Endurance Run

21 Feb

Good Morning!

Today’s going to be a GREAT day! Packed schedule; workout, training, teaching, training, assessment, class, teaching, teaching, and finally home for a Thai-inspired dinner! When I know I’ll be running around likeachickenwithitsheadcutoff all day, I really like to begin the craziness with a sweat session; it puts me in a better mood, gives me more energy, and I’ve taken care of myself which is extremely important. I think people neglect to put themselves first when they have a busy schedule; I don’t feel it’s being selfish, rather, it’s self-investing in a healthier and happier state of mind :).

Another treadmill workout for the books! As much as I’d rather run outside, running on the treadmill is a great way to incorporate speed training into my routines, especially for some upcoming races! When running outside, the scenery, listening to music, nature, and maintaining a consistent pace are precedent over speed and intensity; on the treadmill, a steady pace is way too boring so opting for intervals where the speed and/or incline are constantly changing makes the session fly by.

  • 0-5 mins. warm-up (6.0-6.5 mph)
  • 5-8 mins. 7.0 mph
  • 8-9 mins. 8.0 mph
  • 9-12 mins. 7.5 mph
  • 12-13 mins.  8.5 mph
  • 13-16 mins. 7.2 mph
  • 16-17 mins. 8.8 mph
  • 17-20 mins. 7.6 mph
  • 20-23 mins. 7.8 mph
  • 23-24 mins. 8.8 mph
  • 24-27 mins. 7.5 mph
  • 27-30 mins. 7.2 mph
  • 30-31 mins. 8.0 mph
  • 31-34 mins. 7.6 mph
  • 34-35 mins. 8.2 mph
  • 35-40 mins. 7.0 mph

Only a couple more days left in February-where does time go?!


5 Responses to “Endurance Run”

  1. bearrunner at 4:09 pm #

    Nice run!


    • K.E.P.T. You Fit at 4:32 pm #

      It was a great workout! Intervals makes treadmill sessions doable! Thanks for stopping by :).

  2. Mollie Elyse at 1:25 am #

    what was the mileage of that treadmill run?? i want to try it!

    • K.E.P.T. You Fit at 11:50 am #

      Depending on your speed throughout, it came to be ~5.5 miles. Let me know how you do! 🙂


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