Things To DO Before a Sweat-Sesh

29 Feb

Based on personal experience (like this morning), I’ve compiled a list of things to try not to do before your workout-PLEASE add-on! I want this to be a rolling list, so the more participation, the better we can all prepare!

  1. ladies: always have a back-up stash of pony tail holders. what girl honestly forgets these!!this girl does.
  2. plan your workout ahead of time. having a list with what you want to complete will maximize your gym time and not leave you wandering through the gym thinking of what to do next.
  3. if you’re working out in the am, set out your clothes, iPod, keys, water bottles, etc. the night before. this is a great tip if you’re still adjusting to morning workouts; everything is ready, all you have to do is perform.
  4. prepare your meals for your workout. sweatingglistening earlier in the day spikes your metabolism; keep it revved with healthy foods, plenty of water, and no stress! this can be done the night before as you’re packing your gym bag.
  5. fuel your body appropriately. if you know you need a snack before a workout, make it an easily digestible one (simple carbs, little protein/fats (longer to digest)). if you’re an exercising-vet and can handle working out on an empty stomach safely, do it. make sure you recover with 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein (source) a great source? CHOCOLATE MILK!
  6. always warm-up. always. a dynamic warm-up is most beneficial; try to incorporate the same exercises that you’ll do for your workout but at a lesser intensity/weight.
  7. wearing the correct shoes. because I run so much, I buy shoes solely for that purpose and try not to wear them out while cross training.

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