Death by Burpees

24 Oct

Am I right or am I right?

Don’t get me wrong-burpees are a GREAT total body exercise that challenges:

  • strength- repetition after repetition, your chest, arms, deltoids, quads, hamstrings, and entire core is continuously engaged
  • stamina- the up-down movements increase your heart rate. add in jumps and your heart rate will soar!
  • coordination- there are so many components to a burpee (at every level) that tests coordination and agility
  • mental sanity- if you can last through a set of burpees, more power to you.

but man do they burn!

Workout Wednesday consists of lots of burpees! Complete the following exercises, one after another with little rest, for the repetitions stated. This was inspired by Julie’s Super Fast, Super Sweaty workout, with a couple of tweaks in rounds 2 and 3. As always, proper form is super important-quality over quantity.

..and really, no one ever died of doing burpees, so let’s keep doing them-shall we? 😛

Lookie what finally came in! Oakland University group fitness instructor jackets!

It was a tough pick between an Eddie Bauer jacket ($45) and a no-name brand ($12); we went with the no-name brand and are so impressed! They’re warm enough to wear before we teach yet light enough to throw on after our classes when we’re still glistening sweating.

5 Responses to “Death by Burpees”

  1. Kailey October 24, 2012 at 11:01 pm #

    I made it through 3 burpees before wanting to die – those are NO joke


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