Quick Pasta Bake and W.o.D.

14 Jan

Happy Saturday! Breakfast was yet again another tasty bowl of Muesli with an apple and a latte. Thanks Bob, but I’ve decided to save some money and make my own mix of oats! In the bowl(s):

  • old-fashioned oats
  • sunflower seeds (unsalted!)
  • plain, low-fat Greek yogurt
  • Almond milk, vanilla extract, Splenda and honey

Almond milk, vanilla, splenda and honey were added to the mix in the A.M. I would have added dried fruit BUT I need to have a date with the grocery store later today :).

One thing I like to do before I grocery shop is plan my dinner’s throughout the week. I have an arsenal of recipes from family and magazines that I often refer to. I tend to get stuck in a rut and make the same meals but one of my resolutions this year is to really venture into the culinary world! First up, a quick pasta bake.


  • 2cups penne pasta
  • 1 1/2T. olive oil
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • 3cups chopped Roma tomatoes
  • 4cups spinach
  • 1T. dried Italian herb mix
  • handfuls1cup parmesan and mozzarella cheese

Prep: preheat oven to 350 degrees.

  • boil water for pasta and cook for ~ 12 minutes. meanwhile, in a non-stick skillet coated with cooking spray, saute garlic in 1 tablespoon of oil until fragrant. add spinach and 2 cups of tomatoes. saute until spinach welts ~4 minutes.
  • combine remaining tomatoes in a bowl with Italian seasoning and a pinch of salt.
  • when spinach is wilted, add the mixture and the pasta to the tomatoes. stir in half of the cheese.
  • pour into an oven-safe baking dish coated with cooking spray and 1/2 tablespoon oil. bake for 15 minutes (uncovered). sprinkle the rest of cheese on top and bake until the cheese is melted ~4 minutes.

 To make this dish heartier, add grilled chicken or sautéed shrimp!

W.o.D. K.E.P.T. You Fit style..Miss. Spartacus workout 😀

*instead of the plank rows, I did a chest press.

One Response to “Quick Pasta Bake and W.o.D.”

  1. Shep at 12:20 am #

    love the choice of paper for your workout! musta gotten it from someone who knows you way too well… hehehe

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