Bench Press is NO JOKE!

30 Oct

This past weekend, NC State URec hosted its first annual bench press competition. The turn out was great! All of the time slots were filled and spectators came and watched the event. Although the bench press competition was male dominant, there were 3 females who participated..myself being one of them. Thinking I didn’t need to practice weeks in advance (I workout-I got this!), I quickly found out how hard it was and realized there is so much more to the bench press than what meets the eye..the boys make it look too easy..

For a competition, there are certain rules that the lifter must follow in order for his/her rep to count. The most important and hardest rule I found was the what-seemed-like-60 seconds“hold” at the bottom of the press. This not only depletes the lifter’s momentum, but also makes him/her regain the strength to press it back up. Easier said than done my friends. Think about the factors involved in a lift like this: breathing, body alignment, hand placement, total body strength and mindset. Needless to say I didn’t win(details people details) but it was still a fun experience and a learning one as well! Assuming that because I exercise regularly, I don’t need to practice is something I will take from this experience (along with achy pecs) and change the way I think and prepare myself in the future.

“Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.” ~Henry Hartman

All-in-all, the event was a success and tons of fun to be a part of and work with an awesome team, watch the participants push themselves (safely) and be a part of something that will hopefully happen annually!

^Some members of Team Fitnasty!

P.S. The overall male winner benched 505lbs!! Is that not insane!?


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