Yay’s and Nay’s for Smoother, Smarter Runs

28 Jul

Some people have that running “gene” in their blood-not me. I started to run on my own-YES it was very challenging and tested my mental strength to the max-and there were many times I wanted to quit, but I felt so good after I completed my running goals that I kept going and haven’t stopped! There are plenty of running programs out there; my tip to you? Choose what BEST works for you! In saying that, here are my yay’s and nay’s to smoother and smarter runs.

Nay to striking the pavement with your heel first-especially if you have lower back and knee pain.

Yay to landing on the mid-sole of your foot-allowing a more neutral landing will keep your muscles in balance.

Nay to using long strides on every run-energy draining to start and continue a run, but beneficial towards the home stretch/end of your run.

Yay to shorter, more controlled strides-stand tall and lean forward, when you feel as if you’re going to fall, step forward with a foot to catch yourself..Tada! That’s your natural stride length.

Nay to sprinting as fast as you can..daily-interval training is popular and very beneficial, but your body has to become acclimated to the up and down cycles. Start slow, then work your way up.

Yay to running farther, more efficiently & hopefully faster-thanks to interval training, the up and down cycles stress both aerobic (O2) and anaerobic (non-O2) systems, delaying fatigue.

How did you start to run?


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