your collection :).

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