Spring Break a Sweat

2 Feb

Monday’s and Wednesday’s- 6:30pm- Spring Break a’ Sweat with yours truly!

This high intensity, total body fitness class is designed as a circuit/interval/boot camp-ish type workout that involves using mainly your body weight (lots of participants!) as resistance. I’ll utilize equipment based on how I format the class, but the easiest, most functional and safest way is with your own self. The energy from the participants is AWESOME! I don’t know if it’s the name of the class that gets them pumped up and motivated or they’re just having a great time-it’s contagious whatever it is!

At the conclusion of the semester, I plan on posting a majority of the workouts that we’ve completed as my gift to the participants who K.E.P.T.( 😉 ) up with my cheesy sayings, my high-pitched squeaky voice, and my consistent energy to provide them with the best workouts possible!

4 Responses to “Spring Break a Sweat”

  1. Shep February 2, 2012 at 3:00 pm #

    “I can’t hear you!!!!! Guess that means we can do 8 MORE!”


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