When the Dumbbell meets the SmartBell..

3 Aug

What are SmartBells you may ask? It’s another type of added resistance that is more ergonomically designed, making it easier for flowing exercises and movements together. When you challenge the traditional linear movement of weight training- meaning front-back, side-side, rotation-your body is forced to work more functionally.

Another “smart” exercise? Lay down on a mat and position the SmartBell (vertically) right behind your tailbone. Slowly roll down onto the SmartBell. Perform deep inhales and exhales. Next, move the SmartBell so it’s positioned where your shoulder blades will be and slowly roll down. This exercise really opens up your chest, receiving more oxygen and a deeper stretch. *This is my participants favorite stretch to do at the end of the class!

The goal of my SmartBells class is to NOT put it down (only 5 and 12 pound are available-I tell my participants to pick their poison!). And yes, a blonde is teaching the class.. Check out the video below!

One Response to “When the Dumbbell meets the SmartBell..”

  1. shep at 11:50 am #

    I want to take that class! I promise to have fun and not have my angryface on the whole time… 🙂

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