Speedy Cardio for ANY Machine

11 Jan

The exciting part about this workout? The speedy intervals make it a lunch-time staple or “I-need-to-do-something-short-but-intense” workout AND can be done on any piece of cardio equipment that’s available. The down part of this workout? Doing it when all the resolutioners are in their prime.

Gym’s are crazy busy this time of year, thanks to all the “get fit” New Years Resolutions so finding a piece of equipment can be a workout in itself. Next time you’re in a rut with a piece of equipment that you’re unsure how to use and don’t want to do stead-state cardio, try these intervals!

The first 20 minutes will be a climbing hill if you’re on a treadmill or a climbing resistance if you’re using an elliptical or bike. The last 10 minutes will be a 45 second sprint/pedal as fast as you can alternating with a minute and 15 seconds of recovery. Beginners can walk/power walk the entire workout!

Interval Time Mode Incline/Resistance
1-5 mins. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 2
5-7 mins. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 3
7-9 min. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 4-5
9-11 mins. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 6-7
11-13 mins. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 7-8
13-16 mins. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 8
16-20 mins. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 2
20-20:45 mins. Sprint/fast Stride/Pedal 1
20:45-22 mins. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 1
22-22:45 mins. Sprint/fast Stride/Pedal 1
22:45-26 mins. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 1
26-26:45 mins. Sprint/fast Stride/Pedal 1
26:45-28 mins. Jog/easy Stride/Pedal 1
28-28:45 mins. Sprint/fast Stride/Pedal 1
28:45-30 mins. Cool Down 0

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