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Day 38

13 Jul

Fact: I drink coffee way too fast.

Do any of you have a single-serving coffee maker? (Keurig, NesCafe, etc.?) I swear, they make a measly “cup” of coffee. Even if you were to go out for a cup of coffee, unless you ordered a smallyou wouldn’t get that small of a cup! As great as my Dolce Gusto is, I’m thinking I may go back to the good ol’ coffee pot; since I’m such the coffee connoisseur now, I like to enjoy a larger cup in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoons for a quick picker-upper. AND with the coffee I don’t drink, I’d freeze it in ice cube trays to make iced coffee for later in the day!

Creative, eh? I’d love to take credit for this idea, but someone beat me to the punch! It’s piqued my interest on Pinterest for a while; some peeps be sooo creative.

Today was extremely busy; I had a client at State’s gym, sat in pointless traffic, ran through another “mock” wellness profile, worked on the internship portfolio, shadowed the office, and taught Body Sculpt!

The 4:30pm Body Sculpt is always a fun crowd; they’re a smaller group and regulars of the class, so you can get creative with the exercises and formats and use lots of equipment (happy-KT). I chose to do 4 circuits consisting of lower body, upper body, and core:

  • Circuit 1: Ball-wall squats, Ball-wall plie squats, Ball-wall alternating lunges. I had them face the ball and press into it as they completed the lunges (engages your upper body slightly and forces you to keep your chest open and shoulders back).
  • Circuit 2: Push-ups, Chest flies, Bent-over rows, Reverse flies.
  • Circuit 3: Military press, Wide-angle biceps curls, Triceps kickbacks, Calf raises (all on the stability ball).
  • Circuit 4: Hamstring curls, Glute bridges, Back extensions, Jack knives.

All-in-all, great class!

I have a girlfriend-date with Kathie to see..!!!

Day 36

10 Jul

Today is the day..

My last final hoo-rah of my internship-the special project.

It’s been a long time coming, and I can’t believe it’s all over! I presented on Exercise and Stress: How exercise can help alleviate stress in the workplace. I’ve linked the presentation to this post; if you view it, I ask that if for some oddreason you present on the same topic and use this material, you link back to my original presentation!


At the time I was beginning the internship, I had just graduated from college, I was still unsure about graduate school, I started a new experience with people I didn’t know one day after graduation; I couldn’t “work”, I was adjusting to a new schedule, and worst of all- friends were beginning to leave. Stressed? You bet. But I’m not the only person going through stressful times and it won’t be the last time either. The employees at my internship are stressed in a different way, daily, and use exercise as a means of de-stressing.

Everyone is stressed. But it’s those who take their stress and learn how to de-stress that come out on top. If it’s through group fitness classes, personal training sessions, rec. leagues, shooting pool, swimming laps, playing cards-whatever the activity may be, it’s an hour where they don’t have to think.

I don’t know, yet,  if I’ve learned how to deal with my stress, but I’m working on it!

Teaching Body Sculpt & Balance tonight-review tomorrow!

Day 35

9 Jul

Happy Monday! I hope all had wonderful weekend :).

I ran this morning; a little 4-miler around Lake Johnson to start the week off on a strong notefoot! I’m really ready for this steamy-hot weather to leave; even at 6am it’s almost too much! 2-scrambled, cheesy eggs with spinach and salsa, toasted wheat bagel and a too-ripe banana followed. You know how some people won’t eat a banana if there’s a speck of brown on it? It doesn’t bother me when the banana is borderline-brown (add that to my “food tendencies” 😉 ). It all comes down to wasting-I HATE to throw food out! When I was living at home and my parents were buying the groceries, I’d throw things out left and right; nowadays, since I’m the one who’s paying, you better believe I eat every.single.last.bit. 

