On the 10th day of Christmas..

22 Dec

On the 10th day of Christmas K.E.P.T. You Fit gave to me..

10 Squat Jumps (Beginners- make sure your form is perfect before adding a jump! You may only be able to complete 2-3 but work your way up. Intermediate/advanced- try touching the ground every time you squat and reaching arms overhead when you jump.
9 sets of 15 second Triceps Extensions
8 Speed Skaters (right and left= 1)
7 Plié Squats and Biceps Curls
6 sets of 15 seconds of Jumping Jacks
5 Walking Lunges w/ Shoulder Press (both legs= 1 rep)
4 Kettlebell Windmills
3 sets of Bent Over Rows
2 sets of Push-ups, 30 seconds each
1 set of 60 seconds of Squats

Keep up the good work- you’re almost done! And NO CHEATING- Santa’s watching.. 🙂

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