Day 1

16 May

Hello! I hope everyone had as wonderful of a weekend as I did!

I started my internship the Monday after graduation; it’s 10 weeks long, so the quicker I can finish it, the sooner I’ll be able to go home for a little! Not that I’m rushing through the experience and will enjoy it thoroughly, just tough to go straight from a full semester to 8 hour days and 40 hour weeks.

I got ready for work (which is what I’ll be calling it from here on out :-P), ate breakfast, packed my new Lululemon gym bag  and was on my way! I felt so grown-up driving to work during rush-hour in the morning with my coffee in hand dork. When I arrived, I was given another tour of the facility and keys to my office; I have my own desk with a computer AND telephone- SO professional! The day went by extremely fast as I believe anybody’s first day on the job would; lots of running around, meeting all of the employees and getting to know “who’s-who”. I chatted with my supervisor, going over policies and special projects that I’ll be completing during my 10 weeks; I even received a photo I.D.!

I didn’t pack lunch like I normally would simply because I didn’t have a chance to go to the grocery store and I knew there would be places nearby I could quickly grab a bite to eat. The campus has (I believe) 3 cafe’s located in walking distance from the gym! All have at least 1 entrée, a full salad bar, made-to-order sandwiches, paninis, and wraps stations, daily soups, and a dessert/frozen yogurt bar. The best part isn’t even the variety of foods to choose from, it’s how cheap it is! I bought a sandwich, apple, and Greek yogurt for ~$3! I’ll still be packing my lunch most days, but it’s nice to know that I can buy a cheap but healthy meal too.

I decided to observe/participate in the lunchtime Cardio Kickboxing class in place of eating my gourmet, cheap meal. I love taking kickboxing classes; depending on my mood, I can kick my butt or keep it low impact without sacrificing a good workout. Combos featuring both punches and kicks were incorporated throughout the class, and the instructor gave variations to make it more or less challenging-like the different options! The class was 45 minutes, which was perfect for a mid-day sweat-sesh. Part of my responsibilities as an intern is to observe and participate in the classes to get a feel for how different instructors teach their respective formats. Coming from a college background, I’ve been spoiled by the participants I used to teach; they could jump, squat, and throw with the best of them without getting fatigued. I want to teach a different population in a new environment while still giving them a great, functional workout. The more experience I can get with a variety of clients, the more I can become an adaptable instructor/trainer!

Before I knew it, 6:30pm was here and I was on my way home! The evening finished off at the Carolina Ale House for dinner and to watch the Eastern Conference semi-finals between the NY Rangers and NJ Devils.

Can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for me!


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