BUT-if you really don’t enjoy eating browntoo-ripe bananas, here’s how you can put them to use:

  • freeze them (take them out of the peel first) and let them thaw in oats or blend them up and make banana icecream!
  • use as a substitute for oil or butter while baking.
  • use bananas as an exfoliant. apply the pulp of the banana on dry, cracked feet. leave on for 10 minutes then wash with warm water.
  • DIY firming mask- 1 banana,  1T. agave or honey, 1/2t. lemon juice. combine ingredients until it’s smooth and creamy. spread over face and leave on for 30 minutes, rinse off.
  • DIY treatment for dry, damaged hair- mash a banana and apply it to your hair, wrap head in plastic and leave it on for 15 minutes. shampoo and condition normally.

This week in workouts:

  • Monday- run and teach Basic Body Sculpt
  • Tuesday- Interval Training (?) and teach Body Sculpt & Balance
  • Wednesday- Back 2 Core & Stretch(?) and Double Step
  • Thursday- teach Body Sculpt
  • Friday- who knows!

Basic Body Sculpt is just that-basic. No compound movements, only single muscle groups worked at a time. Because that can get boring both to teach and to take, I structured the class as a superset workout; 2 exercises, back to back, 3 times through with little (no) rest in between. The participants really like the format! They said no one has ever taught it that way before and enjoyed how quick but challenging it was.

  • Squats & Overhead Press
  • Side Lunges & Biceps Curls
  • Plie Squats & Triceps Kickbacks
  • Forward Lunges & Bent-Over Rows
  • Side-Lying Abductions & Chest Press
  • Bicycles & Back Extensions

After class, I attended the personal training meeting then worked on the seminar I’m presenting tomorrow!

Have a great night 🙂

Day 34

6 Jul

 ↑ This is what happens after a glorious 3.5 mile plyo-interval run ↓

I should probably think of a new way to wear my hair, especially if I’m jumping and running around like a crazy person at 6am! Any suggestions from my fellow long-haired exercisers? I would love to be gifted enough to braid my hair but..it never looks attractive.

The run: Lake Johnson has mile-markers every 1/4 mile around the trail so you can track your distance if you don’t use Nike+ or a Garmin. I got to thinking, how can I use this to my advantage? It’s too hot to run longer than 30 minutes and I wanted to get some lower body plyometrics in before I taught Body Sculpt. Aha! At every marker, complete 20-ish reps of plyo exercises, then continue running. Here’s how the workout looked (I started at the 1 mile marker):

  1. 1 mile= squat jumps
  2. 1.25 miles= jump-switch lunges
  3. 1.5 miles= plie squat jumps
  4. 1.75 miles= right jump lunges, left jump lunges
  5. 2 miles= star jumps
  6. 2.25 miles= mountain climbers
  7. 2.5 miles= speed skaters
  8. 2.75 miles= plank jacks
  9. 3 miles= 2-pulse squats, 180 jump, 2-pulse squats
  10. 3.25 miles= 10 burpees
  11. 3.5 miles= 10 burpees
  12. .25 mile= squat jumps
  13. .5 mile= jump-switch lunges
  14. .75 mile= plank jacks

Breakfast quickly followed; a first for me, OIAJ! I finally, and sadly, ate the cookie butter down to just the right amount so I can use the jar and put the oats, yogurt, almond milk, and vanilla extract in for the highly acclaimed-bloggers’ breakfast:

I may have overfilled it a tad, but the more the merrier 🙂 That was a lip-smacker. Mhm..

I taught Body Sculpt today, nothing cray-cray. Great class though!

Have a happy Friday and happier weekend!

Day 25

22 Jun

 I’d give this little guy 5 more minutes-so presh 🙂 This was me when I awoke this morning at 5am to shadow the opening shift at the office! (Minus the hair and paws of course 😉 )

Body Sculpt went well last night! I formatted the class as a basic toning workout:

  • squats, lunges, plies
  • push-ups, chest press, triceps extensions, sitting bent-over rows, biceps curls
  • upright rows, hammer curls, kickbacks
  • abs

Have a great weekend!

