A New Year and A New Take on Blogging!

2 Jan

Happy New Year!! As 2011 came to a close and I reflected on the good and bad times, I’ve decided to make some changes..

I’ve realized I’m extremely blessed and very grateful for all of the experiences that I’m given.  With my family who supports me in every choice I make and will make and continues to stand by me ; with work and being able to attend conferences with fitness professionals and present fitness classes to show how passionate I am about making this my career; with friends who like me for me and are always there when I need a shoulder to cry on . This next year, as one door closes (graduating in May!) another one will open; whether I attend graduate school or look for jobs in my profession, I will continue to make progress and work my way to my ultimate dream job.

As blogging continues to progress and I gain new subscribers weekly (exciting!), I want to start writing daily posts on everything that I encounter. Throughout the day, there are so many instances where I say “I’ll blog about this” or “that’s a really good tip!” but by the end of the day, I forget! Holding myself accountable to a daily post, even if it’s a short paragraph, will ensure that I get my main message across:

spreading my passion and devotion for all things fitness, nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and looking fashionable doing it!

 Here’s to a New Year, a new rear and a new door opening!


2 Responses to “A New Year and A New Take on Blogging!”

  1. Shep January 2, 2012 at 4:24 pm #

    so proud of you! i can’t wait to see where 2012 takes us, both in our friendship and in our career opportunities. it’s going to be a GREAT year.


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