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Day 26

25 Jun

Happy Monday all! This past weekend was tons of fun! It was the first weekend in Raleigh for quite some time so lots of catching up with friends and hitting downtown :).

For those of you who were concerned (!), I finally found the perfect way to make a cup of coffee! I used to use sugar-free syrup and milk but really wanted to ween myself off of artificial sweeteners. It seems I could never get the right ratio of sweetener:milk:coffee, I even tried coffee with almond milk and wasn’t a fan. The solution? Basic french vanilla creamer. I also made my family’s bean salad over the weekend; it’ll last me at least 2 weeks which I’m completely fine with :-P.

A couple of runs happened but not long ones at all-it’s SO hot and humid. It’s really not safe to run in this kind of heat and personally not-enjoyable! Even the mornings and evenings are tough. To make the runs a complete workout, I popped in Tony Horton’s Ab Ripper DVD after-ouchie…

Early morning client at State’s gym then to the office!

Lunch: turkey, humus, cuckes, and spicy mustard on fresh whole wheat bread with sweet potato chips and string cheese. This bread from Kroger is amazing! My friend Sarah introduced me to it and I think I love her that much more because of it! 

This week in workouts:

  • Monday: Step and 15-minutes of Plyometrics
  • Tuesday: teaching Body Sculpt & Stretch, Pilates or On the Ball
  • Wednesday: teaching Back 2 Core & Stretch
  • Thursday: Homemade workout!
  • Friday: Step

Today is solely dedicated to blood pressure testing. I’ve taken blood pressures before, but it was automatic and did the hard part for me; at the tap of the enter button, it squeezed, listened, and recorded the clients’ blood pressure without me having to concentrate too hard. I loved it! But at my internship, it’s all manual and I need to learn how to listen for both the systolic (top number) and diastolic (bottom number) beats in order to participate in the wellness program. That being said- stethoscope in hand (a pink one!) and I’m off!

Gigi’s cupcakes have been on my mind for too long and tonight I’ll be indulging in one 🙂

Day 23

20 Jun

Today’s the day-Step I.T. with yours truly! Lots of steppin’ has been happening in my office; we shall name the step Bruiser..he’s taken quite the beating 😉

The humidity is not in anybody’s hairs favor today; it’s going to be in the high-90’s! If you have side bangs or your hair is angled in the front, a cute and easy way to wear your hair while exercising is with a clip to the side:

Push it up to add a little poof and you’re set!

This morning was practice, practice, practice; I rehearsed in the studio with the mic and the music playing as if I were talking to the participants. Hearing my choice of words out loud definitely helped where I needed to add or take out a step, change a transition, or think of a different way of saying something. If you’re learning to teach a new format, I highly recommend this way of practicing! When I practiced in my office and repeated the words in my head, everything worked because I knew what I was talking about. Participants don’t. Rehearsing the class as if it were the “real deal” only helped make the class successful.

Step I.T. went well! It being my first time teaching Step, mistakes were a no-brainer. I need to practice transitioning from right and left sides, remembering the steps (!), and cueing in time. Most importantly, I kept the class stepping, did even repetitions on each side, reiterated safety cues and breathing, and had fun! I’m in no way an expert stepper but am pleased with the outcome of my first Step I.T. class; the participants approached me afterwards and said they thoroughly enjoyed the class and it was a great workout-music to my ears! One thing to remember-when the fans are on high, papers will not stay in one place! I taped the workout in front of me on the mirror before I turned the fans up; needless to say we held basic for quite a while while I re-taped the papers down 🙂 rookie mistake..

Another fave purchase from Trader Joes! Kettle Corn in individual packages, perfect combo of sweet and salty. I don’t like popcorn but put kettle corn around me and you won’t stand a chance at getting some! Turkey, humus, tomato sandwich with strawberry Greek yogurt.

A part of my internship experience I wanted to observe and learn is the wellness profiles that the company does for employees. It’s a two-fer; one part is the fitness assessment, the other part is the lifestyle assessment. I’ve done fitness assessments before, but this protocol is different. They take the client’s blood pressure seated, standing, and while they’re exercising on the treadmill-all manually. I can’t even hear the systolic heartbeat in dead silence let alone while they’re running on a treadmill! So today was all blood pressure practice; I plan on going around to each persons’ desk and taking their BP tomorrow-be ready!

Have a cool first day of summer!

Yoga is a MUST!

27 Oct

Have you ever said something along the lines of “I know I should do it..but I don’t”? I say that about yoga all the time..and yesterday I finally did something about it! I know the benefits of yoga: increased flexibility, balance and coordination, improvement in posture and strength, lower blood pressure and stress levels, etc. and after yesterday’s class, I realized that I need to make time to practice yoga more often. I participated in Catherine’s yoga flow class, which combines yoga and Pilates exercises, resulting in a completely new glistening workout sesh :p.

“I always start with a simple warm up like cat rolling and then from there introduce some of the major poses we will be flowing through like down dog and up dog,” explains Catherine. “For the main flow, I always try to find a really challenging format that pushes every level in the class.”

Here’s an example of a my legs were shakingchallenging flow:

  • runner’s lunge-warrior 1-twisting warrior 2-warrior 2
  • reverse warrior-extended side angle pose (we connected our hands but that’s beyond my terminology 🙂 )

Pretty intense-eh?

Catherine finishes up her class with restorative-thank goodness-poses..

“so people forget how hard they worked and just concentrate on the relaxation. At the end there is always around 10 minutes for a series of meditative poses.”


Step out of your comfort zone and try a new class. You’ll  experience a “new” sore, work muscles that you may not have known you had before, and if nothing else, learn a new technique you can take back and use in your respective class! It’s always fun to be a participant once in a while :D.