Day 24

21 Jun

The third picture is how I felt and looked after my run this morning:

It’s SO hot-everywhere! Are you planning to exercise outside? Below is a chart that shows what heat indexes are safe to exercise in:

Based on your location,  find the relative humidity percentage and the current temperature on the chart (i.e. Raleigh’s humidity % is 45% and temperature is currently 95*-heat index says it feels like it’s ~102 degrees outside); if your results fall in the yellow, orange, or red areas, you run the risk of a heat-related injury.

According to ACE, a “heat-related injury results when the demand of the environment exceeds the capabilities of the body’s regulatory mechanisms.” There are 3 stages that occur, each getting progressively worse if not treated properly and in a timely manner:

  1. heat cramps- excessive sweating causes water and salt loss which leads to muscle cramping. dehydration, fatigue, overheating, and electrolyte imbalances can cause these cramps, usually in the legs and abdomen areas. drinking lots of water before, during, and after exercise can help the on-set of heat cramps.
  2. heat exhaustion- more severe, it’s caused by a decrease in blood volume, water, and/or electrolyte depletion from sweating. the muscles and brain require greater blood flow, and at the same time, the skin needs blood flow to radiate heat to form sweat. faintness, fatigue, paleness, and nausea are some signs of heat exhaustion; replenishment of fluids and electrolytes and rest in a cool environment are best for treatment.
  3. heat stroke- a medical emergency, all mechanisms for cooling have failed and severe elevation of the body temperature occurs. the hypothalamus (center for hormone control) loses control and body temperature rises to levels that cause damage throughout the body. irritability, poor judgement, confusion, an unsteady gait, and a glassy stare are symptoms of a heat stroke. once these symptoms are recognized, immediate treatment is recommended; allow the skin exposure to cool air, cool towels and ice should be placed on the skin, and availability of water should be close by. once in the care of professionals, further treatment (if needed) can take place.

Here are some ways to prevent a heat-related injury:

  • acclimatization. the body’s adaptation to heat stress and increased capacity to workout in high temperatures and humidity. it’s recommended to reduce the workout duration by 50% on the first day; most people acclimate in 4-10 days of exposure as long as fluid and electrolyte replacement is appropriate!
  • fluid replacement. water is the most important fluid to drink when preventing heat-related injuries; it maintains homeostasis throughout the body. experts recommend consuming fluids in 3-10 ounces every 10-20 minutes and rehydration is extremely beneficial too.

 I met with the group fitness coordinator to talk about my Step I.T. class yesterday. Here are some of the suggestions she gave me:

  • make sure each combo follows the 32 count
  • transition each block with the first move of the next block
  • try to use different step moves in each block (this can confuse the participants if we did a corner knee the first time through, then a corner glute the second time through)
  • start with the basic move (knees corner to corner) and as the participants are getting used to that, show them a more advanced option (knee, walk, walk, knee)

Most of the instructors took Step I.T. with me and all agreed they were very satisfied with the turnout! They provided me with constructive criticism to make my next class much better but told me this is a learning experience and to just have fun and keep the participants moving. I can do that :-P; the instructors I’m surrounded by are some of the most talented I’ve seen in person so I’m in the right place!

Teaching Body Sculpt tonight! (review tomorrow).

Congrats to Evgeni Malkin for winning the NHL Hart Trophy last night at the NHL Awards ceremony in Las Vegas, NV!  (source) The Hart Trophy represents the NHL’s most valuable player and it couldn’t have gone to a more-deserved player than “Geno”!

Protected: Week 4

11 Jun

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Day 19

8 Jun

I bet you know what’s coming..


A beach trip is planned for the weekend to Wrightsville Beach; 2 days and 1 night with girlfriends makes for the perfect vacay :).

Lately I’ve been dreaming about food (scrambled eggs to be exact). Intrigued, I decided to research what your dreams tell you and to see if I can solve this delicious habit of mine. According to Dream Moods Dictionary, if you’re eating in your dreams,

To dream that you are eating alone signifies loss, loneliness, and depression. You may feel rejected, excluded, and cut off from social/family ties. Eating may be a replacement for companionship and provide a form of comfort. Alternatively, eating alone reflects independent needs. Also consider the pun, “what’s eating you up?” in reference to anxiety that you may be feeling.

