Day 6

21 May

The week starts off much better when the sun decides to shine-not in today’s case! Oh well, nothing like a hot cup of coffee to take its job ;). This morning began much earlier than usual; I had a doctor’s appointment at 8:20am to have my thyroid levels checked and am anxiously awaiting the results. Little did I know blood had to be drawn for the test (how else would they test Katie!), but I didn’t mind. I’m one of those freaks that likes to watch the needle be inserted; I can handle pain when I see something happening-just another one of my weird quirks!

Before the appointment, I ate 2 scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa, a buttered bagel thin, and an apple. Eating at 7:30am compared to 8:30am was a lot different; I almost wasn’t hungry! And when 10am rolled around, I felt like I hadn’t  eaten in hours. Do you ever notice when you eat at a different time than normal it almost throws your whole day off? I try to stick to a somewhat regular schedule so my body knows when food is coming but don’t over-obsess about it.

It’s a busy couple of days for the professionals at my internship; a majority of them are in training until Wednesday so I won’t be seeing them often. That means I get to work on my special project AND take classes! Hopefully I can make it to a variety of classes; my goal is to try one of the aqua formats by the end of the week. If you know me, I’m not too keen on getting my hair wet, especially in chlorine! I’m a natural blonde and my hair decides to turn blueish/green; Smirf-like? Yes. Attractive? No. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll give in and purchase a sexy swim cap ;).

Here’s a list of classes I plan on attending; a final version and review of each class will be posted on Friday:

  • Monday- Cycle
  • Tuesday- Interval Training
  • Wednesday- Back to Core & Stretch, Step I.T.
  • Thursday- Pilates
  • Friday- Body Sculpt

Have a great start to the week!

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