To-do = To-done

26 Sep

I have some free time between clients so it’s the perfect time for a fitbit!

I’m beginning to write a personal training/fitness newsletter for the trainers and instructors and University Recreation. The newsletter will (hopefully) highlight a trainer each month where they can “brag” about their clients goals that they’ve reached, personal goals they set for themselves, and they’re favorite exercise/workout. I hope things go as planned! Stay tuned for more info on the newsletter!

How do you or someone you know celebrate when you’ve reached a goal? Do you like to be highlighted or would you rather keep it to yourself?


When thinking about how much you have to do today/the week, take a deep breath and focus on 1 task at a time.  Make a to-do list(high to low priority) and check off each completed task as you finish them. Looking at a full list of to-do’s and seeing that YOU CAN complete them will bring your sanity back. (I’m doing this as I type.. :D)

6 Responses to “To-do = To-done”


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    […] means you must be prepared! If I have a busy day and know I’ll be tired when I finish my to-do list, I get my workout in first thing in the morning. Some benefits of exercising in the a.m. […]

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    […] energy-packed muesli to power me through a morning full of to-do’s […]

  3. Final Touches « K.E.P.T. You Fit -

    […] around for a majority of the morning and finishing The Hunger Games, the gym was next on my to-do list. My workout was strictly strength-my knee has been bothering me so I’m keeping things low […]

  4. Laptops Galore « K.E.P.T. You Fit -

    […] respective drinks (latte for me, skinny mocha for him) and worked the morning away. On my list of to-do’s: research new laptops that are the best and most efficient for video editing, website design, […]

  5. Day 21 « K.E.P.T. You Fit -

    […] you Pinterest for your words of wisdom . An early morning workout was the first to-do on my agenda today; I trained at 8am, so I wanted to push myself and get the weights workout done […]

  6. Day 22 « K.E.P.T. You Fit -

    […] loose schedule for the most part. No training this morning! But I wanted to get a head-start on my to-do list for the week so I went in […]

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