Kelly Ripa’s New Year’s Fitness Week

5 Jan

Good Evening! Today’s topic is all about New Year’s resolutions and how talk shows, particularly Live! with Kelly, are incorporating the renowned “I vow to exercise” resolution.

I’m a big fan of Kelly Ripa not only for her upbeat, sarcastic yet soft personality on Live, but also for her contributions to fitness magazines such as Shape, showcasing her fitness regimes and proving that she too needs to workout and stay healthy as a celebrity, but more importantly, as a mother and wife…and doing so on a busy schedule! I admire that! Beginning on January 3, Kelly hosted (or will host) fitness professionals Chalene Johnson, creator of Turbo Kick; Tony Horton, the master-mind behind p90x; Brooke Burke, entrepreneur; Alberta Perez, Zumba choreographer; and Melanie Amaro, X-factor winner. Each star demonstrated (or will demonstrate) a different type of exercise so the show can cater to everyone whose New Year’s resolution involved fitness. But why during the first week of the New Year do we focus entirely on getting fit when, in reality, we should be waking up to a new resolution daily? Don’t get me wrong, I respect that Live! with Kelly is promoting ways to find your fitness niche and Groupon and Living Social’s deals are booming with gym memberships, fitness classes and personal training sessions at a reduced rate, but after this week (or month) things usually go back to normal; exercise tips and workouts will be thrown into the mix sporadically.

Well let’s try and change that! Take what Live! with Kelly and other talk shows, Groupons and Living Social are offering to you and stick with it! Studies show that it takes 21 days to make a habit a daily occurrence, and you can do anything for 21 days- I promise you! Instead of dreading the upcoming workout, think of it as an investment in your health; you’ll be more apt to continue with something if you know it’ll benefit you in the long run.

On a serious note,..

Does it bother anyone else that TV hosts, reality stars, 15-minute famers and celebrities who DO NOT hold fitness certifications have DVDs? Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Kim Kardashian, Brooke Burke, Bethenney Frankel all have their own exercise DVDs without any type of professional certification (that I could find on their websites), yet still lead us through physical exercise. (With respect) As an aspiring fitness DVD star, I’m peeved that because these stars have a popular name, show, or scandal, they can put together a workout and film a DVD without paying hundreds of dollars for certifications and working their way to get to that point in their career. Any thoughts?

Okay..vent session over!


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