Protein-y Oats

16 Jan

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day!

A big bowl of vanilla-bean protein oatmeal started the day. Today was a very productive homework day (these don’t come by often); all morning was spent getting ahead on homework assignments. Since I take 2 online classes, time management and discipline are crucial! After writing a paper on Beowulf, starting a strength and conditioning assignment and googling bugs (mhm), my brain was-legit-fried. Lunch coudn’t come soon enough! Running errands and Lake Johnson for some fresh air and a much-needed brain relaxer was the only homework enjoyable assignment left to complete :D.


Add a spoonful of protein powder into your oatmeal. It dissolves without clumping, adds a creamy texture and the increase in protein will keep you full for hours!

GNC‘s Total Lean brand is one of my go-to brands for protein powder. The serving size on the container is for 2 scoops: 180 calories, 2g. fat, 8g. fiber, 9g. protein; I use ~1 tablespoon in my oatmeal.



4 Responses to “Protein-y Oats”


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