Killer Treadmill Interval Sesh

14 Dec

Running on a treadmill doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds! Yes, running for a straight 30 minutes at the same speed and incline leads you nowhere (literally), but with a little roleplay, a treadmill sesh can be fun and quick!

I was reading one of my favorite resources for all things girly, FitSugar, when I stumbled upon a blogger’s 40 minute interval treadmill workout.  Caitlin’s workout combines sprints, inclines, sideways shuffles and even backwards running! Intrigued, I decided I’d give it a go-I love being motivated by other blogger’s workouts!

This workout is challenging! If you’re new to HIIT, try walking through it first and make notes of when it started to get hard, when you were breathing heavy, etc. Based on the FITT principle (frequency, intensity, time, type), an exerciser shouldn’t increase 2 areas at the same time; each time you workout, focus on 1 area at a time. This workout goes against that but if you’re conditioned and want a challenge, you can handle it!

Time Speed Incline
1-5 minutes Warm-up 0%
5-6 minute Medium pace run 1%
6-7 minutes Slower pace run 2%
7-8 minutes Medium pace run 3%
8-9 minutes Slower pace run 4%
9-10 minutes Medium pace run 5%
10-11 minutes Slower pace run 6%
11-12 minutes Medium pace run 7%
12-13 minutes Slower pace run 8%
13-16 minutes Medium pace run 0%
16-17 minutes Steep hill run (very slow) 8-10%
17-18 minutes Shuffle sideways (very slow) 8-10%
18-19 minutes Shuffle sideways (very slow) 8-10%
19-20 minutes Medium pace run 0%
20-21 minutes Steep hill run (very slow) 8-10%
21-22 minutes Shuffle sideways (very slow) 8-10%
22-23 minutes Shuffle sideways (very slow) 8-10%
23-24 minutes Steep hill run (very slow) 8-10%
24-27 minutes Medium pace run 1%
27-28 minutes Sprint 2%
28-29 minutes Recover Jog 2%
29-30 minutes Sprint 2%
30-31 minutes Recover Jog 2%
31-32 minutes Sprint 2%
32-33 minutes Recover Jog 2%
33-34 minutes Sprint 2%
34-35 minutes Recover Jog 2%
35-36 minutes Sprint 2%
36-40 minutes Jog 0%

If you’re a newbie and still want to reap the benefits of HIIT but at a lower intensity, ask and you shall receive! I’ve regressed this workout for you; when you’re able to complete the regressed version, move onto the full one! Exercise progressions take time; pace yourself, challenge yourself and reward yourself when you’ve reached a small goal!


Feel weird shuffling sideways on a treadmill? Don’t be! Ease into it; try going to the gym at a less popular time or picking a treadmill that’s closer to the wall. If people are looking at you like your crazy, it’s probably because they’re jealous they didn’t come up with a creative way to use the treadmill-pretty soon you’ll be seeing many more sideways shufflers in the gym all thanks to you! 😀

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