Get Ripped 1000 First-30 Minutes Review

2 Jan

Adding to the Get Ripped DVD review series, today’s review is of Get Ripped 1000. A tribal-themed setting, this mainly high intense-cardio workout with weight training intervals interspersed is a recipe for sweatiness! I like this workout when I want to focus on cardiovascular exercise for the most part and use very light (5 pounders!) weights for the strength exercises. The intervals are 3:1; 3 minutes of cardio with 3 levels of intensity to 1 minute (give or take) of strength exercises. The strength exercises are compound exercises; they use your lower body and upper body simultaneously to really rev your metabolism. A great thing about this DVD is while your completing the exercises, Jari has tips from ACSM on how to get the most from your workouts; i.e. high intense cardio and weight training are great for burning fat and the best way to lose weight is interval training-helps to keep your mind off of what you’re doing or how bad its burning while also being short enough that it’s still safe (for those who struggle with multi-tasking, ahem ME). You have an option of using the step for both the cardio intervals and strength exercises but the lower-intense exercisers in the DVD show you how to do the workout without the step which makes it a great DVD for any level of participants!

A basic warm-up (tons of biceps curls) with light weights. If it weren’t for the simultaneous lunge and biceps curls, your heart rate probably wouldn’t increase much. I feel for a stronger cardio workout, we should warm-up to more cardio-type exercises then maybe finish off with light weight training exercises.

The first 30 minutes starts with diagonal knee-drives using the step, then goes into a kick (Charleston for you steppers out there!). Squats and biceps curls follow. “L” steps are the next 2 cardio intervals; you’ll do the right side for 3 minutes, then the left side for 3 minutes after a long set of bent over rows. Arnold presses are next; single-arm then both arms together. Squats progressing into jumps are the fourth cardio interval (yowsers!). Triceps extensions and leg abductions, jumping jack progressions, anterior (front) raise with knee lifts, and basic rights finish the first half off.

One downfall of this workout is that your right and left sides are off-balanced; sometimes you’ll do more on the right side and less on the left. HUGE pet-peeve of mine! Our muscles need to be balanced to function properly; if we favor one side, we’ll become stronger on that side and that can lead to injury (we usually favor and start with our more dominant side, that’s why I always switch the side I’m working on EVERY workout!). This workout is very challenging because Jari gives you very little rest in between intervals which is great for keeping your heart rate elevated and time ticking but can be hard for individuals who aren’t used to exercising like this. Have no fear! There’s a pause button AND no one is there to judge you if you take a little break; make it a goal to complete the entire workout straight through. A+.

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