To dream that you are eating with others signifies harmony, intimacy, merriness, prosperous undertakings, personal gain, and/or joyous spirits.

To dream that you are overeating or not eating enough signifies a lack of spirituality and fulfillment in your waking life. Food can represent love, friendship, ambition, sex or pleasure in your life. Thus, food is a metaphor to fulfill and gratify your hunger for love and desires. If you are refusing to eat, then it indicates that you want to be more independent and not rely on others so much. If you dream that you are a picky eater, then it indicates that you are holding back something. If you are currently dieting in your waking life, then the dream may serve to compensate for the sustenance that you are lacking.

To dream that someone clears away the food before you finish eating foretells that you will have problems and issues from those beneath you or dependent upon you.

Interesting, eh? Whether or not it’s true, I’m one of those people who constantly and annoyingly asks “why, why, why”!

Scrambled, cheesy eggs for breakfast! Toasted and buttered bagel and a banana. Off to work early so I can leave early and prepare for the beach!

 Body Sculpt today wasn’t my fave. I’ve taken this class with this instructor at a different time (60 minutes compared to 45 minutes) and it was the same workout. The transitions between the exercises, sets, pace weren’t told enough in advance,  we did more reps on the right side than the left (pet-peeve X 10), and more functional exercises could have been incorporated than the ones we did (a plie squat instead of standing abductions-my opinion). It was still a decent class though and took the work out for me to complete my own weights workout! I think next week I’ll schedule a homemade (if you will) toning sesh that I make-up just to keep my bod guessin’.

Step was taught by the instructor who recognized me from RFW (I like her)! It was very different and a little cray-cray though; it seemed rather dismantled and I couldn’t keep up with the routine. Maybe I wasn’t putting 100% but I’m still glad she taught it and I took it! There’s always something to learn.

Lunch followed! More chicken salad with tomato slices instead of cuckes! Sweet potato crinkles and string cheese to compliment. 

Have a safe and relaxing weekend!

Day 17

6 Jun

Is Wednesday the day of rain? Such a gloomy drive to work, especially when there’s not an accident in sight yet blinking red lights are everywhere from people slamming on their breaks..okay, I’m done.

I finally went to Trader Joe’s after work yesterday! There’s some things I prefer to buy there then at a regular grocery store; fruit and veggies are cheaper without sacrificing quality, nuts are inexpensive, and the cheese selection is huge! I love the Shredded Mexican blend in my scrambled eggs and have missed its gooeyness so much that I believe that’s the reason I couldn’t sleep last night..I was anticipating breakfast this morning :). Other things I purchased:

  • multigrain bread. really hardy and stands up to chicken salad without becoming soggy
  • grilled chicken breast for chicken salad
  • celery
  • raw, toasted almonds
  • sweet potato crinkle chips. a.m.a.z.e.b.a.l.l.s.
  • peanut butter-filled pretzels
  • (2) pizza al pollo asado. a mexican-style pizza with a corn masa crust, grilled chicken, refried beans, jack cheese, and tomatillo salsa. the flavors complement each-other, a little spicy, and so tender you can cut it with a fork- for $1.99!

$34? A synonym of a bargain shopper.

Body Sculpt & Balance review: we used a stability ball, heavy and medium dumbbells, a thera-band, and a mat. Basic strength training exercises but with a balance challenge at some point during the move; for example: squats with a knee lift, upper body work on the stability ball, single-leg curls, and closing your eye (very challenging-I recommend closing one at a time first!) I really love basic body sculpting classes. Maybe it’s because that’s my speciality but the exercises you can do in a toning class are limitless and it’s a chance as an instructor to educate your participants.

Step I.T. was great as usual! Loved the combinations the instructor put together; they were self-reversing, so both right and left sides were balanced out. The strength moves were the usuals.

Yoga Challenge was a challenge for my delts! Holy moly. I guess it didn’t help that both the instructor and I took Step I.T. beforehand because down-dog was super tough to hold for a breathlong periods of time. This wasn’t necessarily my favorite yoga class since it didn’t flow from one pose to another rather, it was how hard can we make a series. It’s good to change it up though so I’ll be attending this sporadically, but stick to yoga flow or stretch.

