Refuse to Regain!

5 Aug

You’ve lost weight and reached your goal-now what? First off-congrats! But that’s only half the battle- the trick is how to maintain your weight while still living a healthy and decadent lifestyle (what this blog is all about 🙂 ).

To start-your body has a “set point” weight that’s determined by genetics. This is the weight your body hovers around, and when you disturb this cycle (losing/gaining weight), your body attempts to fights back (why both losing and maintaining weight are hard).

So how do you combat your body’s internal “thermometer”? By these steps:

  1. sit down and write. set new goals, realize setbacks and challenges and have a plan B when/if you’ve overindulged.
  2. stick to a schedule* and be consistent. eating around the same time of day will prepare both your mind and body to know when food is coming.*however, once you find what works for you, ditch the routine and listen to your body.
  3. schedule in workouts. making plans around your workouts ensures that you’ll stick to your regimen. asking a friend to meet you or posting a facebook/twitter status that you’re exercising soon will also keep you accountable!
  4. monitor your progress. ditch the scale! notice how your clothes are fitting rather than what the scale says; it’s okay to check in every so often, but try not to make it a habit (if you do weigh yourself daily, try to do it at the same time).
  5. relax, enjoy, and rest. relax because it’s a lot easier than you think to maintain-enjoy because life is about living, not worrying about every morsel of food you eat-rest because you deserve it.
Erase the term diet from your vocabulary post-weight loss. Weight loss and maintenance are lifestyle changes-not for short term events, not for aesthetic reasons, not for anyone but yourself. 
Why did you want to lose weight in the first place? To feel healthier, happier, have more energy, more confidence, and higher self-esteem? Make a vow with yourself today and live  healthier, be happier, have tons more energy, boost confidence, and express high self-esteem!

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