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Day 28

27 Jun

The weather has been perfect! Cool mornings, not-too-hot afternoons, and brisk evenings make for ideal summer days :).

Trained at 8am then was at work by 9:15am! Cheesy eggs, a whole-wheat English muffin from TJ’s, and a banana fueled the morning; 2 cups of coffee may have had an impact too :-P.

Right when I got to work, I had 2 emails awaiting me-personal training appointments! I’ve been assigned 2 clients that I’ll take on tours of the facilities and equipment orientations. Very exciting! I also sat in on a postpartum appointment, which is the third session out of a program for women who are pregnant. This program is divided into three parts-a session in the early stages of pregnancy, a session during the later stages of pregnancy, and a session after the birth; I really want to learn how to work with this population so I plan on shadowing more of those consultations as they get booked.

I taught Back 2 Core & Stretch at 11:15am, a 45-minute class devoted to core exercises without it being a body sculpting class that involves the core (think-lunges with a rotation). The guidelines to teaching this format are no on-your-back crunches or bicycle exercises. I began the class with a moving warm-up then..

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I could get used to participants coming up to me and saying they enjoyed the workout and they’re glad they came to the gym!

Blood pressure testing..in action!

Look at me go! I’ve finally gotten the hang of hearing both beats-practice does make perfectionimprovement! I’m completing a mock-wellness profile today and have been borrowing peoples arms for the past two days.

Tonight may be an evening run or walk around Lake Johnson :).

Happy Hump Day!