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2012 Fitness Expo Recap

8 Mar

A recap of a future fitness professionals dream weekend!

Last weekend, Team FITNasty traveled to Blacksburg, VA to attend the 2012 Southeast Collegiate Fitness Expo hosted by Virginia Tech! For those of you don’t know what a collegiate fitness expo entails, allow me to explain 🙂 :

The collegiate fitness expo provides students and professionals within fitness programs at universities an opportunity to network, gain more knowledge, and enhance what we already know and learn different techniques in order to apply them into our respective program areas. The expo also provides continuing education credits from master presenters at an extremely low-cost. Each year, the expo is hosted by a new university (NC State hosted in 2011, VT in 2012, and ODU in 2013) with a new mission, innovative sessions, and top-of-the-line master presenters.

This year, Gay Gasper was the master presenter; what an honor to be in the presence of such a renowned professional in our field! She had our hearts pounding and lactic acid flowing bright and early in her Hard-Core conditioning class first thing Saturday morning. Gay set the bar high for the rest of the weekend! Each session was an hour-long, lasting from 8:30am to 5:45pm. Post hard-core conditioning, I presented A Fitness Guide to Using Social Media and the turnout was great! I felt confident with my presentation and felt the message I wanted to convey was received (go to 2:20 for a miniclip of the presentation!)

Multiple sessions are offered each hour, so it’s impossible to attend all of them=huge bummer! If only there was a way to clone yourself for a day..Sessions that cater to personal trainers (3-dimensional checkpoints, client communication), group fitness instructors (ADD cycling, aqua power, bottoms up yoga) professional staff (assessment planning, aquatic excellence) and wellness (beautiful body beliefs) are offered.

During the lunch hour, demo teams perform. Check out FITNasty! The demo team is a way to showcase your teams talent by completing a routine that has at least 4 formats of fitness; kickboxing, yoga/Pilates, strength, cardio/dance, step are amongst the most popular.

After the sessions on Saturday, we attended the social where music, dancing, food, and friends gathered to top-off an already fun day!

Sunday was another early morning with BodyFlow as the master class; a rejuvinating way to stretch out from Saturday and prepare our bodies for another day of exercise!

After the final session, we packed up the vans and headed back to Raleigh. Things were going way to smoothly for this crowd when..

  • Pfffff (sound from the front vent)
  • Katie “What if a snake comes out of there?”
  • Ryan “That didn’t sound good.”
  • Alex “Guys, something’s wrong. I’m turning the steering wheel right but we’re going left.”
  • Ryan “Let’s just pull over”


Luckily we had Matt to the rescue!


Flat tire and all, we had a GREAT time at the fitness expo!