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Day 33

5 Jul

Hoping everyone had a relaxing and safe 4th of July holiday! I took a Body Pump class in the morning to kick-start the day on a healthy note; it was probably one of the most challenging workout mixes I’ve taken by an instructor! The instructor took tracks from all over the place, ensuring that it would leave the participants breathless..she succeeded. I can’t remember all of the tracks she used, but one that stuck out in particular, Fireworks (how appropriate!), has always been a challenging lunge tracks for me!

Breakfast, trained, work, meeting, took Cycling, taught Interval Training, work, client, home for dinner with Kathie and to see Magic Mike!! I’ve heard mixed reviews on the movie..if you’ve seen it, what are your thoughts?

Interval Training was a lot of fun! I originally planned to do a mixture of cardio and strength stations

but was reminded that the participants are used to 5 cardio-based stations with strength exercises in between intervals. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. A little creative thinking on my part and the class looked like this:

The participants brought their A-game! I guess after a holiday binge with lots of cookouts and such gets people itching to work it off. The fave exercise? Medicine ball slams!

Working on my cycling playlist! Any songs you prefer to sprint, climb a hill, up & downs, or steady state-let me know!

See ya 🙂

Day 32

3 Jul

I’m feeling much better headache-wise today so it’s going to be a productive one :).


I feel like I’m back to where I was a month ago; not feeling up to par, lacking energy, stomach problems, and overall blah. I am messed up. There’s something wrong or out-of-sync. But I can’t seem to find anything that works long-term. I can’t sleep throughout the night but am exhausted. Nothing’s regular (sorry I’m not sorry!). Clothes are fitting weird, not like they did last week.

 I’m poor frustrated.

Whether it’s a matter of excepting these changes in my body or going to a doctor to get tested/counselor to talk/nutritionist, I will find what works for me! I ‘m thinking lack of sleep is the culprit that needs to be addressed first; without a good nights sleep, one feels lethargic, groggy, hungry X 10, and irritable and those are only a few symptoms. Irregular sleep patterns can cause weight gain by raising blood sugar levels, slowing metabolism, decreasing leptin levels which leads one to feel unsatiated after a meal, and increasing ghrelin levels so one continues to eat and eat and eat. Mood disorders like depression and anxiety come with sleepless nights, making one feel less satisfied and careless about everything in general.

 Along with hopefully finding a way to get and stay asleep, tea will be making its way into my fluid consumption throughout the day, particularly green tea, for its health benefits: anti-aging, stimulating, immunity boosting, astringency, anti-carcinogenic, reducing cholesterol, anti-diabetic, weight loss, stamina/endurance, and de-intoxicating. This tea is infused with lemon, which adds a citrusy flavor to the otherwise bland green tea. I like it. I think it’s going to BURST with flavor when I drink it but am constantly let down; I need to remind myself that it’s supposed to be  a subtle, delicate flavor!

I trained early then headed to the office. We close at 5pm today for the holiday and that makes me happy! I plan on going to Fitness Connection to take Body Attack; I went with my friend over the weekend and loved the energy of the class! I thought it would be similar to Body Combat (attack-punches, kicks->combat(?)) but it’s more athletic-style aerobic moves with plyometrics, toning, and balance exercises intermixed.

I think I know why Les Mills gets people hooked, regardless of your beliefs about Les Mills, your fitness levels, or instructor preferences–the music! I’m motivated by music and Les Mills has it mastered; right when you need to be pushed, the music intensifies but slows down when a low-impact move is approaching. I think that’s something I strive to do in my classes and a goal of mine to get better with; choosing music that can mimic the intensity of the exercises.

Happy 4th of July! I think a themed breakfast is fitting for tomorrow morning,

(after a good nights sleep (fingers crossed))

Pittsburgh Vacation and Father’s Day

19 Jun

Hey there! It’s been a couple of days since I last posted; a trip to Pittsburgh will do that to ya! I was fortunate enough to take a couple of days off from the internship to spend Father’s day with this guy ↓

(The cake was a plus 😉 )

On Sunday, we went to my Aunt’s house for a cook-out in the afternoon; steaks, fries, salad, and more cake was devoured. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and watching TV..perfect father’s day in my book!

While at home, I took many Les Mills classes at the gym my parents belong to (GREAT gym BTW! Oxford Athletic Club for you Pittsburghers’ out there!). Body Combat and Body Pump were the two main classes (that’s all they offered) and I was slightly disappointed. The instructor who taught the first Combat class was, with all-due respect, bad. His cues were late, he did 10X more on the right side than the left (the infamous “we just did that” was used one time too many), and he was monotone the entire class. If you’re being given the workouts (choreography, music, safety cues, etc.) you should have it MEMORIZED and down-pat! A mistake here and there is fine but every track? C’mon. If I didn’t know some of the moves, hadn’t taken the class before, and wasn’t an instructor already, I’d be P.O.-ed that my workout wasn’t 100%! The second Combat class was MUCH better; she knew her stuff, was motivating, and challenged us to put 110% in..my kinda style! Pump was pretty standard; I feel like that’s the easiest format to memorize if you can follow the 8-count and have rhythm. One thing I don’t like about Les Mills is that they pack SO much choreography in 1 track that the instructor scrambles to instruct the exercise, get in position, cue it, and look around to make sure the participants are doing it safely. For instance: during a triceps track, we went from push-ups to kickbacks to overhead extensions back to kickbacks back to push-ups with maybe a count in between each transition. The instructor couldn’t even get in all the reps let alone instruct and cue the exercise! How are the participants, of all levels, going to get the most out of the exercise, safely?! Definitely not the instructors fault, just something I’ve noticed in every release. The music is always awesome though!

Pictures from home!


Back on the grind! 4 weeks left in Raleigh..