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Roasted Cabbage

8 Feb

This post is completely dedicated to Sarah..3 recipes for cabbage!

If it weren’t for her, I would have never tried cabbage, loved it, and now eat it in the copious amounts that she does! The way she introduced me to the leafy green, cruciferous veggie is:

  • sauteing it in a little extra virgin olive oil, dried onions, salt and pepper-delicious and simple!

Here are 2 other recipes I’ve experimented with that have all tasted differently:

  • saute in oil and 1 tablespoon of butter with minced, fresh red onions, salt and pepper.
  • roast cabbage in a 425degree oven with olive oil, salt, pepper and crushed red pepper flakes for some heat*


Capsaicin is a thermogenic agent, which means it increases metabolic activity. This, in turn, helps to burn calories and fat. Sprinkle crushed red pepper flakes, tabasco sauce, or cayenne pepper on scrambled eggs, in pasta, or sautéed veggies! (source)


The Start of FitBits

25 Sep

If you’ve visited and pleaseliked my facebook page, you’re already in the know about my new approach to my blog. I’ve been asked by the NCSU recreation marketing department to include my blog in their newsletter! This is extremely exciting for me as I hope my blog will grow throughout the community :).

My new approach to blogging will consist of everything I blog about now (exercises/workouts, tips/trends, recipes, etc.) but in a condensed format and much more often! So instead of posting 1 long post sporadically, I’ll post more short and to-the-point “fitbits” (as they will be called) throughout the week. I’m excited about the opportunity!

My *first* fitbit:

Make Sunday your “get things done” day. Sunday’s are supposed to be relaxing, football-filled, and spent with family. Try to have a routine-here’s an example of my Sunday’s:

  • wake-up
  • gym/run or walk/rest day
  • starbucks for my latte & homework
  • grocery store
  • prep my meals for the week
  • lunch & football ALL afternoon/night & homework
  • dinner & more football & desperate housewives (new and final season!)
  • go to bed early!

It’s a great way to start your week off with a clean and stress-free slate. Plus, if you’re a planner-preparing your weeknight meals ahead of time saves you your sanity when life gets in the way throughout the week. Sunday is the perfect way to ensure you have healthy and clean meals to fall back on.

How do you enjoy your Sunday’s?