SLEEP! Everyone needs it-are you getting enough?

26 Jul

If you’re the type who rolls over and constantly hits the snooze button (I’m guilty too!), read on to find what you might be doing wrong before bedtime..

  1. Your room is too bright. Computer screens, TVs, your Blackberry, and any outside light all have a stimulation effect on your brain. Therefore, when you go to fall asleep, it takes your mind more time to calm down.
  2. Your room is too dark. Don’t get me wrong, the only way I can sleep is in a pitch black room. But too much darkness prevents the A.M. light from streaming in, thus, your internal clock won’t realize it’s time to wake up.
  3. Try to avoid foods that you know give you tummy troubles. Spicy and citrus foods have been known to cause heartburn and indigestion, so watch not only when you eat, but how much you eat too.
  4. Your P.M. slump has you reaching for caffeine. Too much caffeine late in the day will have you tossing and turning all night. Reach for trail mix or a small sandwich to give you energy.
  5. Your job, boy/girlfriend, and/or to-do list are all you can think about. Keep a notepad and pen bedside so when you have an idea, you can jot it down and worry about it tomorrow.

We all need and love sleep; we’ll be more alert, have tons more energy, and conquer the day ahead with ease! Do you get enough sleep?


One Response to “SLEEP! Everyone needs it-are you getting enough?”


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