Outta Breath

21 Jan

Glad that’s over..as I’m bent over gasping for air. This was a doozy! It probably didn’t help that before this workout I participated in “the yoga” demo at work. My legs were a-burnin’!

  • Squats-as many as you can in 3 minutes, continuously. Why? Fo’ fun.
  • Supersets: weighted reverse lunges off a step & alternating overhead shoulder presses. weighted lateral step-ups with abduction & alternating biceps curls. decline push-ups & overhead triceps extensions. 12 reps/3x through.
  • 50-40-30 seconds each. burpees (no push-up), jump squats, mountain climbers, jump lunges, bench hop-overs, high knees.

The plyo segment alone is a tough enough workout! This took ~45 minutes to complete. As always, proper form is crucial, especially for any plyometric exercises.


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