Sugar High

13 Mar

Having a mouth full of sweet teethsweet tooth myself, reading about the effects of sugar does not make me a happy camper!

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend subscribing to Vital Juice; an online newsletter discussing all things fitness, health, fashion, and beauty. They send emails containing all types of information; some useful, some not, but all-in-all a fun resource! Today’s topic was about kicking sugar habits; I find I gravitate more towards sugary foods than salty foods and reading this article has made me re-think some of my choices.

Aspartame, a common non-calorie artificial sweetener used in gum and sodas, has been a much-talked about sugar substitute lately. Although it is approved by the FDA, it has been studied that consuming aspartame can create headaches, mood disorders, cancer, and increased hunger. How does something that tastes so good be so bad for you!? Connie Bennett, a proclaimed “Sugar Freedom Coach”, has answered some must-read questions relating to sugar:

  1. Can you get addicted to sugar? “Yes, a growing body of evidence suggests that sugar can ‘hijack’ the brain or activate it like drugs. One researcher in France found that the taste of sweetness is more rewarding than intravenous cocaine or heroin–even in animals already on drugs!   In another study, published in Archives of General Psychiatry, researchers at Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity showed that in response to a chocolate milkshake, compulsive eaters exhibited similar activity in certain brain regions as people addicted to alcohol or drugs.”
  2. How can you wean yourself off of sugar? “Imagine victory, be mindful, fill up on the good stuff, and delay away cravings.
  3. What are some surprising sugar sources? Salad dressings, bagels, deli meat, fat-free products.
  4. Is sugar bad for your skin? “Yes. It’s not an old wives’ tale. Scientists have found a close connection between overdoing it on sugar and processed carbs and developing acne, wrinkles, fine lines, brittle nails, lifeless hair, bloating and skin tags.”

Thinking about how much artificial sweeteners I use on a daily basis has me considering drastically reducing my intake: Splenda in my oats, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc., sugar-free syrup in my latte, my addiction to gum. Everytime I eat these foods with a sugar substitute, I feel bloated, have sharp headaches near my temples, and crave more sugar throughout the day. I’m really going to make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of artificial sweetener I use starting today!

How do you feel after you consume artificial sweetener?


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