Lunch!  Mayo-less chicken salad with an apple and sweet potato crinkles. I was upset that I ate it so fast :(.

I received my group fitness class schedule for June; 1 Interval Training class, 2 Body Sculpt classes, and 1 Step I.T.; super pumped about all of them. I need to practice step..help me!

The rest of the day I’ll be observing Cycle & Sculpt and Aqua Kickboxing. Have a great hump day!

P.S. 1st freelance post was published!

Day 15

4 Jun

I’m hoping everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend as I did! I traveled, by train, to Charlotte to be a +1 for a friends’ wedding  It was a blast! Both his family and all of his friends were extremely friendly and welcoming, I couldn’t ask for a more-fun wedding to be a part of! Thanks Steven :).

all good things must come to and end though..

Since I’ve been away for the past couple of weekends, I had some veggies that looked like they were on the verge of dying; a veggie scramble it was for breakfast! I love sautéed mushrooms, especially in a port wine sauce but since it was 8:30am, I figured I’d hold out on the wine at least until noon 😉. I sautéed mushrooms and spinach before adding in 2 whisked eggs. I let it sit and coagulate before adding a string cheese right in the center so it oozed all throughout the scramble..yummo :-). I wrote my first freelance blog post last night about owning your confidence, whether it’s in an intimate setting or out on the street fully clothed. Confidence starts with YOU and the only way to make others believe your confident is for you to believe it first! (I’ll link-up the post once it’s published).

Back on the grind! Our offices had a mini face-lift; new carpeting was laid on Friday so it felt and smelled like a brand new office this morning. I’m telling you, the ambience is much more calming and motivating to put me and keep me to work! My chair was M.I.A. so I replaced it with something more fitting..ergo-ball/chair!

On today’s agenda:

  • personal training consult
  • demo-ing total body sculpt/HIIT/boot camp style class. maybe I’ll be put on the schedule after?
  • attending cycling with a newnew instructor.

This week in workouts:

  • Monday-60 minutes of Cycling*
  • Tuesday- Interval Training and/or Yoga Flow/Water Aerobics
  • Wednesday- Step I.T. and Yoga Challenge
  • Thursday- Pilates? Interval Training? Body Sculpt? YOU PICK!
  • Friday- Yoga Flow and Step

*Class review will be posted tomorrow!

Lunch today is a peanut butter pita, yogurt, and fruit. I usually only buy Whole Foods Honey Roasted PB that I grind myself but didn’t want to make a special trip this weekend; the next best? Naturally More Peanut Butter My friend Sarah got me hooked on this brand! It’s creamy and rich in flavor with flaxseeds throughout it that may or may not get stuck in your teeth.  Other benefits of a 2-tablespoon serving include:

  • zero cholesterol
  • zero grams of trans fat
  • fortified with flaxseed and flax oil, providing essential fats needed in the body for balance
  • contains omega 3’s and 6’s
  • 4 grams of dietary fiber
  • 4 net carbs*
  • 10 grams of protein

Net carbs are a result of the “low-carb” diet fad. Normally, a food’s total carb count (in grams) is calculated by subtracting the grams of protein, fat, moisture, and ash from the food’s total weight. What’s left is the total carbs. The FDA also requires that the total carb count includes grams of sugar alcohol and fiber, though these carbs have a lower impact on blood glucose levels than regular carbs because they are only partially converted (if at all) to glucose by your body. In laymen’s terms: fiber is a carbohydrate, but doesn’t affect blood sugar levels as much as other carbs do. By subtracting sugar alcohols and fiber out of the total carb count encouraged consumers to eat more fiber in a low-carb diet. That’s what the term “net carbs” means, total carb count minus the carbs that don’t affect blood sugar.

I’ve been working on my demo for Step; first class down! A little more practice and I’ll be ready to perform for my supervisors..wish me luck!